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Emerging Trends of 2024 for Printed Mailer Boxes 


Custom printed mailer boxes’ demand is high in the United Kingdom. It can be shown by the previous research too. Global market for printed mailer boxes has increased by a value of US$3.85 billion in 2024.  You may be thinking about what business these boxes are used for. Mainly, it has covered every industry: cosmetics, food, beverages, perfumes, skincare, healthcare, bakery, CBD-infused products, medicines, apparel, and much more.

These boxes are perfect for household, commercial, and institutional sectors. The demand has never decreased as people have the choice to avail themselves of sustainable materials that are cost-effective. It is expected that between 2023 and 2033, it will rise to 7.0% CAGR with an increased value of US$ 7.57 billion by the end of 2033. So, most brands will focus on prints and mailing procedures for their packaging needs. 

Emerging Trends and Higher Demands – Printed Mailer Boxes

Trends and Higher Demands - Printed Mailer Boxes

Over the past years, packaging has evolved hugely every year. Brands have experienced a lot with customers’ buying behaviours, and their main concern is focusing on their demands. The most recent and emerging trend in the United Kingdom that has been studied is to get minimalist and sustainable printed mailer boxes. 

Sustainable Option:

The environmentally friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, and recycled kraft box packaging is in higher demand than the ordinary designed boxes. Business industries now have to move on these concepts as every customer is concerned about the environment. Now, their main concern is to do research to develop amazing packaging boxes. 


Moreover, one of the prime concerns for every customer is to enjoy personalised mailer boxes that not only hold the products securely but express everything with unique designs. With bespoke Kraft box packaging that comes in innovative styles, your brand will surely get attention. Add customisation to these boxes and improve the worth by getting amazing earning responses. Provide your customers with an astonishing unboxing experience so that they will come back to buy from you again. 

Connecting With Story

Building connections with your customers is one of the vital things for every brand so that they will find you unique and the best in the market. Now, the question is how to connect them after adding all the aesthetics and attraction. The answer is simply to add your brand story, how you got the idea of business, when and how you started, and all. Add an emotional touch for a strong connection or play with humour with fun factors. When your customers read it, they find you unique from others, and also they will discuss your brand with others. 


Everyone prefers to get vibrant, sleek and minimalist packaging boxes. Getting attractive and eye-catching packaging boxes is an emerging trend, and packaging specialists are working on research and development. Their priority is to come up with versatile options and to think about customers’ demands by their preferences. In many researches, it has been clearly seen that 80% of customers pick attractive and eye-catching packaging boxes, and only 20% go to plain and ordinary packaging. With versatility and plenty of product choices, it is easy to stay unique for your designs, but for that, you may have to face a few hurdles when designing a product’s packaging. Add custom box printing choices for unique prints and designs. Customers’ attention is the key response that will help your brand to reach heights. For this purpose brands are working on creative ideas and visually appealing trends to follow. They are focusing on targeted audiences just to combine captivating preferences of potential customers.

Eye-catching Mailer Boxes

Deliver everything you are doing with just one packaging box. You can pay attention to your packaging styles, graphics, colours, prints, fonts and much more for adding every attractive feature. These options will allow customers to make shopping choices with just one glance. Keep in mind that if you are not delivering authentic information on your packaging boxes, your customers can claim it easily. So, never add false information. Also, never forget the size and shape of your product because packaging box measurements only rely on these elements.  Add imagination to it to evoke memories and boost the feelings that connect them with your brand. A few marketing features must be added to it to represent your products and brand elegantly on a huge level. No matter what design you choose to add to your boxes, never forget that it should be aligned with your brand and products. 

Water, Heat and Air Resistant:

Quality matters a lot. There are some areas where weather conditions are extreme and in a few months it reaches drastic situations. For such reasons it is important for every packaging specialist to do detailed research that will help every brand. 

You can make water, heat and air-resistant packaging boxes with die cut stickers on them. These boxes not only stand strong but also make sure the inside products are secure and in fresh condition. It saves the products from damage and doesn’t ruin the product’s quality unless it reaches the consumers. 


Designing packaging with all aesthetics has become the need of every brand. With consistent branding elements, your customers will be able to recognise you. Every brand has to think before designing a logo, brand colours, taglines with decent fonts and brand story. They have to be consistent in these things because all of them are unique features that separate you apart from your competitors and explain your brand’s values. So it can’t be changed again and again. When you manage consistency you will find the best response in a short time. But if you pick different things every time for printed mailer boxes, customers will not be aware which brand they are buying from. So help your brand and customers with a consistent look. Build trust and loyalty with consistency. 

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