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10 Tips for Designing Custom-made Display Boxes That Stand Out

10 Tips for Designing Custom-made Display Boxes


In the different eras of life, you have gone through many mishaps, adventures, and inventions. Revolutionary changes are not coming slowly as they are taking charge of the dominant market. As you have often heard this saying in digital marketing: To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” No one can deny the importance of product marketing.

Do you know why it happens? Well! It is a significant tool that is helpful in promoting and boosting the incredibility of your aesthetic products. It is how you can win your customers on a massive scale. Additionally, you will feel no regrets about impacting your clients via online platforms. Apart from this, if you want to stand out in a unique manner, then display boxes should be counted in your priority list.

Moreover, there’s a survey that reveals some unique facts about our enormous end users. According to the global study in January 2021, there are 8800 end users who were conducted online by a research company named Toluna. We must admit that this research was helpful in understanding the customer’s perceptions regarding many topics. These topics include printing, packaging, paper packaging, and high-quality packaging material.

Although it’s time to allow your business to move toward creativity and uniqueness. With eye-catching packaging, you can get attention and leave incredibly lasting impressions on the user’s mind. So, the custom display boxes are the right thing that is available in different sizes and shapes. You can also opt for unique styling, printing, and lamination options.

Every single person who is part of a business has a better understanding of things. For example, do they better know how and where the company needs to invest? What will be the budget for a certain task? Well! You do not need to bother yourself with these hectic and complex questions as you are getting budget-friendly materials for product packaging.

Tips for Designing Cardboard Display Boxes

Undoubtedly, we are all well aware of the fact that whenever a customer visits your products, they will prefer the appealing appearance at first glance. Isn’t it? Let us make it easier for you to make an understanding of the Display Boxes in the packaging industry. 

Being an end user, when you enter any store or market, what will you notice first? Well! Are you still thinking about it? Let us answer it. It might be intentional or unintentional; you will notice the small display box placed on the counter, right?

Apart from this, many makers know that printing and packaging are so crucial for shipping products. These packaging boxes are highly efficient for presenting your products with elegance in front of the end users. But what if you don’t know what if your product’s packaging is not satisfying and eye-catching for the end users?

Everything will be ruined in seconds, your time, your manufacturing, your investment, and your marketing of that product. Do not take these risks to devalue your brand and product sales. We are here to guide you about the best custom-made mailer boxes that are secure for shipping and packaging. It’s time to present your products to boost sales.

Let us help you personalize your products with display printing and packaging. Pay heed to these useful tips for designing your cardboard display boxes with unique styling.

  • Select the Right Stock for Display Boxes

Are you considering your product packaging seriously? You must nod yes. If not, then it is the thing that completely needs your attention and time. Right? You cannot neglect a single thing that is related to the promotion and boosting of your product sales and brand recognition. Similarly, when it comes to the stock of the material, you can make a choice from these astounding options. Have a look:

  • 12 pt White SBS
  • 14 pt White SBS
  • 16 pt White SBS
  • 18 pt White SBS
  • 24 pt White SBS
  • C1S & C2S
  • Coated & uncoated stock
  • Colored stock
  • Rainbow cardstock
  • Micro-flute corrugated stock
  • E-flute corrugated stock
  • 3-Ply and 5-Ply stock

Undoubtedly, these options are more than enough to make any effective decision, right? Think wisely and choose the best compatibility and need of your product’ design and packaging.

Logo Printing and Color Combination

  • Logo Printing and Color Combination

Here we have another immersive and interesting engaging tip that is going to help you in attaining outclass promotion and recognition of your brand. The logo is the major thing that is like a trademark of your brand in the market or in front of the customers. Do you really think that people will remember your brand’s name or logo if it’s not amusing to see? Of course not.

You cannot take the logo design as a formality to present your brand only. It plays a significant role in displaying your brand story in front of the market. Ensure that its design is amusing with immersive and eye-catching color combinations. It is so the color combination matters the most for the brands to target the right audience for the product.

In addition, you have the right to choose color combinations that completely emphasize your targeted area, audience, and age group. For example, when you target customers of an adult age group, you will notice that they prefer dark colors over time. On the other hand, the kid’s groups are showing great interest in the colors that are shiny, vibrant, and vigorous.

In opting for the right choice, you need proper useful guidance or help. For that reason, our tremendous team is here to help you in making the best decisions. Well! You will not regret your investments with the merging ideas of your requirements and our opinions. Ensure that you are getting and providing what your audience wants to see in the market.

  • Ads-on Choices for the Small Display Box

When you go through the market, you will notice that they are offering you too many options of ads-on in the small display box. What if you are struggling to find everything on one platform? Well! Hold on; we are here to end your struggle. You will find everything that you need for your product boxes in the services of our printing and packaging industry. That’s why you do not need to get into the trouble of finding the add-on options for your corrugated cardboard boxes. Our dedicated team will help you in deciding and selecting the add-on for your product. We are providing these incredible and reliable add-on options. Have a look at them:

  • Silver or Gold Foiling
  • Die cut windows
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Raised Ink


They will enhance the astounding looks of your presentation boxes in front of the end users. Undoubtedly, you will renowned the name with better aspects and immersive printing and packaging of your luxurious as well as fragile product.

  • Offer Free Sampling with Custom Boxes

Do you know that you can grab the attention of your audience by offering them a free sampling of your work? It might be complex for you to make an understanding of it, right? Let us tell you about an effective example from which you can attain a better understanding of the free sampling of the custom display boxes.

For example, you want to introduce your latest products to the market. For that reason, you need an eye-catching printing and packaging box for your product, right? Suppose that your product is a gift that you want to present to your family member or a friend. As a sample, we can provide you with a display box, pillow box, or gable box for your gift packaging.

Choose the design and style for your packaging to test the response of the end users to your product and packaging. Additionally, you can also impact a lasting impression on the user’s mind with your sample box for cosmetic products. 

In the beauty industry, the presentation matters the most for catching the first glance, and then quality is introduced to make them buy the product. Free sampling is a great way to please your clients. It is how you can develop loyalty to your services for the clients.

  • Inserts for the Presentation Boxes

In modern times, you have often visited the retail stores. Isn’t it? What is the first thing that grabs your attention in retail stores? Undoubtedly, it is the small retail boxes placed on the counter. These boxes contain partitions to display the product more elegantly and affectionately.

Undoubtedly, you can customize these cardboard display boxes for showcasing one single product or many small products in small packaging. Here you will see the significant role of the inserts in the packaging box. Additionally, the inserts hold the products in place and display them in a manner.

These recyclable inserts protect the products from any kind of distortion while shipping. You will not feel the difficulty in managing these boxes as they are easy to assemble and disassemble. It is the perfect factor that can display your aesthetic products in the market. In addition, you can ask for different numbers, sizes, and shapes for the inserts following your product’s demands.

Choose the Right Styling

  • Choose the Right Styling

Do not neglect the styling of the packaging box. The styling of the box depends on the product’s size and shape. Moreover, it is important that you select the styling of the box that shows relevancy to your brand and product. There are many distinct packaging designs available on our platform. You just need to choose the one that shows great compatibility and adds value to your brand and sales. The styling options you will find here are:

  • Die cut styling
  • Half sleeves
  • Display tray styling
  • Display Lid styling
  • Auto Lock display styling
  • Select the Compatible Printing Options

If you are dealing with the designing of cardboard display boxes, you need to mold your attention toward the printing options. As it is a great way to design your biodegradable material into an unmatched and appealing-looking packaging box. That’s why we have brought the printing options for you to end your struggle for amazing packaging. Take a look at these options before doing any further research:

  • Die cut windows
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexography
  • Offset lithography
  • Cardboard Display Boxes with Coating Options

Here we go for another incredible tip that will be helpful in designing the right custom display boxes. You might have an idea of what coating or lamination is and how it impacts the packaging. When it comes to the cardboard display boxes, you can also make a choice from multiple options. Take a look at these options and make a decision that perfectly fits your product’s design and packaging.

  • Glossy
  • Semi-glossy lamination
  • Aqueous coating
  • Matte coating
  • Satin lamination
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Spot UV coating

Well! Choose the lamination that enhances the aesthetics of the product’s design and packaging. Remember that it should also show great compatibility with the material you used for the display boxes.

  • Select the Compatible Recycling Material

It is the factor that needs you to be more focused on your product’s packaging. It is the selection of the material for your small display box as it is the base of the packaging. If your material is not strong enough to protect your products in shipping or displaying, then all of your time and investment will be lost.

On our platform, you will find out the best-recycled material that is nature-friendly as well as budget-friendly. You will not regret its versatility and durability, which provides great protection from humidity, dust, and surroundings while shipping. Here is our list of materials for display boxes:

  • Corrugated cardboard material
  • Cardstock material
  • Rigid material
  • Kraft material
  • Cardboard material
  • Manage the Budget

Okay! It is most important that you pay attention and time as it is not a thing that can be taken for granted. Right? You cannot just make investments blindly for everything. Do complete research on what you want for your product. Be wise with the budget.

Decide what demands high budgets and what demands low budgets in the packaging. For example, if you are getting top-notch material in budget-friendly investments, then why go for the other options? Save your time as you are getting the sale-boosting promotional packaging of cardboard display boxes here in budget-friendly investments.


If you are here, that means you have read the tips, right? They must be helpful in designing the outclass display boxes. Every single point that we have mentioned above is significant for the product packaging designs. It is so the customer prefers to buy the products that are appealing and attractive to them. Additionally, it will enhance the chances that users will buy your product.

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