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7 Creative Custom Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses in 2024

7 Creative Custom Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses in 2024


Nowadays, many small businesses are looking for innovative ideas to make their product packaging stand out. When a customer knows what’s inside the box arriving from the online store they have ordered, there is still a small element of excitement that makes an unforgettable unboxing experience. Here is where small businesses can improvise with the help of custom product packaging. They can add appealing and creatively designed packaging materials-such as layers of logo-branded tissue paper or maybe brand theme design labels to build brand awareness. The kind of inserts, packaging material, and typeface a business chooses can be an effective marketing tool.

Using the right packaging adds great value and encourages small retailers to place their products on shelves. If you don’t have the slightest idea what kind of custom packaging you could use to introduce your small businesses to customers, here are some creative ideas that you can use:

Personalized Boxes and Bags

Even if you think your product would stay safe in a simple mailer box, you can still give them a personal touch with personalised boxes and bags. Whether you have plans to display your brand logo or slogan on your shipping boxes, it will help in making your product packaging stand out on market shelves. You can learn different ways to customize, design, and roll out your custom product packaging for small businesses.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Inserts

Many professional printing and packaging companies like VivePrinting provide custom stickers, packaging inserts, samples, and other custom inserts to make their custom packaging more noticeable to the customers. You need to look into recyclable and compostable packaging inserts made from eco-friendly packaging materials to ensure the environment’s safety.

Minimal Packaging

Have you ever scratched your head when you receive a box within a box and sometimes yet another box? One creative packaging idea at your fingertip is to remove the extra packaging layers and solely ship your product within a single-layer custom box. 

Depending on your product type, this same product packaging strategy can fit your small business. You can save a handsome amount of money you were spending on the extra layers of packaging. Many printing and packaging companies offer custom packaging deals, which small businesses should opt to choose for buying product packaging.

Tissue Paper

Mostly, when a customer opens a package, the first thing they see is a tissue paper. It is one of the key elements in product packaging in which you must incorporate your brand colors. You can go for customized or vibrant color tissue papers to create a memorable, engaging, unboxing experience that represents your brand. You can choose custom printing services for performing tissue printing for your product packaging.

Special Instructions

When your product packaging requires specific steps to unbox, you must print special instructions on the product packaging. This will make the customer unboxing experience stress-free. Moreover, they will remember your brand for future product buying. 

Most famous cosmetic brands usually print specific instructions for their customers like how to apply it or what are its side effects. The more informational product packaging you have, the more product engagement you can get for your business.

Custom Notes

Adding handwritten notes in your custom product packaging boxes can help you add a personal touch when a customer buys a product from you. Personalized packaging with custom inserts can go a long way in making a positive brand image. 

You can start by writing a thank you note and tucking it into your product packaging like most cosmetic brands do, like Journ. Moreover, you can also add personalized information like the name of your customers or event greetings. Doing this can help your customers remember your brand more effectively.

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