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How to boost your branding with custom mailer boxes?

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The main goal of any brand is to climb as high as possible on the ladder of success. Your marketing strategy plays a vital role in your brand image. If you have a strong marketing campaign strategy, you need good packaging to support that campaign. In the Uk market, packaging plays an important role. Packaging is excellent for communicating your brand story to a broader target audience.

Millions of e-commerce businesses in the UK are vying for the same consumer attention. To indeed be successful long-term, your brand needs to stand out.

Putting your product in a plain brown box is not going to work. It will create an unattractive, impersonal, and downright dull customer experience. So, as a new approach, use Viveprinting to create custom mailer boxes for your business! But how can such a personalized mailbox improve your company’s image? But how can these personalized boxes boost your brand?

The impact of custom mailer boxes on public image

That’s why custom boxes are being replaced seamlessly, not as an option but as a necessary part of standard packaging. There are many economic and market advantages of custom mailer boxes. This means that custom packaging is essential for SMEs, but they need to know how to take advantage of it.

Visual appeal has proven to be an essential factor in choosing between competing products. Consumers are more likely to judge a product based on the attractiveness of its packaging when there is no discernible difference in cost.

It all starts with the overall design, graphics and critical selection. But supply chain, optimization, and customer analytics are optional.

How to design a custom mailbox to boost your brand image

If you want to give your package a unique look, a letterbox is a great way to do it. Boxes come in various materials and sizes, and Plus Printing can help you design precisely what you want. There are plenty of options if you want to send something and need a box on hand. You can use a printing service to make your original box or find one already made and customize printed mailer boxes to your liking. No matter which method you choose, custom-printed mailers are a great way to make your package look unique.

Keeping your audience in mind is essential

When designing these boxes, you must keep your consumer audience in mind. After all, you invest in your packaging to reach your audience, so you must invest time in research to understand your audience better. Packaging companies can do this work for you and come up with different packaging ideas.

For an in-depth analysis of your audience, it’s best to break them down into segments. For example, if you sell products for people of different ages, you can segment them by the age of your customers. It is an intelligent way to learn about people’s interests from diverse backgrounds. This way, you can reach a wide variety of people as potential audiences. Packing boxes are excellent for communicating your brand story to a broader target audience.

Commitment to the product

Each product has unique properties and functions and needs a set of matching equipment. It is a significant factor when you are just entering a market with many brands. To create unique custom mailer box packaging, you need to understand the product’s characteristics and appeal to consumers. Viveprinting offers packages at various price points to suit your needs.

Packaging varies from product to product, whether it’s food, cosmetics, or a vape. Once you know the product, you can choose the appropriate packaging materials, design, size and inserts. For example, if you are selling fragile products, you need to take care to protect them. This way, you can create the suitable packaging and establish a professional image.

It improves your company image

Printed mailer boxes from the carrier to the delivery person give a sense of corporate identity. Even people who never order a product end up looking at the packaging.

These are the few things you can do to help your company’s brand image

  • Choose custom mailer boxes that are unique in size and shape.
  • Choose a colour that complements your brand logo.
  • Decorate the box cover with a custom stamp or sticker.
  • Use attractive and readable fonts.


Logo and design options

Personalize text, logos and other images directly on the box to customize the mailbox to match your branding style. Branded boxes for direct home delivery are also attractive. From a simple two-colour design on plain paperboard to high-quality Printing on custom paperboard, your company can offer your customers an experience like no other. With a bit of ingenuity, you can create the brand image you want. A great way to increase brand awareness and visibility in the marketplace is to use custom boxes that feature your brand logo, company website and contact details. Custom-printed mailers are a great way to make your package look unique.

Personalized Customer Experience

Modern consumers want to buy from brands with which they feel they can form a more profound, longer-term relationship. They don’t buy products based solely on price or features — they buy the brand behind the product. Therefore, it is no longer enough to provide high-quality products. Consumers want to engage with brands they genuinely like or feel connected to. Therefore, brands that can effectively engage with consumers throughout the purchase journey will be more successful. It has led to a greater focus on developing customer relationships and brand connections from products with custom postal boxes. Order fulfilment is an integral part of this process.

Order fulfilment significantly impacts customer experience, especially for e-commerce companies, as the first tangible customer experience is when a package arrives at the door. A dull, generic checkout can drive customers away from a brand, while a personalized, fun, and exciting user experience can help you sell your product better.

Protection of goods

If your shipments are fragile, personalized packaging can protect them from damage. Products must not be damaged or broken during shipping. Standard custom mailer boxes will always protect your product to a great level. With custom boxes, you can keep your products safe from damage.

Create a custom graphic for every order

As a next step, consider creating new graphics for each delivery rather than using a uniform design. Each email should fit in with the overall layout, but unique graphics will make your customers feel that their purchase is unique.

Printing more graphics won’t break your budget. It can be as simple as changing colours to match a season or general theme. High-speed digital Printing allows you to create any design according to your liking, without plates and without waiting for additional tooling.

An exceptional 1st impression is always good

In business, first impressions are crucial. Consumers always judge by the volume of the product. Therefore, aesthetically pleasing packaging is necessary. It gives consumers the impression that the products inside are also high quality.

Customers will also have a better impression of the products inside if the box is chic and attractive. Potential customers can only accept the best product if the custom shipping boxes are well packed.

Long-term brand loyalty 

Customers want to keep buying from you without even looking at your competition. This results in more repeat purchases from existing customers and more money per sale. 43% of customers in the UK spend more with brands they are loyal to! It is a very significant opportunity for repeat purchases.

That’s because it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to do repeat business with a satisfied customer than convince a new customer to buy your product for the first time. Therefore, it pays to use customized packages to create a user experience that satisfies existing customers and makes them want to buy again and again.


Personalized mailing is suitable for all types of businesses. Knowing your target audience and products, you can develop a good package design. Packaging must be chosen wisely to ensure optimal product protection. You can design boxes with unique structures and make them powerful with various customization features. That way, you can get your audience interested in your brand. A dull, generic checkout can drive customers away from a brand, while a personalized, fun, and exciting user experience can help you sell your product better.

You must develop different strategies to retain customers and acquire new ones. One of them is custom mailer boxes. Investing in Viveprinting’s creative custom packaging will be a great marketing strategy for your business. So, if you want the best mailer boxes for your product or company, it will guide you in every way possible. Please send us your queries now to get the most affordable rates.


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