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Custom Boxes Buying Guide 2024 – Aberdeen Edition

custom boxes in Aberdeen


In the highly competitive market of Aberdeen, where businesses seek to secure a niche, it is evident that custom boxes take centre stage as an influential element on which victory hinges. According to a survey, 72% of customers feel that product packaging design is vital in influencing their purchasing preferences. In this regard, custom boxes play a fundamental role. The total population of Aberdeen is around 215,000, and nearly 32,000 businesses are already working. It is custom product boxes that can distinguish your brand in this ‘Granite City’ of the UK. It is because they offer brands the chance to improve product protection, reinforce branding and more. They will serve the purpose of protection with an impact on consumer perception.

The global custom packaging market shows a constant growth in packaging use every year. It was worth GBP 33.11 billion in 2022. In the following year, it was around GBP 34.58 billion. It is expected that this global custom packaging market will be GBP 49.70 billion by 2030. It shows the popularity of custom packaging boxes that you, as a brand, should never ignore.

Custom boxes Buying Guide in Aberdeen 2024

Everybody knows the importance of catchy custom printed boxes these days. Now, the real question is how can you get them in Aberdeen so that they will serve the purpose. Here is the solution in detail:

Define Your Branding Goals

To know what you want, you need to set your branding objectives. As a brand, you must be mindful of how custom packaging can influence brand awareness and customer loyalty. It is true that customised packaging increases brand recall by 85%.

Research Aberdeen’s Packaging Trends

In a competitive market such as Aberdeen, you must be familiar with the trends in packaging. Here are some critical insights into the packaging landscape in Aberdeen:

  • Connected, Interactive, and Inclusive Packaging: Experts suggest that in 2024, you must build connected, interactive and inclusive boxes. So, you have to go for them and design your packaging accordingly. They will serve the purpose of attracting customers. 
  • Emphasis on Sustainability: The packaging sector remains a strong sustainability in Aberdeen. Both consumers and governments fuel this focus. It is among the top five trends. Thus, the use of plastic is not a good habit. 
  • Labels and Packaging: 2024 trends include progress in labels and packaging. Indeed, comprehending the nature of labelling may be pivotal when planning successful packaging. Also, as you wish to grow your business in Aberdeen, it is crucial to be aware of the impacts of regulations.

Aligning your packaging strategy with these trends allows for knowledgeable design choices. They appeal to the local audience. They will ensure you stay one step ahead. 

Identify Your Target Audience

custom boxes in Aberdeen

Knowing your target audience is crucial. It will help you to design custom boxes that appeal to customers. By using data-driven insights, you can develop catchy packaging. It reflects your audience’s preferences and grows your brand at the same time. Here’s a breakdown of critical factors to consider:

  1. Demographics: Consumer preferences are substantially impacted by age, gender and income. 75% of consumers are more likely to connect with packaging which reflects their locals.
  1. Geographic Location: Personalising boxes by the geographic location of your audience improves relatability. For instance, a survey reveals that 80% of consumers prefer packaging reflecting their local culture. You can see the use of this practice by many big brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola
  1. Lifestyle Preferences: It is crucial to understand the lifestyle of your audience when designing your boxes. 65% of buying decisions, according to the analysis of consumer behaviour, are based on packaging that matches their lifestyle.
  1. Personalised Messaging: You can tailor your messages according to individual preferences. 82% of consumers are more likely to buy again and brand loyalty when they get personalised packaging. 

By including such parameters in your box design, you can develop packaging that covers the product and builds a solid emotional bond with potential consumers.

See your target audience based on demographics and geographic location. Also, go for lifestyle choices and personalised messaging. Apply it to create boxes that appeal to your clients.

Identify Local Packaging Suppliers – Aiming for Quality and Consistency.

Finding the best local packaging suppliers, like Vivepritning in Aberdeen, is essential for your business’s success. It will help you buy custom boxes that you would like to have. If you wish to hire a top supplier, consider the following factors: 

  • Quality Assurance: Assess suppliers based on their history of delivering high-quality products. Suppliers with a quality rating above 90% are regarded as superb. You can rely on them to get the results of your dreams. 
  • On-Time Delivery Rates: Timely delivery is the factor you must consider when picking a supplier. You need to monitor the on-time delivery rates from suppliers. It is true that a 1% improvement in timely deliveries has helped raise customer satisfaction by as much as 2%. Also, 80% of the local business respondents indicated they prefer suppliers with a steady on-time delivery rate above 95%.
  • Customer References: It would be helpful to use customer references and case studies to examine their satisfaction. You must go for suppliers who show 90% or more happy clients. They are likely to meet and even go beyond your desires.

If you are searching for local packaging suppliers, prioritising these factors will help you find the best ones. They contribute to your business’s overall efficiency and success.

Opt for packaging suppliers in your locality with a quality rating above 90%. They must present you with an on-time delivery rate of at least 95%. By closely examining these factors, you can confirm their reliability. It is crucial for you to make your business successful. 

Assess Customisation Capabilities to Transform Your Ideas into Realities

Evaluating the customisation capabilities of suppliers is vital for you. You can pick it for a constant supply chain for custom boxes in Aberdeen. This means that they should be able to take your design ideas properly. Also, they must convert them into practical packaging solutions. Here’s a set of parameters that you have to know to see the suppliers’ skills:

Design Expertise: 

It is vital for you to pick design-oriented suppliers. It means that they must have a history of success in designing eye-catching boxes. 

Colour Options: 

Go for a supplier who has a wide range of colour options. He must serve you with at least 50 colour choices. He can offer you the ability to work on your design preferences easily. 

Material Variety:  

Evaluate suppliers that provide multiple material choices for your project. Choose those supplying more than 80% of the widely used packaging materials. They are suitable for your particular needs.

Customisation Precision: 

Precision matters in every step of designing, crafting and producing your custom packaging boxes. Get suppliers that have sophisticated customisation technologies. They include laser cutting or embossing. You must confirm that the accuracy levels for tricky details should be at least 95%. Only those suppliers can do the job the way you dream. 

Customer Satisfaction: 

You can assess the satisfaction levels of a supplier with its customer reviews. 85% or more satisfaction among suppliers is what you have to consider. It means they are likely to satisfy clients’ needs all the time. 

If you think about these things, you can decide which supplier with the most fit customisation capabilities will help turn your ideas for attractive packaging into reality. So, he must have the following capabilities: 

  1. 90% by design expertise.
  2. 50+ choices of colour options.
  3. 80% of common materials variety. 

They are the levels that should be scored based on suppliers’ performance.

Analysis of Material Durability for Effective Product Protection.

Packaging materials that have a long-lasting nature must meet very high-quality standards. Consider the following factors for this purpose: 

Material Strength Assessment:

Perform a tensile strength test that will show the resistance of material to stretching or tearing. Go for materials with a tensile strength of more than 50 MPa. It is ideal for those protection needs to be tough. 

Bursting Strength Analysis:

Use a standardised test to see bursting strength. Choose materials with a bursting strength of at least 180 kPa. You must go for it to resist external pressure during shipping and handling.

Compression Test for Stacking:

Carry out a compression test to establish its capacity against stacking pressure. So, you should go for materials showing at least 200 lbs / square inch for secure storage.

Drop Impact Testing:

Make drop tests to simulate real-world situations. 70% or higher impact resistance of materials ensures products stay intact during transit. 

Climate Resilience:

Use materials that are resistant to climate change. Choose those with moisture resistance beyond 80% and UV is more than 90% for a long shelf life.

By using these figures in your evaluation, you can choose products for packaging that will ensure the maximum protection of your goods from time shipping and storage.

Use these standards to evaluate packaging materials. So, you must know that the tensile strength should be above 50 MPa. Similarly, the bursting strength must be more than 180 kPa. Also, the impact resistance must be 70%. Likewise, the moisture resistance should be more than 80%. 

Negotiate with Suppliers for Pricing and Discounts

custom boxes in Aberdeen

Negotiations are necessary. When you bargain with potential suppliers of your custom boxes, you can optimise costs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to negotiate pricing and seek discounts: 

Check Bulk Order Discounts:

Ask for volume-based discounts. For larger quantities, suppliers often provide large discounts. For instance, you may ask for discounts on orders that exceed a certain quantity threshold. This may be from 5% to as high as 20%, based on the supplier. You can consider Viveprinting as well, which offers you up to 25% discounts.  

Ongoing Promotions:

Verify whether the supplier offers any ongoing promotions or special deals. Some providers may provide seasonal discounts or other deals or promotional prices. You can get them one special event like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year or more. They may be linked with certain manufacturing processes or any of them. Look into these opportunities to get more cost savings.

Flexible Payment Terms:

You must go with the suppliers who offer flexible payment terms. If you can make bigger upfront payments, then there is a chance that suppliers may be willing to provide better pricing. Or, he can suggest some mutually beneficial payment schedule.

Long-Term Partnership Discounts:

Show your interest in a long-term partnership with suppliers to get more discounts. Suppliers may offer more competitive pricing in this case as they see consistent and enduring business relationships.

By engaging in active negotiations and finding the best deals possible, you will be able to drastically lower your overall spending on custom boxes. You can save more by doing so. Later, you can invest this money to generate more profits.

Contractual Agreements Review.

When entering into contracts, a full analysis is necessary. It is ideal to protect your concerns. For it, you must consider: 

Initial Assessment:

You need to examine the agreement. It is proved that a minimum of 10% of the total contract review time spent on this phase can tremendously enhance comprehension. 

Detailed Clause Examination:

Subdivide the contract into provisions. You must do it for better understanding. About 20% of your review time should be spent reading clause by clause. It would help to do so to make sure all information is clear and complete. 

Terms and Conditions Analysis:

Spend about 25% of your review time looking into the terms and conditions. These points are critical to understanding, as they frequently determine the rights and duties of both parties. 

Financial Implications:

Analyse the financial side of the contract. It may include but is not limited to the pricing schemes and penalties. 15% of your review time should be devoted to it. 

Risk Evaluation:

20% of the review time should be spent evaluating possible risks related to the contract. Identify areas of ambiguity or potential disputes. Also, you have to plan risk mitigation. 

Final Overview:

Spare the remaining 10% of your time to a concluding summary. What you have to do is to make sure that everything fits together. Also, ensure that all questions or concerns have been addressed.

The described structured approach will help you improve your knowledge about contractual agreements. You will also become aware of risks. By knowing it, you will make prompt decisions before signing the agreement. 


1. What are Your Branding Targets: You must define your brand image and message clearly. It influences customisation to fit with the brand image. Brands that have consistent messaging in all channels average an increase of 23% in revenue.
2. Aberdeen’s Packaging Trends Get to know the latest trends that can help you buy custom boxes in UK in 2024. They will serve you well to organise your custom packaging according to your customers’ tastes.
3. Customised Packaging Design:  It can attract customers and tell your brand story. Thus, it will increase recognition. 52% of customers will likely buy the product again if it arrives in high-quality packaging. They will recall it easily. 
4. Prototyping is a Must: Choose it to create better designs and revisions before placing an entire order. By investing in it, a company can reduce design-related errors by as much as 90%. It will both save time and costs.
5. Negotiate Pricing and Discounts: Negotiate prices to lower costs. Bulk order discounts can drastically reduce overall costs. On average, dealing with volume discounts on bulk orders results in 15-20% cost savings.
6. Examine the Agreement Carefully: When you pick a supplier and wish to order him, check every detail of the agreement. It will be helpful for you to clarify any confusion and make your buying process hassle-free.


In the competitive environment of businesses in Aberdeen, it is crucial to realise the uniqueness behind custom packaging. These boxes provide sufficient support to the product. Also, they act as an initial physical touch between a consumer and the brand. It influences the total shopping experience.

A well-designed custom box has many more benefits than just being a primary way to secure your items. You must add unique colour schemes, geometrics and branding to the packaging. They will increase customer retention rates. It will result in increasing customer loyalty. So, you need to focus on leading suppliers like Viveprinting when you wish to buy custom boxes in Aberdeen.

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