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Custom Boxes Buying Guide 2024 – Bristol Edition

custom boxes in Bristol


Using Custom Boxes is vital these days. They allow companies to improve their brand name, protect their products, and make customers happier. With a number of people around 714,000 in the city and more than 80,000 businesses present here, making your brands visible is tough. Customising your packaging to make your product distinctive is useful for this purpose. In Bristol, getting Custom Boxes is easy because many suppliers can help with different needs. But the problem is to buy it at the lowest prices while the quality must be up to the mark. 

Bristol has a lively market for people who make boxes. With superb packaging providers like Viveprinting, brands can get high-quality custom packaging boxes quickly according to your needs. In Bristol, about 40% of businesses choose custom packaging. It shows how important it is as a place for finding packing help.

These boxes help make your brand known and easy to remember. Market studies show that companies using custom packaging see their brand become more noticeable by up to 30%. The pretty-looking box draws in customers and tells brand values well.

They are special boxes made just for specific product sizes and brand needs. They provide a unique way to show off goods, ensuring they are noticed on store shelves. Businesses can pick from many kinds of materials, looks and ways to print boxes that match their brand story.

Guidelines to Buy Custom Boxes in Bristol 2024

The use of custom printed boxes is the demand of the day but how can you buy them while trying to sell your products in Bristol? Find here.

Recognise Your Requirements Carefully

Assessing Your Packaging Needs

Before you start making custom product boxes, it’s essential to look at your packaging needs. Research on what people like in the market. Recent studies show that 70% of people care most about sustainable packaging. Find important ideas like what people prefer for things they buy, how well those items work and their labels. These factors play a big part in making customers happy with their purchases.

Identifying Specific Box Dimensions

Getting the right size for a box is crucial when it comes to good packaging. Research on box design highlights the value of container size and form. About 80% of customers prefer boxes that are designed well and have the right size. They find them more attractive and easier to use.

Deciding on Material and Design Choices:

Picking the right stuff is very important for packaging to work well. Studies show that people are starting to choose more environmentally-friendly options when it comes to paper. Out of all consumers, 65% say they prefer eco-packaging instead. Look at designs that are easy on the eyes. About 75% of customers say how something looks can change their minds, according to what experts in business have found out.

2. Specifying Dimensions and Materials 

  •         Providing Accurate Measurements: Precision matters in every aspect of the business. It includes your packaging as well. Thus, getting the correct numbers helps make fewer mistakes when making things. Use software or templates to get the right size; this can cut down on waste by 20%
  •         Selecting the Right Box Material: Pick materials according to the product’s needs and goals for being good for the environment. There has been a 25% increase in eco-friendly packaging materials. 
  •         Ensuring Compliance with Packaging Regulations: Watch out for rules about packaging to avoid trouble with the law. Following the rules means you always stick to what is expected and can stop hefty penalties.

3. Sustainability Considerations

custom boxes in Bristol

Inquiring about Recyclable Materials

  •         Worth of Recyclable Packaging Materials: Now, 81% of people want boxes that are friendly to Earth. This shows how important it is to use them while crafting your boxes today. 
  •         Common Recyclable Materials: Boxes closed with paper and plant-based tapes are among the commonly recyclable packaging items.

Checking if the Supplier is Committed to Add Green Efforts

  1.   Check Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Sustainability: It’s important to measure a supplier’s promises and results against environmental rules. This helps find out if they are really committed to sustainability.
  2.   Consumer Influence: A big part (54%) of people under 44 years of age think about eco-friendly packaging when they buy things. This shows how much what sellers care about affects the choices consumers make.

When looking for safe packaging ways, it’s important to ask about materials that can be recycled. You should check if the supplier cares for Earth by using specific measures like liking greener ideas. Also, remember that including eco-friendly designs in making boxes is helpful, too! There is a big need for green packaging, and it plays an integral role in what people buy.

4. Steps to Create a Detailed Layout of Your Custom Boxes

custom boxes in Bristol

Create a drawing

  •         Utilising Professional Design Software: Use big design tools like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, favoured by 80% of packaging designers because they are flexible and accurate.
  •         Incorporating Branding Elements: Make sure your brand stays the same by using logos and colours. Research shows that using good brand packaging can boost the number of people who know a brand by 15%.
  •         Considering Practicality and Functionality:

o Make things easy to use.

o Think about how simple they are.

o Keep them safe and open. 

About 70% of people like packaging that’s easy to use and carry.

5. Adding Customisation Features

  1.   Choosing Printing Options: Check the cost of different printing ways. Digital printing is flexible and liked by 60% of companies for small to medium print jobs.
  2.   Incorporating Special Finishes (e.g., Glossy, Matte): Three out of four people think special finishes look nice. Think about using shiny or flat surfaces to make it look better and give a touchy feeling.
  3.   Including Additional Features (Handles, Windows): Add useful things like handles or windows that the public likes. More than 65% of people like packaging that does more than protect the goods.

6. Find and Examine Local Custom Box Suppliers

Looking at Packaging Firms in Bristol

Start by looking at packaging companies in Bristol that can craft, print, and deliver custom boxes in Bristol for your needs. Among all the notable choices is Viveprinting. It offers quality solutions at a low price with free delivery to doorstep. A market study shows that about 60% of companies like to work with local suppliers for quick results and special services.

Reading Reviews and Testimonials

To see if these suppliers are the right choice for you and trustworthy, read what customers say about them. Platforms like Trustpilot give information about what customers are happy with. Think that 80% of people check reviews when choosing packaging providers.

Comparing Prices and Services

Compare the prices and services provided by these suppliers in an efficient way. They must give good help at fair prices. Usually, brands save 15% on packaging by picking suppliers who offer complete services and flexible prices.

Obtaining Samples and Prototypes

  •         Requesting Sample Boxes: Before making many things, get sample boxes to check them out. This step helps find any design or structure problems, cutting the chance of mistakes by 30%.
  •         Reviewing Prototypes for Approval: Check the design and strength of models very carefully. A careful look at things can get rid of 80% of possible problems.
  •         Making Necessary Revisions: If changes are needed, make them quickly. Better checking processes cut down wait times by 40% and make sure things get delivered on time.

7. Placing an Order

Contacting the Chosen Supplier

  1.   Initiating Contact: Contact the chosen supplier using email or phone. Research shows that 70% of successful business deals begin with clear and quick communication. 
  2.   Establishing Requirements: Make sure to clearly tell what you need for the box, like size, material and options to make it special. This first talk makes sure everyone gets the same idea, cutting down misunderstanding by 80%.

Requesting a Detailed Quote

  •         Structured Request: Use a good quote request (RFQ) format and describe your requirements in detail. When companies follow the rules, they get answers 60% quicker if their RFQs have clear details.
  •         Clarity on Pricing: Make it clear what you expect on prices. This includes any big discounts if you buy a lot and charges for special changes to the product or service. Companies say they save 15% on costs when talking openly about prices.

Confirming Order Information and Payment Details

  1.   Reviewing Terms and Conditions: Check the supplier’s terms and conditions carefully. In simple terms, understanding contract details is key in 9 out of 10 successful deals.
  2.   Negotiating Payment Terms: Work out good payment plans, looking for a balance between quick expenses and long-lasting deals. It is true that when payment terms are bendable, satisfaction goes up by 20%.

8. Ensuring Quality and Timely Delivery

Setting Quality Standards

  •         Define Quality Objectives: Make clear goals for good quality. Include what the customers want or expect. Following the top ideas in their field, 90% of firms that set clear goals for quality see a big increase in customer happiness.
  •         Establish Quality Criteria: Make clear rules and measures to check how good a product is. A complete quality standards plan can lead to a 15% decrease in mistakes and fixing work.

Creating a Time Frame for Making Things

  1.   Align with Strategic Objectives: Plan production actions to match big goals. Businesses that mix their production plans with big goals see a 20% jump in all-around success.
  2.   Communicate Clearly: Keep talking about when things are made in the same way and easy to understand. When projects have clear communication, they reach their deadlines 80% more often than when there is confusion.

9. Receiving and Inspecting the Shipment

Checking for Quality Assurance

  •         Visual Inspection: Look over the things you got and check for any damage or errors. Also, you need to see if they meet quality standards. Studies show that visual inspection alone can spot 80% of the main problems.
  •         Random Sampling: Use a random picking method to do more complete quality checks. Research shows that using random sampling can find up to 90% of possible problems in a shipment.

Check the Number of Boxes and Features:

  1.   Cross-Checking with Packaging List: Check the amount you got with the list given by the supplier. A careful checking process can lower the risk of wrong deliveries by 95%.
  2.   Measurement Verification: Check the details of the boxes, making sure they match what was agreed for size. Getting things right and checking them helps make mistakes when receiving 98% less likely.

10. Addressing Any Issues Promptly

  •         Establishing a Rapid Response Protocol: Make a fast and easy plan to fix any problems found. Businesses with quick response plans fix shipping problems 20% faster.
  •         Supplier Collaboration: Work with suppliers to quickly fix problems. Working together with them leads to a 15% drop in the repeat of the same issues.

Review of the Process to Buy Custom Boxes in Bristol 

Step Task Key Points and Recommendations
1 Assessing Packaging Needs – Research sustainable packaging preferences.- Identify essential box sizes for effective wrapping.- Consider using environmentally-friendly materials and designs.
2 Specifying Dimensions and Materials – Utilise software for accurate measurements.- Choose environmentally friendly box materials.- Ensure compliance with packaging regulations.
3 Sustainability Considerations Inquire about recyclability options.Check supplier commitment through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).Recognize the influence of customer preferences on sustainable choices.
4 Detailed Layout Creation – Use professional design software.- Incorporate branding for a 15% recognition boost.- Ensure packaging is user-friendly, as 70% prefer easy-to-use packaging.
5 Adding Customization Features – Opt for affordable printing choices, with 60% preference for digital printing.- Include attractive finishes, as 75% prefer shiny or flat.- Add customization features like handles or windows (65% preference).
6 Local Custom Box Suppliers – Explore reliable and cost-effective companies such as Viveprinting.- Check customer reviews for credibility.- Compare costs and services to potentially save up to 15%.
7 Obtaining Samples and Prototypes – Request sample boxes to identify potential issues.- Evaluate prototypes to eliminate 80% of problems.- Make quick changes for fast delivery and problem resolution.
8 Placing an Order – Communicate clearly for a 70% chance of success.- Specify size, material, and customization needs.- Request a detailed price quote using an organised Request for Quotation (RFQ) form.
9 Ensuring Quality and Timely Delivery – Set goals for a 90% improvement in customer satisfaction.- Establish rules for a 15% reduction in errors.- Align production time with larger plans for a 20% higher chance of success.
10 Receiving and Inspecting the Shipment – Thoroughly inspect received items.- Randomly check items to identify potential issues.- Cross-reference with the order list to prevent 95% of incorrect deliveries.- Quickly resolve problems for a 20% faster issue resolution.
11 Overall Process Optimization and Tips – Collaborate with manufacturers to reduce repeated problems.- Work towards continuous improvement for better results.- Ensure alignment with sustainability goals and customer preferences throughout the process.


For the purpose of buying Custom Boxes in Bristol, you need to establish a smart plan. Start by looking at what you need for your packaging, figuring out size and materials while thinking about being green. It’s very important to focus on environmentally friendly choices. For example, 81% of people like materials that can be recycled.

Making a good plan needs fancy design tools, putting in brand things, and making sure it’s useful. Features like choices for printing, unique finishes, and added things such as handles help make your package more attractive.

Finding and checking local sellers is a crucial step. Read reviews, compare prices and services, and get samples to make sure you’re making a well-informed choice. Making an order requires you to talk clearly, ask for a complete price quote, and confirm the details of your order and payment.

To make sure things are good and get them on time, we need to set high standards. Then, we have a plan for how long the process will take while checking everything very carefully when it arrives. A quick answer plan and teamwork with suppliers are important for fixing problems quickly. In Bristol, a changing market where 40% of businesses use Custom Boxes, choices matter. They help make your brand better while also making customers happy and ensuring success in the long run.

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