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Custom Boxes Buying Guide 2024 – Cardiff Edition

custom boxes in Cardiff


Cardiff is the UK’s city where you can find a huge number of companies, recording 107,275 in 2024. It has a population of 492,000. So, it’s not easy to grow your brand here. In Cardiff, businesses understand that custom boxes play a key role in developing brand identity. Also, they can help in improving the overall customer experience. Packaging is not only functional; it’s an integral part of expressing brand personality and values. Custom packaging can serve you well up to 20% on increasing brand recognition.  

85% of the customers think that good packaging means a better-quality product. Consequently, appealing packaging solutions are the demand of the day. It is true, especially if you wish to sell more and boost your brand recognition in Cardiff. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to think about how to purchase the right custom boxes in Cardiff at a price that you can pay easily. 

8 Steps to Buy Custom boxes Buying in Cardiff 2024

Let’s talk about the real thing! Here are 8 steps that will help you purchase custom packaging boxes in Cardiff.

Step 1: Outline Your Packaging Needs 

It would help if you define your packaging needs while buying custom boxes. It is important to review certain aspects during this process. You need to do so in order to make sure the result meets both brand and product needs. 

Consider Size 

Custom packaging should match up with the exact sizes of your product. A study on custom packaging costs indicated that optimising size can have cost-effectiveness. This is because the pricing is mainly based on material consumption. 

Examine Your Product Shape

Look at the shape of your product first. It is essential to make your item properly fit in the custom box. Likewise, ensure that your box has both aesthetic and protective functions. 70% of companies believe that individual shapes have a positive influence on consumers’ perception of their products. 

Pick the Right Material

Choose a proper material that suits the nature of your product. Moreover, you have to check that it meets your shipping needs. The type of material chosen affects both overall cost and environmental impact significantly. Considering industry trends and preferring sustainable packaging solutions is what you have to do when selecting the right material. For instance, the volume of global sustainable packaging was 212.99 billion GBP in 2023 and is expected to exceed 307.89 billion GBP in 2028. As a result, going for green packaging materials is helpful for your brand. The popular ones are:

  • Cardboard.
  • Paperboard.
  • Kraft.
  • Corrugated.

Add Some Unique Features 

Add any unique features to make your boxes distinctive. They include inserts, special finishes, or any branding elements you need. It will serve you well to boost your market visibility.

Step 2: Research Local Suppliers of Packaging Products

It is essential for you to think about local packaging providers in Cardiff. You must do it because they are located close by. Thus, it is easy for you to contact them and communicate whenever you want. The supplier you pick should provide innovative, eco-friendly and unique packaging solutions. Also, make sure that they should be customised according to your product needs. They must better understand your specific packaging demands.

Local suppliers of custom packaging offer competitive pricing and specialised services. These factors are crucial when you are striving to buy custom printed boxes. Furthermore, they can offer you fast deliveries and savings on delivery charges. Some of the best packaging providers, like Viveprinting, can give you free shipping to doorstep.  

Step 3: Assess Supplier Reputation Online:

Evaluating potential suppliers involves assessing their reputation. You can perform this step via online reviews, testimonials and the suggestions of experts in this field. Online reviews are a major part of doing business. 90% of consumers check online reviews before visiting a particular business. Moreover, 84% trust the online comments as much as they would personal suggestions.

It is estimated that over 70% of customers in 2024 will not act unless they read reviews first. 68% of customers trust a local business more when they read positive reviews. It is true that 13% of local search results are determined by online product reviews. A total of 100 online review statistics for 2023-2024 presented illustrate the undeniable impact of ratings on conversions. So, assessing your supplier by checking online reviews is useful for you.

Step 4: Ask for Samples 

Make sure you ask for sample boxes from the shortlisted potential providers of your packaging needs. This facilitates a direct evaluation of the solutions they offer. It includes durability and overall appearance.

A practical approach to guarantee the quality, longevity, and overall impression of packaging materials would be to ask shortlisted suppliers for sample boxes. By being hands-on, you are able to make an informed decision based on concrete proof. For this purpose, you must check samples properly. It will aid if you check the material quality, printing, shape, size and overall aesthetics. Sample checking will reduce the chances of errors and confusion. This way, you will get the custom product boxes you want.

Step 5: Perform the Evaluation of Pricing and Terms

In assessing potential packaging providers, a careful evaluation of pricing and terms should be undertaken. They will be beneficial for you to make informed choices. Follow these steps to conduct this process easily:

Evaluate Supplier Pricing:

Review the price structures provided by multiple suppliers. While reviewing, consider some critical factors. They include customisation rates, quantity discounts and extra charges for unique features or finishes.

Request Detailed Quotes:

Obtain detailed quotes from potential suppliers shortlisted. It will help if you do so, as it will ensure transparency in pricing. Ask about discounts or packaging deals for bulk orders. Also, get to know setup fees or any other costs linked with customisation.

Clarify Payment Terms:

custom boxes in Cardiff

You must understand the payment solution provided by each supplier. Moreover, see if they can cover your requirements within your budget. They include upfront payments, instalment plans or deferred payments.

Review Delivery Charges:

Ask about delivery costs and ways of shipping. Consider the effect of these costs on total budget and delivery times.

Assess Turnaround Times:

It will serve you well to clarify the time turnaround for production and delivery. You need to consider the timeline of your project. Likewise, you must find out if it can be met by this supplier without compromising on quality.

Negotiate Terms if Necessary:

Do not be afraid to negotiate terms based on your needs and budget restrictions. Suppliers may just be willing to negotiate pricing or terms for long-term relationships and large orders.

Step 6: Share Your Design and Artwork Requirements

Clear communication is a key to success in every business deal. So, you should never ignore it while buying custom boxes in Cardiff. It is useful for you to get the design of your choice and artwork when interacting with packaging providers. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless collaboration:

Initial Design Discussion:

You can start with an in-depth look at your brand aesthetics. Also, you must consider your target audience and packaging purposes. It would be helpful for you to share your vision of packaging design. It will aid you to get the desired results.

Share Your Style Guidelines:

Provide any existing brand style guides or design choices. They must state your preferred colour schemes, type-facing and other visual elements. It ensures brand continuity.

Artwork and Logo Submission:

High-quality versions of your logo and any relevant artwork or product images that will appear on the packaging should be shared. Make the necessary design assets available to the supplier.

Design Mockups and Prototypes:

Ask the supplier to design mockups or prototypes for you. It should be done as per your directions. This visual representation will allow you to offer feedback. As a result, it will show you whether you need any changes before finalising a design.

Feedback Iterations:

Create a cycle of design iterations. Collaborate closely with the supplier. You need to do so to provide constructive feedback. It will serve to improve design according to your own preferences.

Digital Proof Approval:

Ask for digital proof before mass production to approve the final.

Your packaging becomes a success story if you communicate and collaborate effectively during the design phase.

Step 7: Ensuring Order Accuracy

It is crucial to finalise the order details. Doing so is good for you as it will reduce the chances of misunderstandings whatsoever, and everything will run smoothly. Follow these steps to confirm all aspects of the order:

  • Quantities: As a buyer, you should verify the number of boxes you ordered. Make sure that the quantities requested should match the number of items you want to pack in them.
  • Sizes and Dimensions: Check the dimensions and sizes of every item. This is true for products with variations in size. Thus, all discrepancies should be resolved before moving forward.
  • Colours: Verify the colour scheme you need to be printed on your custom packaging boxes. It is vital, particularly in the case of multi-coloured products within an order. Your job is to suggest colour codes or elaborate notes to avoid mistakes.
  • Pricing and Discounts: Verify the price of each box and ensure that all discounts or promotional offers have been applied. This step prevents billing problems.
  • Shipping Details: Confirm shipping details and method. Proper shipping details are essential to avoid delivery problems. Your chosen supplier must know where to deliver your order.

Step 8: Place Your Order 

custom boxes in Cardiff

After reviewing samples, prices, and proofs, the next step is to place your order with the chosen provider confidently. Here’s a concise guide:

Satisfaction Assurance:

Make sure that you are fully satisfied with the samples provided to you. This satisfaction threshold is vital because it influences the overall quality and conformity of the end product.

Pricing Negotiation:

Bargain on the price before placing an order. It is suggested that you should take your budget into account. After that, you must look for a happy medium between cost efficiency and quality. Negotiating a good deal may save between 10 to 15%.

Proof Approval:

Ask for proofs from the supplier and carefully check them. This step makes sure that the finalised design matches your needs. Moreover, it prevents costly changes in future.

Transparent Communication:

You have to communicate with the supplier in a transparent and open manner. It is a crucial factor for handling concerns promptly. Thus, it promotes a collaborative and productive relationship between you and the supplier of the custom boxes in UK.

Delivery Timelines:

When ordering, you have to reconfirm delivery dates, times and modes with the supplier. Likewise, you need to examine the timelines of production and shipping to avoid delays. The timely communications improve the on-time delivery rate by 20%.

Quality Control Measures:

Taking this proactive approach can help decrease the chances of defects by as much as 15 to 20%.

With these steps, you guarantee a smooth order placement. It is only beneficial to both parties. It builds an amicable partnership with your selected packaging supplier. 

Overview of Buying Custom boxes in Cardiff 2024

Define Your Packaging Needs: Optimise size, shape, materials and unique features for targeted solutions. They must align with your brand/product needs. 
Research Local Packaging providers Look for local packaging providers such as Viveprinting due to proximity advantage and good communication. 
Assessing Supplier Reputation You can assess potential suppliers by going through their online reviews and testimonials. It is true that 92% of buyers check reviews first when deciding.
Request Sample Boxes You can enhance quality, durability, and aesthetics by viewing sample boxes. It will aid you in making your decision correctly and performing the needed changes.
Assessing Pricing and Terms You have to review pricing and terms very carefully. This step will ensure that the payment details. Also, it will clarify the conditions involved.
Work together on Design Tell all of your demands during the design phase. It is a highly influential factor for success. Polishing brand aesthetics, exchanging artwork and asking for design drafts will ensure smooth cooperation.
Ensuring Order Accuracy Ensure that all aspects of the order, such as quantities, sizes, colours, specifications and pricing, are confirmed. It will help you get the right order.
Smoothen Your Order Placement Process Considering samples, prices and proofs, contact an order confidently, negotiate on price approval of the evidence and maintain open communication. They will smoothen your ordering process.


When buying custom boxes in Cardiff, make sure to follow this process. It is quite well structured to confirm optimum results. These outlined steps contribute to a well-thought-out, successful custom box procurement process. Research, effective communication, and quality control are key integral elements of this approach that, if adhered to these pillars, can lead you to the best packaging solution. It will resonate with both your brand’s identity and consumer expectations.

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