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Custom Boxes Buying Guide 2024 – Leicester Edition

custom boxes in Leicester


Custom boxes are vital for a product’s success in Leicester because they change how people see it and make the market more competitive. Leicester has a long history, as it was a Roman site in the ancient era. With less than 1 million residents and over 32,000 businesses, it is hard to beat your rivals in Leicester. What you can do to beat this competition is to improve the quality and looks of your products and their packaging. A study shows that 72% of customers think product packaging design affects what they buy. Thus, you must use custom printed boxes for more than just wrapping things up. They are a solid tool to build your brand. They get people’s attention and help make the brand known.

Different types of businesses gain from using special packaging, like make-up, gadgets, food, or drinks. The Custom boxes market is likely to be worth GBP 58.73 billion by 2033, growing at a rate of 4.4% each year. This increase shows that many people understand how they help improve product visibility and market share. 

How to Purchase Custom Boxes in Leicester in 2024

Boxes keep the stuff safe and show what’s unique about a brand. Making boxes memorable for products helps them stand out in a busy market. It leads to happier customers who stick with the brand and think it’s worth more money. So, the real question is how to purchase custom boxes that will lead you to success in the tough market conditions of Leicester. 

We will look into the different box choices in this guide about getting special boxes. We’ll also think about important things important to business. Let’s explore the world of Custom boxes to strengthen your brand and improve how you show off your products. 

1. Understanding Your Packaging Needs

Define Your Product:

When you think about the packaging, it’s crucial to analyse your product’s characteristics thoroughly. For this purpose, you should think about things like: 

  • Size, Shape, and Dimensions: Know the size to choose the correct packaging for objects.
  • Fragility, Weight, and Special Needs: Think about the kind of things you have to pick suitable protection materials and packing ways.

Identify Your Branding Goals:

Packaging is not just for safety; it’s a solid way to discuss brands. You have to customise your packaging to your brand effectively:

  1. Message Conveyance: Find out what your packaging should say about your product. 
  2. Brand Colours, Logo, and Design Elements: Include your brand’s looks, like colours, logo, and unique designs.  

Many people who buy things in Leicester think about the material used in packaging. It shows that good design is essential when they look at a product. When you start making your packaging, keep in mind that it isn’t just a box. It must show what kind of things and brand identity you have, too. 

2. Selecting the Right Material

custom boxes in Leicester

Types of Packaging Materials:



  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Cost-effective for shipping.


  • Susceptible to moisture.

Corrugated Cardboard:


  • Provides excellent protection.
  • Sturdy for heavy items.


  • Bulky and may increase shipping costs.



  • Lightweight and printable.
  • Suitable for retail packaging.


  • Limited strength.



  • Kraft paper is made from wood pulp, so it can be replenished.
  • It breaks down naturally.
  • Kraft paper is a useful thing that can be used in many ways for wrapping things.
  • It works as a plain paper for putting your mark and making it personal.
  • Kraft boxes are known for being cheap, giving a budget-friendly answer to wrapping needs.


  • Being around water can make it weak and break easily. 

When picking a material, think about the item’s breakability, heaviness and effect on nature. Cardboard and Kraft paper are often preferred. It is because they balance cost and protection. So, brands like to use them.  

3. Designing the Layout

Check Dimensions and Structural Design:

When making a special box, begin by looking at your product details. Your custom boxes in UK should be the right size and shape for your product. Think about how big it is and what kind of thing you sell. Consider the following factors for it:  

  1. Product Dimensions: Adjust the box to fit your product’s size, shape and weight well. Did you know? Usually, packaging makes up about 9% of the weight of the product you want to pack.
  2. Protection Needs: Ensure the structure is strong enough to keep things safe while being shipped and handled. 

You have to think about it, as you need to consider these points so that you can design your packaging accordingly. 

Add Some Special Features:

To enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your custom box, contemplate incorporating special features:

  • Die-cutting: Make unique shapes or holes using die-cutting methods.
  • Window Panels: Use clear windows to display the item.
  • Special Openings: Make doorways and interactive parts to make the boxes easy to use. 

You must add them as they will boost the functionality of your boxes. At the same time, they will glorify the appearance of your custom product boxes.

4. Graphics and Branding Elements:

Incorporating Branding:

An attractive custom box is a vital tool for building brands. Consider the following elements for this purpose:

  1. Brand Colours: Choose colours that match your company’s image.
  2. Logo Placement: Place your logo in a spot where it can be seen easily.
  3. Visual Elements: Add particular design parts to show your brand.

Never Ignore the Worth of Visual Appeal:

The way your special box looks is essential for how people see it and compete in the market. A study shows that 72% of people think packaging design affects what they buy. Thus, you have to design it to create a positive impact:

  • Stand Out: Special and easy-to-look-at designs make your product noticeable on the store shelves.
  • Brand Recognition: Using the same branding pieces helps people remember your brand better.
  • Consumer Connection: Nice packaging makes a link with people who buy things.

A good box is made not only to meet every day needs but also to act as a strong advertising tool. It can change what people buy and how they see brands, too.

5. Check for Catchy Printing Options

custom boxes in Leicester

There are plenty of printing techniques that you can use for the purpose of presenting your projects uniquely.   

Digital Printing:

Digital printing uses a 4-colour method, giving flexibility for small print jobs and personal data changes. But, it might not have the low cost of big printing for many items. It is crucial for digital printing to allow customisation.

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is great when there’s a lot of work to do, as it can exactly copy colours using PMS and special inks. Even though it’s cheap for a lot of things, setting it up might take longer. This way is better when making sure the brand stays the same, and matching colours exactly is important.


Flexography is great for making prints on different things, such as packaging. It gives quick output but may not be as good with colours when compared to offset printing. More than 82% of people are ready to spend extra money on eco-friendly packaging and printing techniques like flexography. This makes it important to make green choices in products.

6. Never Ignore Some Finishing Touches

Adding finishing touches is crucial to designing catchy packaging. Some of the main finishing techniques you need to consider are: 

Embossing and Debossing:

Raising the design is called embossing while lowering it is known as debossing. Both add tactile interest. These finishes on your Custom Boxes in Leicester can make products more attractive, which is in line with 81% of customers who want eco-friendly packaging.

Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping makes the packaging look better by adding a shiny metal touch. It’s a good way to attract the buyer, helping increase demand for eco-friendly packaging by 50%.

Matte or Glossy Finishes:

Matte finishes look fancy, while glossy ones make things bright. Picking between them requires knowing what customers like because models showing how much value they get from products is important in decisions about packaging.

Picking the best printing method and final touches is very important for packaging to be successful. Changing things to suit people, making them last, and looking good are important choices based on how customers behave and what sells in the market.

7. Evaluate Your Budget Constraints:

When you start with custom packaging, paying close attention to money matters is essential. It will serve you well for a good and affordable plan. Here’s how to navigate this aspect:

  1. Size Impact: Smaller boxes usually cost less, while big ones can save you more depending on the items needed.
  2. Quality vs. Price: Choosing between high-quality material and its cost is critical. Using good stuff can cost more initially, but it often saves money in the long run because there is less wear and need to send things back.

8. Researching Potential Suppliers:

It’s important to carefully research the best suppliers to get the right Custom packaging boxes according to your demands. You should consider the following factors to make the right decision. 


Examine the manufacturer’s experience in the packaging industry. A good history usually shows trust and skill. More than 80% of people trust experienced sellers.

Customer Reviews:

Evaluate customer reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback demonstrates customer satisfaction. About 72% of buyers consider good reviews when they make a purchase.

Sample Work:

Ask for and look at examples of their past work. This lets you see the quality and imagination of what they can do for you. For 81% of shoppers, how a thing looks at the precious work affects what they choose to buy.

Key Points to Remember

custom boxes in Leicester

Sections Details
Understanding Your Packaging Needs ·         Analyse size, shape, and dimensions.

·         Consider fragility, weight, and special requirements.

·         Convey a message through packaging.

·         Incorporate brand colours, logo, and design elements.

Selecting the Right Material ·         Consider cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and paperboard.

·         Evaluate pros and cons for each material.

·         Know the importance of sustainability.

·         Consider biodegradable recycled cardboard, and plant-based alternatives.

Designing the Layout ·         Custom box dimensions to the product.

·         Introduce special features like die-cutting and window panels.

Graphics and Branding Elements ·         Strategically use brand colours and logos.

·         Recognize the influence of visual appeal on consumer perception.

Printing Options ·         Evaluate digital, offset, and flexography printing.

·         Consider customization, sustainability, and visual appeal factors.

Finishing Touches ·         Explore options like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, matte, or glossy finishes.

·         Align with consumer demands for sustainable Custom boxes.

Budget Considerations ·         Assess the impact of size and design complexity on the budget.

·         Consider trade-offs between material quality and cost.

Researching Potential Suppliers ·         Consider supplier experience, customer reviews, and sample work.

·         Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers for cost comparison.


In the world of constantly changing packaging, it’s vital to know what your product is like. You must also consider how you want people who might buy from you to see and feel about your brand. Then, choose suitable materials for making custom boxes or other packaging stuff with your products inside put together perfectly so customers get excited when they open them up! In a time when we care more about the environment, people are paying attention to green ways of packing. It matches what happens in businesses where they want actions that are good for the planet.

A good plan for special packaging needs to use clever ideas, work well and be affordable. It should also think about how it affects the environment. By knowing what products need and matching it with branding targets, firms can make smart choices on materials like design. It ensures the product stays safe in Custom boxes while making customers happy. It helps them keep their brand identity strong, too! Using these factors properly helps make a good packaging plan that meets what businesses and people expect.

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