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Custom Boxes Buying Guide 2024 – Liverpool Edition

custom boxes in Liverpool


Custom boxes are essential for businesses to do well everywhere, especially in the lively city of Liverpool. With around 90000 businesses and 923,000 people in the city, growing your business is not a simple target to achieve. These special boxes can serve you well in this regard. They aren’t just for holding things; they are a solid tool to attract buyers using appealing pictures and drawings. Thus, 87% of brands that make products think putting money into special packaging helps with marketing success. The market for boxes is worth about £38.04358 billion in 2023, and it’s expected to increase to around £58.500127 billion by 2033, showing a yearly growth of 4.4%.

Liverpool businesses should put money into custom packaging for a few reasons:

  1. It makes a powerful initial impression that raises brand worth and identification. A recent study on LinkedIn found that special packaging can help make a brand more valuable. It will stick in people’s memories.
  2. It makes products different from others on busy store shelves. It boosts the chance of someone buying them. Also, it differentiates a product from others and makes branded items different in stores.
  3. Businesses that use this marketing technique see their growing sales and boosting brand identity. 

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Custom Boxes: Liverpool Edition 2024

Consider the Nature of the Products You Sell

Knowing what kind of products you have is essential to make your packaging work well. Different materials and styles are indeed suitable for many types of products. For example, single-use items are becoming more popular. Brands now care a lot about the environment and want to reduce how much they hurt nature by 24% in the last two years. Matching your packaging with the features of your goods makes them look more attractive and helps support ways of being green. Most people think that using paper and cardboard packaging makes a product look fancy.

Determining Size and Weight Specifications

Getting the right size and weight is significant when designing packaging. So, you must consider the proper size of custom product boxes according to the product’s weight. Smart-sized wrapping not only cuts down on the use of stuff but also helps save money and care for the environment.

Identifying Any Special Packaging Requirements

It’s crucial to consider special packaging for things that need extra care. For example, flammable liquids or corrosive materials need special boxes for safe transport and storage. Knowing and following these is essential for you. It will not only meet laws but also make sure that your items are safe and keep their quality.

Never Ignore Eco-Friendly Packaging Choices

Sustainable packaging is critical all over the world, including Liverpool. Rules are made to choose better materials and reduce how much carbon we put in the air. Things like reducing greenhouse gases help people use packaging that doesn’t hurt the environment. They want to make sustainability work in every part of it. In 2023, trends for eco-friendly packaging show a rise of 24% in the use of single materials. It will be raised in 2024, too.

Importance of a Special and Attractive Design:

A unique and attractive look is valuable for custom boxes. A study on LinkedIn says that exciting designs and pictures on packaging can attract customers a lot. Custom packaging boxes with logos make items grab attention in the marketplace. Brands with special packaging have an advantage in business because they get 32% more attention online via amazing pictures.

Stress on Designing

You must create logos and pick typefaces to be used on boxes. They will serve you well to develop an exceptional brand identity. It is vital for all businesses, big and small. Including brand names, pictures, and product details while designing your box is a wise choice. A unique design makes people remember your brand and helps customers recall products. Adding product pictures and details helps customers remember the brand better. It increases their ability to recollect it by 38%. A study on Quora shows that companies using special packaging with unique design parts see their brand awareness increase by 45%.

Understanding Cost Factors

To make your boxes, it’s essential to understand what affects the price. The main factors are:

  1. Materials: The materials used to make the boxes.
  2. Design: How the box looks.
  3. Printing: Adding colours, logos, and information.
  4. Quantity: The number of boxes you buy. 

The cost of material and finish is the first expense when making custom packaging. 

Consider Various Printing Techniques

offset print - digital print

The importance of considering proper printing and finishing techniques is far above the ground. Almost 90% of packaging uses special touches to make it look and feel better. When making these boxes, there are different methods to put designs on them. Here are two standard techniques:

  1. Digital Printing: It is a widely used technique! It’s valid for colourful designs and small amounts.
  2. Offset Printing: Great for large batches. The colours are very bright, making your boxes easy to see. Offset printing is indeed used to make perfect images. 

Go for Catchy Finishing Options

Once printed, you can pick how the box looks and feels. Here are some excellent options:

  •         Matte Finish: Smooth and non-shiny.
  •         Gloss Finish: Super shiny and reflective.
  •         UV Coating: Adding a safety layer makes colours stand out. 

Catchy Finishing Options

Think About Some Extra Features

Make your boxes stand out with these extra touches: 

  •         Die-cutting: Pieces and designs made from the box.
  •         Embossing: Makes a 3D look in the design.
  •         Foiling: Adds a metallic shine. 

Getting Quotes from Many Packaging Suppliers:

After figuring out what you need, talk to a few top suppliers, like Viveprinting, about the cost. Each supplier may have a different cost and quality. The cost quote you get should show things like material and colouring.

Negotiating Bulk Order Discounts

Do you want to buy many boxes? You might get a discount! Getting 1000 boxes could be more cost-effective for each box than buying only 100.
Remember: Always compare prices with other sellers and ask for the best offer.
Making your boxes unique is just like making one-of-a-kind art for things you sell!

Addressing Quality Concerns

  1.   Inspecting the Received Custom Boxes: When you get your boxes, it must feel like opening a gift. But, just like looking at your birthday present to see if it’s perfect, we need to check the boxes.
  2.   Fixing Problems with the Box Maker Supplier: If you need help finding something right, don’t fret! You can chat with those who built the boxes.
  3.   Providing Feedback for Future Orders: Your opinion matters! Tell the box maker what you liked and how to make it better. Your opinion helps to improve for the next round!

By looking, fixing problems, and giving comments, you help ensure each box is perfect.

Maintaining Quality Through Proper Storage

You should keep custom boxes safe and neatly arranged, like you store your products carefully so they don’t get broken. It keeps custom boxes in Liverpool  in good condition. It makes sure the boxes are in excellent condition when needed. 

Using Smart Inventory Management to Keep Shelves Full 

Picture going to your top candy shop; they have no more sweets you love! Overseeing stock means always having enough sweets (or custom boxes) so you always have enough. It is vital to predict the box demand right so stocks stay supplied. It is similar to guessing how many sweets you’ll need. 

Getting What You Need by Restocking at the Proper Moment

Just like you tell your parents when you need more snacks at home, businesses rebuy new custom printed boxes when they’re running out. It’s like making sure there are always enough snacks for you. Automating the inventory system and using features like barcode scanning is essential to handle new goods quicker and more accurately. Also, keep your boxes safe, looking after stock smartly and ordering again when needed. Businesses ensure they always have enough custom containers! 

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways - viveprinting

1. Captivating Designs Matter: Pre-made boxes with attractive patterns and pictures can greatly affect how people see them. 2. Boosting Product Presentation: Big success stories show how special custom boxes improve the way products are shown. This helps to make businesses more successful.
3. Sales-Effective Strategy: Making changes to custom packaging will help sell more than just spending money on the design of the packs. It caused a big rise in sales. 4. Saving Time and Money: Putting money into special packaging for products lets businesses save time and money. This makes it a smart decision that is helpful, too.
5. Reflecting Brand Identity: Businesses that use custom boxes in different ways show off what their products are like. This helps to tell people about the companies and makes them stand out from others.


Knowing how to buy custom boxes in Liverpool and putting money into good custom boxes is more than just a choice about putting things in packages; it’s a smart plan for winning. The facts tell companies that spending on unique, good-looking customised packaging gets good results. They see better customer views and higher sales with more vital brand recognition. You should consider custom boxes as simple holders and robust instruments to improve your products and how people see them. It’s a worthwhile purchase for long-term winning!

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