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Custom Boxes: A Way to Distinguish Your Brand from Competitors

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The expectations of customers are getting higher with time. They expect something new and unique from their favorite brands every time they buy their products. So, what can brands do in this regard to keep up with their customer’s expectations? Obliviously, they cannot do much with their product quality or with its making features.

On the other hand, there is one thing they can do to surprise their customers by delivering their products in unique custom boxes. They can alter their product packaging designs after a while to give a new experience to their customers. Adding some distinguishing features to their product packaging boxes design gives their product a superior look in comparison to their competitor’s products.  

When customers see the products packed in new styles and designs of custom boxes, it gives them a refreshing and inspirational look. An old product becomes new for them. They get fascinated to buy it. This allows the makers to keep hold of their old customers by presenting them with something new and also attracting new customers.

So, a change in packaging design impacts the product’s look and sale positively. It gets more customers’ attention. It is human nature that they get attracted to unique things. Therefore, when brands give their product packaging boxes a distinguishing look, it appeals to the customers. They prefer to buy products packed in innovative custom boxes for packaging rather than in simple plain boring boxes.

Now the question arises, what can be those features that can be added to a packaging box design to make it look different from others? Let’s try to find out the answer below.

Do a thorough Competitor’s Research:

Doing a thorough competitor’s research brings manufacturers great benefits. Timely research will help you in producing the right products for the right customers. This will save you both time and money. What do we mean by timely research? It means you need to research your competitors before getting into a business rather than doing it afterward. Because once you have invested in the business and prepared the product. After that, if you conduct research, it will not benefit you a lot. The options for changes become limited at this point.

Therefore, conduct research on the competitors before investing in any business. It should be the first step in starting any business. It will give you an idea of who will be your competitors in the market and what kind of products they are producing. With that, you will also get an idea about their targeted audience and their expectations from these products.

Once you know about the business activities of your competitors, it will make it easy to understand the business dimensions. Producing the same type and quality of the product should not be your goal. Definitely, you would like to develop something better than your competitors or make it in a way that at least gives a distinguishable look. When customers see your product, it gives them a pleasing and unique look. It can only be achieved by doing efficient and effective competitive research before starting any business.

Get Custom Boxes to Fulfill Customer’s Expectations:

You must understand your customer needs before presenting anything to them. A product that meets customers’ needs and expectations gets great appreciation from them. The product gets successful in the market quickly.

How can a brand fulfill its customer’s expectations?  First, they can improve their product quality in comparison to their customers. Second, they can make their product presentation more lovable and distinguishable.

Considering the first point, it is difficult to beat the competitors in quality. It requires more investment and time. Although, the same quality product can be developed with ease. Although, while considering the second point, there is plenty of room to play for the manufacturers. The packaging designs can be explored and developed that can give your product a distinguishable look.

Custom box design options allow the manufacturers to give their product packaging the exact look that they desired. They can differently design the custom boxes for packaging to make them look different from their competitor’s packaging boxes. This gives the customers a new experience while using the same old product.

Human nature also wants to see a change after some time. Therefore, adopting custom box packaging solutions allow the makers to satisfy their customers satisfactorily. The customization options allow the makers to change their product packaging designs after a while conveniently.

This helps them in giving a new look to their product. This new look fulfills customer’s expectations of seeing things in a new way and they buy them happily. Therefore, it is recommended that brands keep changing their product packaging designs regularly to keep customers interested in their products.

Custom Boxes with Unique Shapes:

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What influences customers’ buying decisions? It is mostly the product’s brand name, quality, and presentation. Using a unique product packaging box design gets customers’ attention quickly. Especially, it is the best technique for new brands to attract customers.

They can compete based on the popularity of the established brands in the market. Therefore, they need to keep their focus on the presentation of their products. Making it exceptional is the way to go. Custom box design options allow them to do it easily.

A study indicates that 60% to 70% of the decision of final purchase is also made based on the product package. Most consumers face the meeting point, so packaging plays its role as a meeting point, (Dhar, 2007).

Usually, custom packaging boxes are offered by the designers in flexible and malleable building materials like cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft paperboard. The flexible materials provide designers with numerous customization options in an easy way. They can cut and fold these materials into unique shapes efficiently. This allows them to produce custom boxes for packaging of innovative and unique shapes for different types of products.

These unique shapes of boxes give your products a distinguishable look in comparison to your competitor’s products. Adding some beautification features to their design further improves their look and beauty. This helps in increasing customer interaction with your product and increases the chances of its sale as well.

Similarly, custom boxes shipping designs come with some special features that are important for some businesses like e-commerce. For example, they need to be durable and sturdy to hold the product in its actual condition till they reach the customer’s doorstep.

Using Eye-Catching Color Schemes in Printed Artworks:

The printing of the packaging boxes plays a vital role in finalizing the look of any product. Use custom printing options to design the printed artwork on your product packing boxes to give them an eye-catching look.

The first thing most customers notice about any product while placed on the store shelves is its packaging box design and the printed artwork on it. A good design with innovative printing on it catches the customer’s attention quickly.

Therefore, using artwork designed in eye-catching color schemes also helps in increasing product sales. Whether you are an established brand or a new entrant, the custom printing options allow the brands to establish strong connections with customers.

Especially, the use of bold and sharp color schemes in printed artwork on the boxes gets customer attention quickly. The brands can enhance their customer’s interactions with their products by printing enticing and appealing artwork on their product boxes.

When customers walk through the aisles of a store, they find many same types of products from different brands. What separates a specific brand product from others? It is its look. This look is improved through innovative printing. The use of eye-catching color schemes made the artworks highly appealing and tempting for the buyers on custom printed boxes.

Custom Boxes Enhance the Unboxing Experience of the Users:

Brands need to give their product users a pleasant unboxing experience. It improves the brand loyalty of customers as well. Buyers have a variety of options available on the store shelves. What they prefer to buy is important for the brands to understand.

When customers buy any product, they want its packaging to be useful for them. The one that brings convenience to them in its usage. Therefore, brands can opt for packaging designs with added features of convenience in it. This enhances the unboxing experience of the buyers and they prefer the same brand of products to buy while shopping next time. This distinguishing feature of custom boxes differs your products from your competitor’s products and inspires the users to buy them.

Custom Boxes develops a Unique Brand Identity:

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The packaging of a product impacts deeply on the minds of the customers. It is not the 19th century when customers are not bothered much with the product packaging design and style. In today’s modern era, customers have a huge focus on product packaging design while shopping.

No doubt, the product quality and renowned brand name also impacts buying decisions but an impactful packaging design also has its importance. In some cases, it has been observed that customers distinguish their wanted brand’s products by the packaging design and colors.

In this scenario, custom boxes with some alluring styles provide the brands to develop their brand identity. They can customize the packaging box designs that suit their brand image and satisfy their targeted customer’s needs effectively.

The best examples of it are KFC and Mac Donald’s. These brands stick to their packaging design styles and their colors. Now people recognize their products by just having a glance at their product packaging. They become their brand identity in the market.  

Similarly, other brands can do the same with their product packaging styles. Design them in a way that they become their brand identity in the market. It helps the buyers in reaching their products easily when finding them placed on the store shelves among other same products produced by their competitors.

Final Verdict:

Custom boxes are mandatory for modern-day businesses to keep inspiring their customers. They are bound to use them as customers get bored with old-fashioned and traditional packaging boxes. Providing something new and refreshing to the customers keeps them engaged with the brand products.

Keep a close eye on your competitors and market trends. Do not stick to traditional methods. Enhance your research methods to upkeep your brand image. Always try to be unique in your product presentation. Copying your competitors will not benefit you. Add something valuable to your product in the form of convenient packaging solutions to amaze your product buyers.

Custom box design allows the makers to get emotionally engaged with people. Create occasional packaging boxes to trigger emotional engagement. Similarly, these options allow for giving products a stand-out look in comparison to competitors’ products that catches the buyer’s attention instantly and stimulates their emotions to buy it. 

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