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Custom Boxes Ordering Guide 2024 – London Edition

Custom Boxes Ordering Guide 2024 - London Edition


Being the largest in addition to the capital city of England, doing business in London is not easy. You, as a brand, have to face huge competition in this city. The population of London is 9,748,033, and the total number of businesses are 2,985,465 in 2024. It is around 29.5% of total number of businesses in the UK. So, in this situation, how can you make your brand visible in the capital of the United Kingdom? The answer is by ordering custom boxes in London.
Brand recognition and product appeal are the important aspects that custom packaging can improve a business. It goes beyond the old approach. It offers a specialised box for each product. The value, however, lies not only in aesthetic pleasure but also in utility. It enhances brand praise and awareness by creating an individual visual identity. It leads to customers’ loyalty and repeat buys.
The practical edge of custom features, such as the reusability of the boxes, attracts customers to buy items based on their functionality and convenience. For instance, resealable packaging has been shown to increase customer repurchase rates by 15% based simply on its use functionality.

How to Order Your Custom Boxes in London

Now that you understand how crucial your custom product boxes are, the real question is how to order them. This step-by-step guide will show you how to accomplish this target easily and effectively.

See What Your Product Packaging Needs

You must evaluate the needs of your product and how you would like to pack it. It is a crucial step in sharpening your packaging strategy. First, determine the physical characteristics of your product. It includes its weight, dimensions and how breakable it is. You should know the optimal packaging size. It is critical to make a proper correlation between product specs and box dimensions in order not to waste or spend any extra costs. Research identifies that brands can reduce packaging costs by up to 20% by opting for efficient sizes of packaging.

Second, it is also vital to understand the essence of the material and its form. Packaging appears in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, an appropriate selection can contribute greatly to the whole experience. In selecting suitable packaging materials, think about some useful factors. They include the product size, shape, weight, and fragility. You must take them into account to ensure protection against any damage during transit or storage.

Think About Local Packaging Providers

When looking at the local packaging suppliers in London, considering local suppliers is beneficial. They know exactly what you want. Also, they can offer you the desired boxes at a low price. Thus, it is necessary to find some trustworthy firms that will provide the custom boxes in UK. Viveprinting is a prominent packaging provider in London. Around 95% of businesses are happy with their services. It shows its popularity and reliability.

You must know the cost, quality, and reviews of these suppliers. They are essential to consider when choosing a supplier. See the level of customer satisfaction of these packaging suppliers. You can do it by analysing the previous clients’ reviews.

Make a Budget for Custom Boxes

The process of developing a budget for custom packaging is heavily influenced by various strategic aspects. You need to make a viable strategy for your bulk orders. It brings the price per unit into a balance and may cut costs by up to 15%. Moreover, minimising the use of the packaging material is crucial. It is vital for you. It not only increases the total costs but also causes excessive packing materials to damage the Earth. So, try to avoid overloading the custom packaging boxes. A cost breakdown should also include the expenses on materials, printing and any other extra options.
With a more critical evaluation of each element, brands can enjoy possible savings choices. By doing so, they make better use of resources at the same time. Also, you must go for green materials. They may appear slightly expensive at the beginning. Yet, in the long run, it can help you to save money. Moreover, it aids you in creating a positive brand image because more consumers are turning towards environmentally friendlier products.

Go for Designing Attractive Custom Boxes

The design of boxes needs to be very catchy and appealing. You have to go for it to make your brand’s visibility more attractive to potential customers. First, make sure you have a simple and clear design. It should have the recognisable elements of your brand. As design professionals point out, using bright and contrasting colours boosts brand recognition by up to 80%. It helps potential customers spot the product in a retail space or during online browsing.

Go for Designing Attractive Custom Boxes

Use branding elements such as logos and taglines in a consistent manner. It will serve to strengthen your brand identity. A carefully designed box is a silent salesman for your brand. It impacts the buying decisions. Research has shown that attractive packaging can increase the perceived product quality by 70%. Also, it directly impacts customers’ trust in their loyalty.

Secondly, it is essential to use your logo creatively. It is not only for aesthetics but also in a strategic way. The practice of branding via customised boxes wholesale with company logos is trendy these days. It has a positive impact on consumer psychology. Thus, it should not be overlooked. A logo leverages brand recall by 65% more when it is prominently displayed on a product. This visual association helps to create a connection with the consumers. It generates loyalty and also drives repeat business. Based on these design principles, businesses can have packaging that not only covers the protection but also acts as a performance tool.

Think About Materials and Sustainability Side by Side

Finding suitable packaging materials that will protect the product as well as ensure it is friendly to the Earth is crucial. A general look at the various packaging materials shows that there are a lot  of options. Among all, the popular ones are:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

They are used far and wide because they can be recycled. For example, cardboard is a product of renewable resources that is biodegradable. Therefore, it is sustainable to use. Also, it helps reduce the environmental impact. Research reveals that firms which have opted for green packaging enjoy an average sales increase of 15%. It shows the rise in consumer awareness towards this packaging. If you are going toward this trend of 2024, try to recycle the materials in your packaging. It is consistent with circular economy principles and is useful for saving our planet.

Besides material selection, firms can apply different hints to select other green options. The choice of simple designs and smaller packaging quantities is one of them. It not only makes them look better but also saves on resources. This results in the reduction of many costs and ecological benefits. The use of biodegradable or compostable materials in the packaging, in particular, also helps support this approach. It is increasingly aimed at reducing plastic waste worldwide. These practices will help brands to show that they are eco-friendly. They improve the image of a company among conscious consumers at the same time.

Examine Every Printing and Finishing Option

Before ordering your boxes, think about their printing. There are several variants that meet the specific design needs. For instance, flexo printing offers a cost-effective and simple way to make small designs with up to three colours. This direct-printing method prints designs directly on the packaging surface. So, it provides a lot of flexibility in design applications. Also, it renders a very vivid visual impression.

Digital printing is a very flexible answer to complex designs and graphics. Screen printing is another useful option that can give you more durable results than digital ones. Yet, it requires more time and is costly at the same time.

Knowing about these printing methods is crucial. It will serve you to help you pick the right one. Your decision should be based on the intricacy of your design, order quantity, and expenses. Flexo printing is a more efficient, cost-effective process for handling bulk orders. Thus, it is used in approximately 60% of packaging print jobs.

Apart from printing, the finishing options contribute significantly to improving the aesthetic and feel that custom boxes provide. Embossing, Debossing, and foil stamping have a connotation of luxury, adding to the value perceived by the customers. For instance, foil stamping involves the use of metallic or coloured foil. It is perfect to create a very attractive shine. There are studies that show using foil stamping on the packaging design can make a brand more visible. It would lead to about 20% positive consumer reaction. These finishing options create a much better high-end packaging impression. It leads to positive consumer perceptions.

Go for Ordering Your Boxes

The process of ordering your boxes is simple. It involves a few useful steps to ensure a very smooth journey. Start with the choice of the box style. It must be based on product dimensions. They include the size and weight, as well as presentation demands. For this purpose, you need to offer accurate artwork files. They should match the printing method that is chosen, ensuring top-quality prints. Among the common mistakes to avoid is ignoring the artwork resolution of your design. The low-resolution files may print blurry and can undermine design integrity. When the design is approved, select your chosen materials. For it, you must consider the objectives of sustainability and protection needs. It will lead to a 15% sales improvement.

Once the design and materials are finalised, you have to specify the amount required along with finishing choices such as embossing or foil stamping, if applicable. Before ordering in bulk, make sure to get a prototype. It will serve you well to find any defects and errors. You should get it to know if you need any improvement in your custom printed boxes.

Ensure clear shipping instructions to prevent delays and additional charges. One of the most common blunders in terms of the ordering process is the failure to consider the shipping concerns and, therefore, delaying delivery schedules. Thus, you must tell your chosen packaging supplier about it. Also, along with the delivery date, you have to know the delivery charges. Some top suppliers in London give free shipping to doorstep, deals and discounts. Use them in your favour.

Custom Boxes Ordering Guide 2024 – London Edition Key Takeaways

1. Understanding Your Product Packaging Needs:  Analyse the product needs for effective packaging by matching the specs with the boxes’ dimensions. In order to provide better protection during transit, think of the material and its shape.
2. Researching Local Packaging Suppliers:  Select local vendors in London to supply the specially made boxes by focusing on the cost, quality, and reviews. It will reduce or eliminate shipping charges.
3. Budgeting for Custom Boxes:  Prepare an effective budget plan for bulk orders and use minimum packaging materials. Pick green materials if you are looking for long-term savings and present a positive nature of your brand.
4. Designing Your Packaging:  Design flashy and very memorable graphics with bold colours and identical brand features. It adds 70%of the perceived quality of the product.
5. Materials and Sustainability:  Select eco-friendly resources such as cardboard, paper board, Kraft or corrugated. Go with simple designs and use fewer packaging units to save money and be eco-friendlier.
6. Printing and Finishing Options:  Think of the printing processes, such as flexo, screen or digital. This luxury is enhanced through finishing options such as embossing, debossing, and foil stampings.
7. Ordering Process Explained:  Submit accurate artwork that must show every detail. Select the materials, quantity, and finishing options. Make sure that the shipping instructions are clear to avoid any possible delays and also extra charges.

Summing Up

While considering packaging, be aware of the new tendencies in custom box design and materials. It is critically important for planning the future of packaging. It is true, especially in a highly dynamic market such as London. For this purpose, the use of minimalistic designs and green packaging practices is vital. Both of them are trendy in 2024. Also, QR codes and RFID are projected to increase at a rate of 20% within the coming years. When you try to order your custom boxes in London, consider all these factors. They will help you get the custom packaging that will boost your sales and brand visibility instantly.

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