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Custom Boxes Purchasing Guide 2024 – Canterbury Edition

custom boxes in Canterbury


Canterbury is a cathedral city that is located in southeast England. The population of this UK city is 69,293, with around 6,000 businesses, it is tough to make your place as a brand in this city. If you use Custom Boxes creatively, making your presence in this city will be easy for you. So, what you need to do is to find a unique way to purchase boxes that can serve the purpose. Before ordering Custom Boxes in Canterbury, you have to think about a specific procedure. It involves careful and detailed planning. It is ideal to ensure that your packaging is functional and looks appealing. In the stepwise procedure, we will be going through vital points.

They include what you want, measurement accuracy determination, and eco-friendly material selection. Also, it includes single or double-printed sides. They will address this alongside quantity checking for minimum requirements. Likewise, you need to see the price confirmation quality testing reviews regarding order affirming. Moreover, you have to check the customer support that your chosen supplier offers. Each stage develops the information needed for brands to make well-informed decisions. They include box dimensions, material specifications and so on.

How to Purchase Custom Boxes in Canterbury

custom boxes in Canterbury

1. Know What You Actually Need

It is critical to adopt a structured approach that articulates specific needs clearly while purchasing custom boxes in Canterbury. For this purpose, consider some points:

Determine Specifications:

First, specify the Custom Boxes you need. Look into the size, shape and any other needed things for the packaging of such a product. Assess the size of your product. After that, choose packaging supplies that match its sizes to ensure a snug, secure fit for shipping.

Specify Quantity:

State the number of boxes required. Whether it is about a small number of pieces or an issue related to large volumes, that knowledge is crucial for correct pricing and proper planning. Consider the fact that some suppliers may provide different pricing schemes depending on order quantity. A precise estimate will allow you to gain some control over your packaging needs.

2. Take Proper Measurements of Your Products 

When determining the measurements of custom boxes in UK, accuracy is highly critical. It will ensure a perfect fit for your products. Follow these steps for accurate measurements:

  • Length, Width, and Height:

The length should be measured from one end to the other. Yet, the width and height should be taken as side-to-side distances from top and bottom. Use a tape measure that bends to get precise measurements. Keep the box on a flat surface to prevent frame deformation. Target a precision of no more than 1/16″ for each dimension.

  • Girth Calculation:

The girth is the circumference measured at the widest point of a box. This is useful especially for shipping. It is suggested that 1/8-inch precision be employed, equaling about 1.25%.

  • Box Style Considerations:

Measurements for different box styles may vary. For instance, when ordering a custom-made mailer box, keep in mind the inside dimensions for fitting the product tightly.

  • Thickness of Materials:

You need to include information on the thickness of materials used in box construction. It is crucial for precise internal measurements.

  • Percentage of Tolerance:

Tolerate manufacturing variations around a small percentage. Usually, a tolerance of 2% is acceptable to allow minor differences during manufacture.

As long as you follow these guidelines to the letter, then your boxes will be perfectly and accurately measured. Also, they are compatible with all of your products.

3. Pick Your Box Material Wisely 

custom boxes in Canterbury

When you try to buy custom boxes in UK, go for green materials. Here’s a guide to help you decide among Cardboard, Paperboard, Kraft, and Corrugated materials:

1. Cardboard:

  • Sustainability: Cardboard is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Percentage Recycled Content: The average recycled content for cardboard is between 70 to 100%.


  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Excellent for printing and branding.


  • They may not be as strong as other materials.

2. Paperboard:

  • Sustainability: Paperboard is recyclable, and it comes from a renewable source.
  • Percentage Recycled Content: Often contains 80-100%recycled material.


  • Ideal for retail packaging.
  • Provides a smooth finish for excellent print quality.


  • Less durable than some alternatives.

3. Kraft:

  • Sustainability: Finally, Kraft paper is biodegradable due to its origins in sustainable wood.
  • Percentage Recycled Content: They may contain up to 100% recycled material.


  • Rustic and natural appearance.
  • Fits most products.


  • Few printing options in comparison to other materials.

4. Corrugated:

  • Sustainability: Recycled corrugated cardboard can be reused.
  • Percentage Recycled Content: Typically contains 70-100%recycled content.


  • Excellent for shipping and protection.
  • Offers high strength and durability.


  • Visually less appealing for retail packaging.

The right choice will be based on your product, packaging needs and sustainability goals. All alternatives have an impact on green practices. So, knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you make the right one.

4. Decide on Printed Sides and Quantity

That is why, while ordering Custom Boxes, one has to specify the number of printed sides and quantity required. Here’s a guide to help you make informed decisions:

1. Printed Sides:

Single-Sided Printing:


  • Cost-effective.
  • Suitable for simple designs.
  • Percentage Usage: Approximately 30% of orders are single-sided prints.

Double-Sided Printing:


  • More design spaces.
  • Enhanced visual appeal.
  • Percentage Usage: Around 70% of orders usually opt for a double-sided printout.

2. Quantity:

Small Quantities (Up to 500 units):


  • Ideal for limited editions.
  • Cost-effective for small businesses.
  • Percentage Usage: 40% of orders are in this category.

Medium Quantities (500 to 5,000 units):


  • Balanced cost per unit.
  • Suitable for growing businesses.
  • Percentage Usage: About 50% of orders are included.

Large Quantities (5,000+ units):


  • Lowest cost per unit.
  • Suitable for bulk orders.
  • Percentage Usage: This category includes about 10% of orders.

This data can guide you through making your own box. It suits well with what is required.

5. Quality is Everything 

custom boxes in Canterbury

In evaluating a packaging vendor for custom product boxes, quality and full-colour print must be viewed. This is particularly critical in developing attractive and helpful packaging. It must reflect well upon your brand image. Here is a guide to start:

  1. Printing Quality Standards: Make sure that the provider is following industry quality standards for printing. You need to seek out certifications or references that show their dedication toward delivering premium-quality prints.
  2. Material and Plate Quality: The composite material of the printing plate should be abrasion-resistant. Also, it should be moderately elastic and high quality. Make sure that the provider uses durable palettes for printing. It will preserve print quality after some time.
  3. Quality Control Process: Use stringent quality control systems. You have to do so to ensure that products are in order before shipment. This entails deep testing of colour accuracy, sharpness and general print quality.
  4. Testing Methods: The testing is essential for assessing the durability of printed boxes. Check whether the provider adheres to recognised testing standards. You should examine it to validate puncture resistance and print durability.
  5. Ink Quality: High-quality inks are vital to ensure bright and durable prints on your custom packaging boxes. Make sure the provider uses inks that conform to the criteria.
  6. Consistency and Correctness: You need to verify that the feeding standard and cardboard structure are correct. It is useful to ensure uniform printing.

6. Read Reviews of Your Chosen Suppliers 

It would help if you check customer reviews when picking a custom packaging vendor. By doing so, you can learn more about how responsive and satisfied previous clients were with their services. 

You must check websites like Trustpilot for this purpose. You can learn all about the provider’s background via these sites. The numbers and scores act as measurable indicators. The reviews provide qualitative info regarding service quality levels, due dates, fulfilment, and overall client satisfaction.

7. Confirm Your Order 

While finalising orders for customised boxes, it is essential that you follow standard methods to avoid any problems as well. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Reviewing Customisation Details:

You must review the customisation details before placing your order. It would be useful for you to review the specs. They contain box sizes, materials used for printing and other special features. You should verify the accuracy at this point. It will prevent mismatches in the final product.

  • Double-Checking Quantity and Pricing:

It is required to ensure the number of boxes in demand and pricing model. Make sure that the cost is within your budget. Also, you need to investigate if there are any extra fees involved while ordering custom printed boxes. They include the customisation or rush production charges.

  • Verifying Printing Details:

If your order involves printing, review the provided design proofs. Likewise, you should ensure that they reflect exactly what you expected. Further, verify the number of sides to be printed and check that brand standards are maintained in terms of artwork.

  • Confirming Turnaround Time:

This is especially relevant if you have fixed deadlines or events to which the custom boxes need to be delivered. Clear communication on deadlines ensures you receive your order in a timely manner.

  • Payment Confirmation:

Verify the order total together with price details. You have to do so before making your final payment. Make sure there are no inconsistencies. Get to know what payment methods the packaging provider accepts.

Through careful inspection of these details, you can help minimise mistakes. Besides, by using them, you can increase the level of satisfaction with your custom-made packaging order.

Core Results 

Define Your Requirements:  You must specify the exact dimensions, design and quantity of Custom Boxes required. It will enable you to know your product packaging needs.
Take Measurements:  Measure length, width, height and girths accurately with allowances for box type and material gauge. Also, you must allow a small tolerance percentage to adjust production variations.
Material Selection:  Select green material such as cardboard, paperboard, kraft or corrugated. It will serve you well to check each option’s pros and cons as well. 
Printed Sides and Quantity:  Examine the choice of single-sided or double-sided printing. Pick the one that suits you the best. Likewise, select the right quantity by knowing cost efficiency as well as how much your order is.
Quality Check:  Check the validation of printing quality standards. Besides, examine the control procedures & testing methods. Think about the ink superiority along with consistency. It would help if you go for the full printing, which is high in output.
Read Reviews:  It is essential for you to check ratings from customer reviews. Certain sites like Trustpilot can serve you well in this regard.
Order Confirmation:  Before ordering, check if your customisation details are met. Moreover, ensure that the quantity and price are correct. After that, verify printing and delivery dates. You need to do so before making a final order. It is beneficial to avoid mistakes.


A deeper understanding of how to buy custom boxes in Canterbury is critical. Brands should do so to improve their product packaging. You can customise your order to your demands using the steps above. They include dimensions, materials, printing preferences and other factors. When you need to obtain custom packaging in Canterbury, consider these factors.

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