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Custom Boxes Purchasing Guide 2024 – Chester Edition

custom boxes in Chester


When it comes to packaging, using custom boxes while starting or growing your business in Chester is the demand of the day, as they have colossal worth. These customised solutions are not just about wrapping it up; they can change how your product is shown. Also, it promotes what kind of impression you make. With a very low population of only 88,725, how can you make your brand visible and sell more; the answer is simple: use custom boxes. 

A convincing case study revealed that 52% of users are more inclined to re-order from an online retailer if their delivery comes in quality packaging. 

It is found that more than 70% of buyers believe product packaging design actually affects their buying decisions. This highlights the vital role that packaging plays in influencing buyer perceptions.

Custom Buying Guide in Chester 2024 

Let’s begin the journey of improving your brand recognition by knowing how to buy custom boxes in Chester.  

1. Define Your Box Requirements 

When designing your tailored packaging specifications, you need to take into consideration a number of elements in order for it to be able to completely satisfy your requirements. Here’s a comprehensive guide with figures and percentages: 

  • Size: Determine the size of your commodity. Measure length, width and height in inches or centimetres. Give the exact measurements, such as 10” x 6” × 4”.
  • Material: Decide on a material according to the fragility of the product, weight and environmental issues. Going for green packaging solutions is beneficial for you. 
  • Printing Specifications: Choose the printing technique (digital, offset) and special design features. You need to specify colour modes like CMYK.
  • Additional Features: Also, mention any additional features such as inserts, dividers or handles. For example, you can go for 5% for handles or 10% as a basis for inserts.

 2. Research Local Suppliers:

To research local suppliers for custom boxes, both online and offline methods should be used. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find reliable suppliers:

  1. Search Engines: Start with a simple internet search using phrases such as “custom box suppliers in Chester”. It will help in identifying the potential supply chains near you.
  2. Check Online Directories: Check online directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp or specific industry ones. Here, you can identify those suppliers who specialise in custom packaging.
  3. B2B Marketplaces: Look at the B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, ThomasNet or GlobalSources. Many suppliers place their products and services on them. You can filter results by your location.
  4. Social Media: Search for local suppliers on social media sites. You can browse LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for this purpose. Every good brand maintains a social media page. So you can go to their pages. Here, you can examine customer reviews and testimonies.
  5. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Look for local trade shows, exhibitions or business events in the packaging and printing industry. These events usually involve suppliers displaying their goods. From these events, you can physically check their products and compare them with other suppliers. 
  6. Online Reviews: Visit websites or forums with customer reviews. It can enable the understanding of how reliable and good quality services are provided by various suppliers. 

Offline Research:

  • Local Business Directories: You can read the local business directories. You may do it either online or offline. Most of them publish the contacts for numerous businesses close to you.
  • Networking: You need to attend local business networking events, industry meet-ups or chamber of commerce meetings. Networking can also help you to get advice and make direct contacts with suppliers.
  • Ask for Suggestions: Ask other businesses or contacts from the industry for references. Word of mouth is often a good source to find reliable suppliers.

3. Compare Suppliers:

custom boxes in Chester

In order to make the right choice, select possible suppliers. Also, you must analyse key elements. They include services provided, prices, and more. For this purpose, analysing the following aspects will help you choose the right supplier:

  • Services: Compare the range of services provided by each supplier. You should consider some crucial factors for it. They include customisation options, material quality and additional features that must be considered.
  • Pricing: Make sure to ask each supplier for specific detailed quotes on a custom box order. If you want to do it, you can compare price structures. However, you must never ignore discounts for bulk orders, deals or extra costs.
  • Customer Reviews: Look at customer reviews on various platforms. Some of the popular ones are Trustpilot and Google Reviews. Look for consistent positive remarks about product quality, delivery times and overall satisfaction.
  • Experience in Custom Box Production: Go to the suppliers’ websites. Here, they provide information on how much experience they have in crafting custom product boxes. Being around a long time and having similar projects in the portfolio suggest proficiency.
  • Communication and Responsiveness: During the inquiry process, assess how responsive and communicative each supplier is. Fast and transparent communication is essential for good collaboration. It is a key to a successful deal, so you should think about it. 
  • Sample Work or Prototypes: Request for samples or prototypes from shortlisted suppliers if possible. By looking at the physical product, one can gain insights into how their custom printed boxes are made.

4. Check Material Options:

custom boxes in Chester

You need to pick the highest quality material for your custom boxes. You must ensure that it will serve the purpose. At the same time, it should meet the needs of your products and brand. Here are some options:

  1. Cardboard:

  • Pros: Cost-effective, customizable, and recyclable.
  • Cons: Less durable for heavy items.
  1. Plastic:

  • Pros: Durable, moisture-resistant, and versatile.
  • Cons: It may not be environmentally friendly.
  1. Metal:

  • Pros: High durability and premium appearance.
  • Cons: Costly and may not apply to all products.
  1. Paperboard:

  • Pros: Lightweight, printable, and eco-friendly.
  • Cons: Limited durability compared to cardboard.
  1. Corrugated Board:

  • Pros: Good for transportation, solid and adaptable.
  • Cons: It can be cumbersome and may be overdone for some products.
  1. Rigid Packaging:

  • Pros: Luxurious feel, sturdy.
  • Cons: Higher cost, less eco-friendly.
  1. Kraft Material:

  • Pros: It is a green, recyclable packaging material. Also, it offers a natural appearance.
  • Cons: Generally, it is less robust than some other materials. 

When you think about any material, check the nature of your product first. Also, you need to consider your budget. More than 80% of people like to buy goods in eco-friendly boxes. So, cardboard, Kraft, rigid, paperboard and corrugated should be your top-most priorities when buying custom boxes in UK.

5. Discuss Printing Options:

In terms of custom printing of your boxes, various solutions have different features that cater to specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of key options:

Digital Printing

It is a perfect way to represent brands with bold and lively elements of branding. So, it is used in 40% of the custom box printing process. It is because it contributes greatly to the versatility and quality that it gets. It offers great flexibility to make the design you dream of to make your boxes pleasing to the eye. 

Flexographic Printing

It is one of the most versatile methods in custom box printing. Also, it has a number of favourable features that you can use to get an attractive box design. The range of colours it delivers is wide and most often presents itself using the CMYK scheme. Thus, this printing gives room for businesses to come up with generally appealing packaging that matches their brand visuals. 

This printing is one of the most widely adopted methods for its cost-effectiveness. It makes up about 30% of the custom box print landscape. It is not only affordable, but its ability to maintain quality standards. 

Offset Printing

One of the best methods in custom box printing is offset printing. This is because this process delivers colours for outstanding results using the CMYK model. It has a remarkable colour range with high fidelity. Hence, it makes it possible for businesses to achieve brilliant and precise results in their designs. As a result, offset printing is the preferred method for companies. They can use it to have high visual appeal and colour quality in their boxes. It takes 20% of all processes in the custom box printing landscape.  

Screen Printing

It is a very popular print technique known for its unique features and specialises in custom box-having processes as well. This method is mainly used in about 10% of the printing process. 

A key feature of screen printing is that it can give branding elements a unique, tactile feel. This element boosts the overall sensory feel. Thus, it makes it an excellent choice for businesses that aim to achieve lasting impact through physical contact with their packaging. 

6. Request Samples:

It is wise to ask the selected suppliers for samples before making a major bulk order of custom packaging. This is a vital step in the procurement process. It acts as a great quality assessment tool from which one can check both materials and the actual print. Businesses go for it nowadays to eliminate any chance of error and to get what they want. More than 70% of businesses that seek samples report greater satisfaction when they receive the actual orders.  

7. Get Custom Box Quotes:

When selecting a supplier to provide you with custom boxes for your products, getting ample price quotes from short-listed suppliers is essential. You should do it to make informed choices. The process of asking for complete quotes means that you get to know your true costs upfront. It helps you to determine the overall feasibility of a packaging project. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request custom box quotes:

1. Supplier Selection:

Check the reputation, reviews and product offerings to shortlist potential suppliers. After that, you must compare costs and services from local as well as international suppliers.

2. Detailed Specifications:  

It would help if you define your custom box clearly. You need to show detailed dimensions, desired materials, and print specs to be used, as well as any additional features required. For accurate quoting, provide artwork and design files. You can ask the supplier to craft your design as well. 

3. Requesting Quotes:  

Contact the identified suppliers with your detailed specs. After that, you need to request quotes. They include costs related to materials, printing and shipping. 

4. Material Costs:

They can vary, so you should keep an eye on them. Make sure the quote indicates what type and quality of materials are included. You need to view the box style as well. Likewise, check its thickness and finishing options. You must do it because all of these factors also affect material costs. 

5. Printing Costs:  

The costs of printing depend on the complexity of your design, colours used and method services designed for you (e.g., digital or offset). The printing quote should break down costs for printing based on your design requirements.

6. Shipping Costs:  

Shipping costs differ according to the destination, shipping means, and your custom box weight or volume. Get domestic and international shipping quotes. 

7. Extra Fees:

Ask about hidden charges. They include setup fees, plate costs or customisation fees. The material costs usually make up between 40-60% of total packaging costs. There can be costs for printing between 10-30% of the total, depending on how complicated and what colours are chosen.

On average, shipping expenses make up 10-20% of the total cost. It depends on where it goes and how. Some top suppliers like Viveprinting offers free shipping to doorstep. By asking and comparing various quotes, you can be thoughtful while making decisions. You need to compare the quality vs price to make a prompt decision.  

8. Place Your Order:

custom boxes in Chester

Now, it is time to order your custom boxes from a supplier you have selected. It is another big step towards realising the dream of having exactly what you want in terms of packaging. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth ordering process:

  • Confirm every Detail.
  • Submit Your Design file.
  • Show Your Required Quantity.
  • Clarify Your Customisation Needs and Ad-Ons.
  • Get Quality Assurance Confirmation.
  • Ask the Payment Modes.
  • Confirm the Production Time. 

Recap of How to Buy Custom boxes in Chester 2024

1. Define Your Box Needs: You should clearly state what you would like in your custom box. It must include size, material and design. It is very important to define these requirements precisely. They set the stage for the entire packaging process, making it successful.
2. Research Local Suppliers: Your research is likely to be influential in finding a reliable partner locally. More than 75% of the industry is dependent on local vendors for their custom packaging needs.
3. Compare Suppliers: Conduct research and identify at least three suppliers. Your research must be based on their reputation, price points, and capabilities. This step may allow you to cut costs by as much as 20%. By doing so, you will pick a vendor whose quality meets your budgetary limits.
4. Check Material Options: Research various materials that could be used in your custom packaging boxes. Also, you must think about the degree of their durability. Go for options that are friendly to the Earth. Material costs can be up to 40% of your total packaging-related expenses. So, the choice of materials is vital for cost efficiency and showing the green nature of your brand.
5. Discuss Printing Options:  It would aid if you interact with suppliers to discuss printing technology and options. Over 70% of customers buy design goods because of an attractive packaging design.
6. Request Samples: Before entering into a contract with any supplier, please ask for samples. You must do it to test the level of quality and its suitability. Proper sampling will reduce the risk of defects in your finished product.
7. Always Go for Custom Box Quotes: Ask for detailed quotations from the shortlisted suppliers. They must include all costs. You have to know the materials, printing and shipping charges. At this point, efficient communication and negotiation can save up to 15% of your budget for custom packaging.
8. Place Your Order: Once you are satisfied with a supplier, you need to provide design files and confirm details before ordering. Simplifying this procedure may help you to produce your custom packaging faster, which means that it will arrive on time and fit into your overall business schedule.


Picking the right custom boxes for your products is a crucial aspect of creating an overall brand strategy. Using this complete guide, you have confidently gone through the process of buying custom boxes in Chester, UK. The process of knowing your needs up to the selection of an ideal provider is crucial for you. It makes certain that not only is all packaging functional but also improves brand thoughts. Get the custom packaging you need to protect your goods and present them stylishly.

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