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Custom Packaging Designs That Will Wow Your Customers

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Today’s retail world is dynamic, and cut-throat competition is always present. This is due to the availability of lots of goods supplied by many producers. In this regard, how can you show your presence in the market? Also, how can you lure your target customers? One of the most important factors that determine consumer behaviour and buying decisions is wholesale  custom packaging

Nowadays, research shows that over 68% of consumers think directly about how packaging design influences the choice of products. It functions as the point of first contact between a product and its potential buyer. So, the primary visual impression is critical.

Packaging, these days, is not only about protection; it serves as a great brand differentiation tool. The quality and distinction of a product depend on its unique, custom designs. Research has shown that a memorable packaging design will appear novel and high quality. Thus, it leads to greater sales. Also, about 78% of customers feel that it enhances the chances of buying from the same brand. Similarly, packaging significantly affects consumer behaviour. Hence, going for a catchy box design can boost brand visibility. 

Shape Your Custom Packaging Designs to Shape Your Sales

It is essential for you to shape your packaging designs to shape your sales in the coming years. Here are some design tips that you have to consider for this purpose.

1. Understanding Your Brand

Define Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visual and conceptual representation of any brand. It refers to all aspects that distinguish a particular brand in consumers’ minds. It includes certain kinds of elements. They include colour, kind of design and logos. They make up a unified, recognisable image.

Determine Brand Elements

  • Logo: The logo is a foundation, providing instant brand association. So, they should be clear, easy to remember, and fit the brand’s character.
  • Colour Scheme: Colours trigger emotions. Thus, they are crucial to brand perception. The recognition increases with the consistent use of colours. For instance, 80% of consumers believe that colour enhances brand awareness.
  • Typography: Fonts convey the brand’s tone. The choice of suitable typography helps to form a consistent brand identification.

Align the packaging with brand values and messaging.

Consistency in consumer perception is guaranteed through the coordination of packaging with brand values. Wherever packaging reflects the values of a brand, there is trust and loyalty. The statistics show that 64% of customers state shared values as the first reason for building a relationship with a brand.

Packaging must reflect the intended message of a brand. Approximately 75% of consumers make their buying decisions based on packaging. It emphasises the need for consistent communication between you and your customers.

custom packaging

2. Know Your Audience

Define Target Demographic

To know your audience, review parameters like age, gender, location of residence, average income and interests. Indeed, surveys, social media analytics and market research are suggested to identify the customers you wish to target. The packaging market size is expected to reach GBP 0.90 trillion in 2024. It is expected that it will go to GBP 1.08 trillion by 2029. It is because of a CAGR of 3.89%.

Understand Consumer Preferences and Behaviours

It is true that consumers are prone to particular behaviours or beliefs. It explains the worth of understanding these choices. They include motivations, expectations, likes and dislikes. Also, it contains attitudes that drive buying decisions. You need to know this as it is important for better marketing campaigns.

Use Tools to Research

You need to customise your packaging to appeal to the viewers. It involves targeting the needs of your consumers. It is advisable to use tools such as Google Analytics for this purpose. It will help you know more about the customers. It includes reader personas and personalised content. Social media analytics can also provide consumer behaviour and preferences info.

It is critical for beginners to study existing audience and demographic data. It is because those are preconditions capable of defining your target audience. You should know how to design your packaging accordingly.

These figures and proportions will differ depending on the kind of product you offer or your industry. More in-depth market research and analytics tools will furnish the necessary data for a better understanding.

Follow Trends Shaping the Industry

custom packaging

There is a total of four main trends that will eventually define the packaging industry in 2028. So, you have to consider them. They are:

  • Economic and demographic growth.
  • Sustainability.
  • Consumer trends.
  • Brand owner trends.

The global packaging market between 2013 and 2018 registered a growth of at least 6%. During this time, the less developed markets showed more growth as consumers shifted to cities. The trend of flexible packaging is also at the top these days. 

3. Functionality and Practicality

The ideal packaging is not only attractive but also functional. Also, it is practical in order to optimise the user experience. Here are some points to consider if you wish to make your custom packaging ideal for your items.

Ensure Packaging Meets Functional Needs

Packaging should meet the needs of your product. The product packaging design services market was valued at GBP 19.34 billion in 2023. It shows the worth of custom product boxes.

Pay Attention to Usability and Reclose-Ability

The feature of resealable packaging is important. It is true that 52% of customers are likely to repurchase from an online e-commerce vendor with premium wholesale custom product packaging. It showcases the value of user-friendly designs.

You can think about different options for this purpose. It includes stand-up pouches and flat pouches. This guarantees user-friendliness and flexibility. Thus, it contributes to a better customer experience.

Select Materials That Are Nicely Protective of the Product

It is important to choose materials that provide sufficient product safety. Packaging acts as a protective barrier against external influences. Maintaining product quality and reliability requires knowledge of product protection. Product safety is vital for you. It will make your items fresh and undamaged. 

4. Unique Shape and Structure

You must consider some innovative packaging designs. They must go beyond creative solutions to shape and structure your boxes. It will serve the purpose of luring your customers. Here’s how to achieve uniqueness while considering practicality:

Experiment with Non-Traditional Shapes

The research indicates that 62% of users will definitely buy a product if the packaging has an unusual shape. Anything that is neither common nor odd can grab instant attention. The same is true for your custom packaging. The product’s shape on the shelf can influence consumer perception. Also, it increases its visibility to a large degree.

Create a Distinctive Packaging Structure

Roughly 48% of consumer claims that the physical feel and design of packaging affect their decision to make an impulse buy. So, you need to develop a unique packaging structure. By doing so, the brand experience becomes more engaging and effective. It results in positive decision-making on the part of users.

Consider Practicality Alongside Uniqueness

Even though uniqueness is required, going for simplicity is also essential. In other words, a balance is crucial. For instance, 40% of consumers prefer easy–to–open packaging. Going for a combination of practical features and a stylish design is vital. It secures high user satisfaction and improves product availability.

5. Colour Psychology

There is no doubt that understanding colour psychology is vital for branding. So, you must go for it. Here’s how colours impact consumer perceptions and choices:

Look at Color Psychology.

A study on colour psychology shows that colour plays an important part in marketing and branding. Colours can boost brand recognition by as much as 80%. Likewise, they affect consumer buying behaviour depending on the type of product.

Select Colors That Match Your Brand and Product

It is seen from the psychology of colours in advertising that red colour, which means passion and strength, attracts attention by creating a sense of urgency. The knowledge of such subtleties allows for the proper selection of colours. They must match your brand personality and inspire appropriate emotions.

Keep the Brand Color Palette Uniform

Consistency is key when you play with colours to craft your custom boxes and packaging. It builds a consistent and recognisable brand identity, which encourages consumer trust. Thus, you can see that big and old brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola use the same colours as they did in the past. 

6. Typography and Fonts

Brand communication is an important aspect of packaging. Typography can serve you well in this regard. Consider the following practices for this purpose:

Choose Fonts That Fit with Your Brand’s Personality

It is true that aligning your fonts with how you want to portray your brand improves recognition. Also, you can use it to give a unique style to your boxes. This plays a major role in brand attributes and objectives. Likewise, you can use it to make your brand unique.

Ensure Readability from a Distance

You need to add text to your custom packaging. Maintaining the readability of your content on these boxes is crucial. In terms of the design, proper practices that dictate the choice of fonts are crucial. They will serve the purpose of consistency. Likewise, you should think about the size and colour scheme of the text. This guarantees efficient information transfer even from a distance.

You must apply the power of typography. You can use it for branding. Consider it for personality, recall, and legibility for any given typeface. The choice of fonts can play a huge part in brand communication.

7. Imagery and Graphics

In crafting a compelling brand presence through imagery and graphics, consider the following best practices:

Use Images that Say a Thousand Words

It is necessary to use good images that will tell your brand or product story. Goods with related images get 94% more views than those without. Besides, visual content that narrates has a more captivating and relatable effect on the audience.

Use Graphics that Promote Brand Communication

Graphics are critical to present your brand messages the way you like. Studies suggest that using branded visuals makes the brands more recognisable by 80%. The regular use of graphics reinforces both the overall brand image and message.

Ensure that the visuals connect with your intended audience

Knowing your audience is crucial to selling more. As per research conducted by marketing specialists, visuals that resonate with the audience are 43% more effective in converting leads. You should analyse your audience preferences. Also, you need to adjust the visual content. It is essential for you to design your graphics. You need to do so on a regular basis. It will serve you well to make long-term engagement.

8. Interactive Elements

By adding interactive features to packaging, getting more customer engagement is easy. People like to see them on the boxes of products they wish to buy. Here are key insights and methods to attain this target easily:

Add Interactive Elements Creatively

Nowadays, the use of interactive packaging is the demand of the day. It includes QR codes and augmented reality. With such features in mind, brands can attract more customers and make the whole shopping experience hassle-free. So, they are vital for you.

Encourage Customer Engagement Via Packaging

The use of interactive elements creates a distinct customer journey. QR codes can enhance the customer experience and loyalty to brand creation and recognition. So, you need to add them to your custom packaging.

Add Value to the Overall Experience

QR technology with augmented reality is the most advanced form of data insight. It encourages customer engagement and brand loyalty. The benefits of these elements are many that you can’t ignore. Some of them are: 

  • Delivering useful info. 
  • Increased customer engagement. 
  • Support your brand communication. 
  • Making the buying experience simple. 

That’s why you can observe their usage in the product packaging of goods. They are used in the shipping boxes as well. 

Key Takeaways

Use Packaging to Influence Customers:  Packaging plays an important role in consumer behaviour; up to 94% of consumers are trusting a brand based on its packaging.
Examine Buying Behaviour:  According to estimates, 81% of consumers have tried new things. It is because the box that attracted their attention made them do so. It proves how important packaging is for sales. 
Craft Unique Shapes:  You have to craft unique shapes as they will catch the instant attention of the viewers. Yet, you should never go for odd shapes as they are not catchy. Using special shapes can make the observer’s impulse buy.
Ensure to use Attractive Colours Properly:  Using attractive colours precisely will grab instant attention. Colours can lure customers. At the same time, they can show certain messages to the viewers.  
Typography and Fonts:  Using specific fonts and typography is essential. If you utilise them creatively, you can tell your product’s specs and brand story easily. They play a vital role in making your products stand out and enhancing your brand identity. 
Visual Elements:  Adding visual elements to your packaging is vital to entice more users. They add certain functionality as well to make their buying experience simple.



The packaging industry will change in 2024 and in the coming years. So, companies have to arrange their packaging supplies in UK accordingly. Keeping a keen eye on the latest trends is crucial. The future of packaging is shifting towards minimalistic designs and green practices. You must think about adaptable packaging. It is also crucial as consumer preferences evolve. Users are influenced by the trust they have in a brand. So, making packaging oriented towards recent consumer trends is helpful for you.

Use various A/B and or monadic testing methods for continuous refinement of custom packaging designs. They result in finding the right specific data on each concept. Also, they are good for effective iteration.

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