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How to Customize Affordable Product Boxes for Your Business Needs?

How to Customize Affordable Product Boxes for Your Business Needs?


Inflation is hiking up like never before and businessmen are trying to find ways to make a strong first impression on customers. Finding affordable, customizable product boxes to fit your business needs can be a challenge. But it is worth the effort to make your business stand out.

Custom product boxes not only protect your products in transit, they also represent your brand. Because, plain brown boxes don’t make much of an impression, while custom printed boxes immediately click in the customer’s mind where the parcel comes from.

We also offer an additional branding touchpoint to reinforce your message with our affordable mailer boxes wholesale. Include your logo, website, or other brand identifiers that leave an impression and help customers remember you. So, let’s explore tips on customizing inexpensive product boxes perfect for your business.

How to Find Affordable Product Boxes for Your Brand and Business?

From bubble mailers to rigid boxes, there are many styles of product packaging to choose from. Here are tips for sourcing cost-effective boxes that can also be customized:

●     Buy Simple Standard Boxes in Bulk

Plain brown boxes ordered in bulk are the most budget-friendly option. Look for deals on large quantities of mailing boxes. The more you buy, the lower the per unit price will be. Stock up on a variety of common sizes that fit your most popular products.

●     Shop Wholesale Packaging Companies

Big box packaging wholesalers like Viveprinting UK offer a huge selection of boxes, mailers, and tubes at wholesale prices. Look for bulk quantity pricing but lower minimums so you can test boxes.

●     Use Free USPS Boxes

If shipping domestically, the US Postal Service provides free Priority Mail boxes. They offer dozens of sizes from small envelopes up to large boxes. Branded USPS boxes have some limitations but get your products in the mail for free.

●     Check Local Classifieds

People moving workplaces or homes often have extra boxes to get rid of. Browse local classified ads and social media groups to find people giving away free boxes in your area. Pick them up quickly before others claim them.

Customizing Your Product Packaging at Inexpensive Costs

Customizing Your Product Packaging at Inexpensive Costs

Once you’ve sourced inexpensive packaging, it’s time to customize it to match your brand. Here are budget-friendly ways to print and decorate plain boxes:

●     Print Your Own Labels

The easiest and most affordable way to custom product boxes is by printing your own labels or stickers to adhere to plain boxes. Create a branded label design on your computer. Print on sticker paper using an affordable home printer.

●     Use Custom Tape

Printed tape is another easy way to decorate plain boxes with your logo or brand name. Just stick your custom printed tape along the seams of blank packaging.

●     DIY with Stencils or Stamps

Get creative and make your own stencils or stamps to decorate boxes. Cut simple stencils from cardboard to spray paint designs. Carve eraser stamps to ink brand logics. Add artistic flair without paying for printing.

●     Order Small Batches of Custom Boxes

For more professional results, look into companies that print very small runs of custom boxes. Although costlier than blank bulk boxes, low minimum print runs like 10-50 boxes won’t break the bank.

●     Ask About Box Samples

Before committing to a large order from a custom box printing company, ask for free box samples. Most printers will provide a complimentary sample so you can see print quality and material options first.

●     Scaling Up Your Packaging

As your business grows, invest more into your custom printed packaging. Here are some upgrades to consider:

  • High-resolution logo printing
  • Spot UV or foil accents
  • Embossing or debossing
  • Die-cut handles and windows
  • Inserts like foam, dividers, or tissue paper
  • Matching tape, stickers, and labels

Unique packaging represents your brand and delights customers when they receive your products. Take time to test out inexpensive boxes and fun customization techniques from Viveprinting UK. With a little creativity, you can build memorable packaging that tells your brand’s story.


What are the benefits of custom product boxes?

Product boxes help promote brand awareness through unique packaging. They allow customers to instantly recognize your company.

How can I get custom mailer boxes wholesale?

There are many creative DIY techniques to decorate standard boxes on a budget. Try options like custom printed labels, branded tape, stencils, stamps, etc. Or order an affordable small run of custom mailer boxes Wholesale

What types of boxes are best for shipping products?

It depends on your specific products. Rigid cardboard boxes or thick mailers work well for protecting breakable items. For soft goods, poly bags or padded envelopes may suffice. Make sure boxes are sized appropriately.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom printed boxes?

Minimum quantities vary amongst printing companies. Many can accommodate orders as low as 100 boxes.

Should my boxes include any other branding elements besides my logo?

Yes, surely! Consider including your company name, slogan, website, social media, imagery, etc. Reinforce your brand on all sides of the box for maximum impact.

How do I design an effective box template for my products?

Focus on minimal, clean designs for custom boxes. Emphasize key brand elements like color schemes, logos, and text size. Make sure to leave spaces and test box styles with product samples.

What finishing options can make my boxes stand out?

Unique finishes like spot UV, metallic foils, embossing, and debossing help Custom boxes stand out. Even simple touches like matte or glossy varnish make a difference.

Should I put product descriptions or instructions on my product boxes?

Decide if you want your packaging to be informative or more focused on branding. Product information can be helpful for customers but may clutter your box design.

How can I save money when ordering custom printed boxes?

Order high volumes to lower costs, use free USPS boxes when suitable, print your own labels, or keep branding simple by sticking to 1-2 colors.

How do I choose the right box manufacturer for my needs?

Do research to compare prices, minimums, and printing capabilities. Get free samples before placing a full order. Read customer reviews and check if they specialize in the type of box you need.

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