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How Custom Boxes Colours and Shapes Affect User Perception?

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The colours can attract the viewers’ attention easily. That’s why we can see the use of colours everywhere in marketing. Companies use them frequently to influence impulse buying results quickly. They use this technique to establish trust as well. Your chosen colours can change the whole point of view of obtaining the responses. Around 90% of instant product judgments are based on wholesale custom boxes alone. Thus, using them cleverly in your packaging can elicit different responses from your target audience. 

The main purpose of using them in the packaging is to play with emotions. Therefore, if you need to excite your customers, use red. It is awesome when you wish to present some offers. You should use blue as it will create trust. Their common usage can be seen on the water bottle labels to evoke trust in the brand. As most products are in packaging, an attractive colour scheme is vital.

Big brands like McDonalds and Coca-Cola are using the same technique. You can observe their bold and strong colour combinations in their colour pallets and logos. Thus, you should use it as a dominant design cue as it will influence your customers’ thinking.

Using Custom Boxes Colours and Shapes to Lure Customers

Never Ignore Their Power of Visual Appeal

The colour and shape of packaging play a vital role in shaping consumer opinion. Your boxes should contain various visual elements. They must be capable of triggering emotions. Also, ensure that they will create an unforgettable first sight. It is helpful for brands wanting to reach their target market and customers.

2. Psychology of colours used in packaging.

Colours carry a lot of psychological effects. They can greatly affect consumer behaviour. For instance, warm tones such as red and orange might instil vigour and enthusiasm in someone. In contrast, cool shades such as blue or green will show peacefulness and reliability. These brands, therefore, select colours to arouse emotions. Also, they will build harmony between the product and the consumer. 

3. Packaging Shapes and Creating Brand Identity.

The wholesale custom packaging boxes also reflect the company’s image due to their shape. It enables items to build their uniqueness and distinctiveness shapes. They will set them apart on shelves. Thus, it makes it easy for users to recognize them. Its forms may also tell what type of personality a brand portrays. You can use it to show your brand’s classy-modern or classic-reliable characteristics.

4. Cultural Influences on Colour Perception

Different colours may embody different ideas of various cultures. You should use them cleverly to see how users understand a product they buy. For example, while Western cultures may see white as a symbol of purity, one may relate the same colour to mourning when coming from certain Eastern countries. It is also vital for a brand to an audience to avoid unintended misunderstandings. Brands can achieve this goal by knowing such cultural nuances.

5. Use of colour combinations in packaging. 

You have to think about your storage boxes for shelves ‘ colour scheme a lot. It can enhance visual attractiveness in no time. Also, it will add meaning to your products. You can combine complementary colours. They give rise to conspicuity. Also, they can draw attention instantly. You should also consider analogy as it makes uniformness. A brand may emphasise certain product attributes through careful colour combinations. It should be done to direct the customer’s attention.

6. Colour-based gender navigation in packaging.

At times, colour has connotations related to gender stereotypes. There is no doubt that it is a traditional idea. For instance, pink represents femininity, and blue signifies manliness. Yet, changing social norms are challenging these images and colours. Brands increasingly use colours that can reach bigger audiences and get them away from old habits. They are trying to change it.

7. Adapting Packaging Colours and Shapes to Market Trends

The consumer tastes and the packaging designs are continuously changing. Brands must always be responsive to the changes within their markets. Also, they must adjust their colour palettes and overall box shapes. They have to do so to stay current and remain as fresh and appealing as possible. The flexibility of skincare packaging makes it an attractive proposition that still appeals to users who keep evolving with age and time.

8. Effects of colour temperature in shaping perceptions.

Warm and cool temperatures of colours elicit certain feelings about the objects in which you use them. Also, they are perceived by buyers. Red and yellow are warm colours. Thus, they usually invoke some feeling of urgency or passion. On the other hand, blue and green are cool colours. They suggest calmness and dependability. Emotion-oriented consumer experience can be enhanced by recognising how colour temperature plays a role in packaging alignment. You need to know how to achieve the right feelings about the brand by using them.

9. Packaging Colours and Seasonal Trends

Colours have seasons, too. An ongoing and relevant design for your carton box for packing would be achievable by aligning it with seasonal colour trends. For instance, warm, earthy colours may feel right during autumn, whereas vibrant or pastel colours would suit well in spring. You should align your colours according to the festival. Thus, using Green and Red for Christmas is helpful to make your items stand out.

You have to adjust your box according to seasonal trends. It guarantees that it is always visually attractive and relates to the consumers at different times of the year.

Wrapping up

Creating an attractive design for your boxes is vital. However, it is not limited to aesthetically pleasing packaging only. You need to use packaging psychology to influence your target audience. It will make your customers buy your items instantly.

This is where Viveprinting UK comes in. We are here to take your packaging design to the next level. Our main goal is to create the boxes that will effectively promote your brand.

With our unique, attractive, and print custom boxes solutions, improving your brand’s packaging game will no longer be an issue. You can rely on us to leave a lasting impression on your target customers.

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