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How to Design Custom Boxes for Christmas to Sell More

Christmas sale on custom boxes


When it comes to Christmas gift-giving, you must think about your gift’s outer side. Here is what catchy packaging can do for you. The outside of your gift must be as special as what you put inside. A festive season is a great opportunity for every business to glorify its brand identity. However, the process of gift packaging is more than just using a catchy design. Going the extra mile is essential for you when it comes to Custom Boxes for Christmas for 2023 to convert your products into gifts. Sales during this festive season in the UK are 84.17 billion Pounds in the year 2021. In 2022, it was 82.2 billion British pounds. It is expected that the retail sales during Christmas will be around 84.9 billion British pounds in 2023. It will show a 3.3% increase.

It can serve you well to build customer loyalty and boost your brand. It is true, especially if you are in a small business world. No matter what kind of business you run, using top packaging ideas is the demand of the day. They will be useful in designing a box that instantly attracts your target audience.

Custom Boxes for Christmas Ideas to Transform Products into Gifts

Here are some unique, attractive, catchy Christmas packaging ideas 2023 that will serve you well and boost your sales.

Nature’s Beauty Gift Wrap:

Adding some nature-oriented touches will make your Christmas presents attractive and unique. Go for nature-derived packaging materials. They include Kraft paper and use natural ties made of twine. To add a dash of flavour, throw in some pine needles or cinnamon sticks and make it a more Christmasy mix. It allows you to present a gift and is friendly to nature.

Use earthy colours like natural green, brown, and more for a balanced look. Add a little personality with used cardboard gift labels. This packaging is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. It is true, especially for the festive seasons. If you want it in bulk, go for the Christmas sale on custom boxes offered by Viveprinting UK.  

Homemade Fabric Magic:

Make your Christmas presents classy and unique with cloth wrapping. Choose festive materials like plaid, holly prints, or burlap for that cosy feeling. Not just on appearance, you will use fabric, making it reusable. Also, it will minimise waste.

Be innovative; add DIY fabric ornaments and miniature wreaths to the boxes. Add a short guide on reusing the cloth for other crafts projects or repurposing the scrap. It enables you to incorporate an element of a green twist to make your gift-giving unique and special. Let the hard work that went into creating these textile creations show the world how one can enjoy an act of giving.

Custom Boxes for Christmas

Practical and Reusable Design:

Go ahead and design your boxes. While designing them, consider their practicality and usability. Design special custom boxes for Christmas decorated with Christmas images. They are useful for gift-giving or storage purposes.

It creates value in the customers’ minds, increasing the chances of selecting your brand packaging for its thoughtfulness and versatility. This approach creates a favourable link between the customers and your brand. They can use the packaging for more than just the original purchase.

Creative Upcycled Magic:

For your custom boxes for christmas, plunge into upcycling. Also, you must use unique materials. An interesting touch would be repurposing old maps, sheet music, and comic book pages. It also enhances uniqueness but avoids wastage. It complies with sustainability.

Promote the idea of a do-it-yourself (DIY). It shows how recipients can transform the box into seasonal decorations, handmade gifts, and ornaments. It is advisable to use reusable materials. They include fabric ribbons and cloth wraps to give an extra green twist. Prove there are no boundaries of creativity, and the fun that comes with giving can be outside of the wrapping.

Puzzle Fun Boxes: 

Make Christmas packaging tricky with puzzles. You can do it by adding another layer of mystery and fun. Go for wrappers featuring puzzle patterns. Also, you may personalise them so that recipients solve them. In addition, it makes the process more interesting. So, it lasts longer during the joy of surprise when opening up different packaging.

Put tiny hints and riddles in your packaging telling receivers how to do it. Try with recycled puzzles and other toys. They would help to save the earth and could become extra amusement for holidays. Make your gift-giving an exciting venture. It can change every box into an inviting puzzle to unwrap. 

Charming Window Boxes:

Add magic through window boxes, offering glimpses into the festive treats within. Go for bright and translucent boxes to let the recipients peek at the gift even before fully unveiling it.

Add fairy lights inside the box or around the gift to increase the magic. It also acts as a decoration and gives a sense of magic. Finish the visual experience with a personalised message or a small gift. Turn unwrapping into an enjoyable and suspenseful activity.

Timeless Vintage Elegance:

Make your customers travel back to the past with vintage-inspired wholesale custom packaging boxes. Opt for traditional hues such as gold, silver, or dark red. For classic elegance, go for vintage patterns such as damask and lace.

Finish the style with some old kind gift tickets and silver ribbons or bows. This packaging brings nostalgic feelings and makes them look even richer for the gift-giving occasion. Ask recipients to utilise the box for their festive decorations and thus keep on spreading the holiday mood.

Cultural Fusion Delight: 

Briefly discuss what was culturally inspired about your packaging. Also, think about the global practices. Pack it with little cultural icons or symbols to give this an added educational yet artistic touch. Packaging experiences that showcase different cultures and the beauty of unity in diversity.

You must for some cultural fusion delight. To achieve celebrations:

  1. Use different ethnic aspects in your Christmas wrapping sheets.
  2. Use a variety of motifs from other cultures to make a colourful Christmas cloth.
  3. Choose colours that signify what they represent in their culture.


Christmas is an awesome opportunity for every brand to produce great profits. Now, you have the Christmas packaging ideas 2023. Use them to take your brand to the next level. You can create magic by using some ideology in the elements for Christmas gift box designs.

If you want superb custom boxes for Christmas that instantly grab your customers’ attention, consider the services of Viveprinting UK. We offer the most excellent printing and packaging solutions, ideal for converting your products into gifts. 

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