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How to Stand Out on Amazon with Custom Packaging

How to Stand Out on Amazon with Custom Packaging


Custom packaging designed according to brand values can be a powerful tool to stand out on Amazon. Meanwhile, ordinary product packaging is often overlooked. In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, standing out on Amazon is crucial for all businesses to attract customers and make sales.

Your customized rigid box packaging can turn all your goals into achievements with more sales and maximum ROI. It is estimated that over 5 million sellers on Amazon don’t think much outside the box. In this way, your packaging is a great way to make your brand and products more recognizable and momentous.

10 Ways to Stand Out on Amazon with Custom Boxes

With a huge crowd of competitors in the e-commerce market, you cannot grab customers without offering something special to them. Thus, you can use enticing and captivating custom packaging to make products look different from others.

Following are some amazing ways in which your worthy products can stand out on Amazon:

Use Brand-Oriented Packaging and Inserts

Adding your logo and brand-reelected colors on your shipping boxes is key for better brand awareness. Your customers can identify your products at the moment when customers open their delivery boxes.

Especially in the case of Amazon, where products come from many sellers in the warehouse, your branded packaging and inserts separate your products from competitors.

Prefer to Choose Rigid Boxes Over Bags

Plastic bubble mailers or poly bags are the cheapest shipping option. However rigid custom boxes add perceived value and a premium feel to your products. The unboxing experience is much better with a sturdy box than with an ordinary bag. Rigid boxes also offer better protection against damages during transit. It’s very important for fragile items like electronics, glassware, and ceramics.

Use Custom Packaging According to Retail Style

You can add an accurate type of customization in your packaging boxes for your products at a retail store. For example, shoeboxes for footwear, creative folding cartons for apparel, and alluring packaging for gift-like products. With such packaging according to your retail store, you can show the effort and care you put into your products.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Customers are more conscious about sustainability and prefer to reduce their carbon footprints. Using eco-friendly packaging materials like 100% recycled cardboard can show your sustainable values. For this, you have to avoid excessive plastics. They can not only give a better environment but can also improve the brand image as eco-friendly.

Add Creative Shapes and Textures

Plain square or rectangular-shaped boxes are now becoming boring and predictable. You can use unique shapes, sizes, textures, embossing, foiling, and other custom embellishments. This could include a cylindrical tube for posters and a triangular prism box. Creative shapes of custom packaging boxes with logo make unpacking more exciting.

Add Inserts for Product Information

Add Inserts for Product Information

Your customers cannot know everything about the product before opening them. Include user manuals and instructions in the box where required. This helps the customer fully enjoy their products after delivery, especially for new kitchen appliances, baby toys, furniture kits, and craft supplies.

Give Discounts Offers to Improve Sales

You can include coupon codes inside packaging valid for a discount on future purchases to pay thanks to your customers. This incentive can win repeat sales if customers have a positive first experience. Thus, you can drive more future sales while making unboxing more interesting.

Use Tamper-Evident Seals

You can ensure the safety of your packaging boxes through security seals, tamper-proof tape, or numbered pull tabs. It will indicate that your packaging has not been opened before delivery. This prevents worries that a product has been used or damaged.

Offer Free Samples or Giveaways

A small complimentary gift or giveaway can delight your customers and make them feel valued. Free samples related to your new products, like cosmetic samples with a makeup purchase can help your new products to stand out. Even a small gift like a branded pen, magnet, or sticker can help to form a positive memory.

Ensure Protection During Shipping

Your efforts for custom packaging will not matter if an item arrives damaged. Therefore, you have to use proper interior cushions like soft bubble wrap, air pockets, and some crumpled paper to protect your delicate products during the shipment process. Meanwhile, durable packaging boxes with waterproofing are also essential during long-distance shipping.

How to Choose a Best Packaging Partner

To create the best and most affordable custom packaging that helps your products stand out, you have to collaborate with the best packaging design company or manufacturer. Moreover, you have to ensure that your packaging partner is experienced and specializes in e-commerce and Amazon.

Here are some key tips while designing packaging:

Optimize for Product Size and Weight

You have to make a balance between protecting and optimizing box size and weight. An extra large or heavy packaging will significantly increase your shipping costs. So, ask your partner to make the right-size packaging.

Follow All Amazon’s Guidelines

To get the best custom packaging UK for Amazon, you have to follow its guidelines. You have to fulfill all requirements like packaging dimensions, materials, and labeling to stand out on Amazon. So, make sure your packaging follows the standards to avoid issues.

Consider Production Capacity or Scalability

You have to choose a partner and work with one that allows your flexible ordering and can fulfill your growing order volume. It has to be fulfilled cost-effectively.

More Focus on Branding

Choose a packaging company that keeps the visuals, printing, and inserts focused to stand out your products with a better brand identity. These packaging boxes are valuable to tell your brand story.

Wrap Up

While wrapping up this discussion, it is clear that unique and branded packaging helps you to differentiate your business on Amazon. It helps you to deliver an exceptional and momentous unboxing experience to your customers. Thus, it builds recognition for your brand.

When you make investments in your custom packaging, it shows that you are serious about your e-commerce presence. Moreover, you are more conscious about your customer experiences. In this way, you can tell people about your brand on Amazon. So, let’s delight your Amazon customers and drive more sales focusing on the discussed tips!

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