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How to Use Custom Product Boxes to Reflect Your Brand

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Good packaging is an essential attribute of successful products. It would help to go for clear, attractive designs that inspire consumers to buy. Also, it makes your brand more prominent. First impressions of your product always matter. Custom product boxes act as a story-telling tool. It is widely used to show who you are. Also, you can use it to communicate and engage shoppers in person.

For this reason, the only choice for today’s consumers is to check the packaging of an item they wish to buy. It is because they have to face growing options and decisions.

The effect of packaging on consumer behaviour is significant these days. Around 67% of British feel that packaging design is vital in purchasing. Also, 75% of consumers feel that making a gift in a lovely box is essential.

Thus, it significantly affects users’ perception of a product’s quality. Hence, its value is at the top these days.

Custom Product Boxes to Reflect Your Brand

A corrugated cardboard box for sale is a door through which the users see the quality of products. It portrays an impression of worth, genuineness, and minute details.

Use the Magic of Colours 

Colours should trigger emotional responses and touch on psychological triggers. A person decides whether to buy a particular item in less than 90 seconds. It’s worth pointing out that up to 62% to 90% of this evaluation depends solely on colour. Undoubtedly, products’ colours have a vital role. They may convey familiar ideas about your product. Moreover, they can influence the customer’s thoughts reflected in their feelings.

For example, red is related to stimulating, exciting, and active. It represents products linked with motion, including appetite. Use shades suitable for a correct tone (mood). Also, they should inform users about your product.

Protection and Practicality

Custom product boxes extend beyond aesthetics. Also, they affect a product’s perceived quality. Excellent packaging ensures that the product will be sent safely to the shop. Likewise, it will go to the client in a perfect state. A top packaging vendor like Viveprinting UK can pick specific sizes and colours with them. They will match the item’s sizes and consider how delicate it might be. This process will minimise the risks of any damages in transit. This attention to the minutest details strengthens this view of the brand as striving for excellence.

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Shaping Perception 

The shape of your boxes also plays a crucial role in influencing users. Sharp and angular shapes are viewed as energising, rugged and robust. But curved shapes signify warmth, affability, friendliness and harmony. You should use words cleverly as well. Words bitter, salty, and sour are connected with angular shapes. The first attribute of sweetness is linked with a rounded shape, while the second attribute is associated with height.

In the case of the identical citrus-seasoned yoghurt, offering in circular or rectangular form is ideal. Still, the content remains the same. But it is true that users automatically sense sweeter from a rounded box and sour from a rectangular one.

Similar results have been reported for cheese as well. People link circular and organically shaped cheese packs as mild and creamy in taste. On the other hand, they correlate an angular or asymmetrical cheese shape as solid and intense in taste. So, it implies that the cheese packaging with a mild flavour profile will call for round or organic-shaped boxes. Don’t underestimate the power of shapes to influence your target audience.

Built The Power of First Impressions 

One often encounters products on the market through their packaging. It is because the rivalry in retail is highly intense. Custom packaging boxes shape this first impression. In them, design, choice of colours, and materials should convey an impression of the quality and care you took to craft it. Research has also stated that users believe lovely, well-designed packaging reflects a good-quality product. Also, customisation enables brands to offer a distinct brand name. It stands out on a shelf and grabs consumers’ attention.

Use The Dual Functionality of Custom Packaging

These boxes can serve you many functions. They do not only beautify the product but also ensure that it remains in prime condition. It’s as if you are talking about a friend who is fashionable and practical at the same time. The two purposes they serve are the appearance (style) and the performance (stuff). 

Elicit positive emotions from Your Target Audience

Packaging influences how consumers view a specific product’s quality. Indeed, most of the buying decisions are emotionally driven. That’s why luxury brands spend time on expensive boxes. They do so to give the impression of indulging in something exclusive. Their practice shows some glamour in the products. Evoking positive feelings about it leaves the brand message and builds customer loyalty.

Building Brand Trust Through Customization

Custom Boxes are aesthetic and a means of creating relationships based on trust. Users consider the product a brand that takes care of the image. This investment implies that quality goes into the making of the product and extends right up to its delivery. Likewise, some boxes give out specific info about the brand’s message, the benefits of the product and how it is used. It strengthens the bond between the consumer and the brand.

Use Customisation in Your Favour

Do you know why customisation should be considered an astute brand investment? Consider the opportunity to think about a brand’s customisation as a wise choice. Use it to stand out in this sea of products. Packaging need not be an aesthetic move alone. Customised packaging is a wise investment, not just for marketing purposes. It is what brands do to draw attention and stay in mind. People should think about you that “it’s not simply another brand; it is the brand that cares about your experience.” Such an approach is reasonably practical because most products or services compete to capture users’ attention in the current market. Additionally, this enables the brand to leave a long-lasting impression.

Harnessing all the charms in a box is vital in a world where a brand can live or die by a first impression. At Viveprinting UK, we know that packaging influences consumers’ perceptions of the quality of the products. We specialise in making Custom product boxes. They are designed to make a unique statement with colourful prints or creative structures. As we work on every tiny detail, these factors will enhance your company’s brand image.

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