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Custom Packaging


Packaging has always been essential for any business. Whether it has a brick-and-mortar store or online marketers. But, the need for custom packaging has increased rapidly, especially after the covid outbreak. 

You must hear “Appearance rules the world.” And “Your best appearance may be what is most remembered about you; don’t leave home without it.

How will you evolve a stunning and unforgettable brand to uplift your business to a successive peak?

Let’s discuss what makes custom packaging boxes different from generic packaging.

Stock, general or generic packaging is already available in bulk in the market. It is something your product might fit into. But you will need to be sure about the safety of your product. At the same time, your customers will forget who you are and to whom they have bought that product.

What if they want to rebuy something from you? Or how will they get back to you? How will you make sure your customers will keep you remember?

On the contrary, custom packaging allows you to select the type and size of boxes for your product. You can imprint your company’s logo, name, email and other vital details. Custom Logo Packaging Boxes give you the edge to stand out. And your customer can recognize your brand at first glance.

You can ensure your product’s protection and use it as a marketing tool for your brand.

It has been an old proverb that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; now, people are more educated and realistic. If something attracts them and they understand it is worthy, they will think to buy it. 

Hence, your aesthetical and customer-centric packaging plays well in business and marketing.

Is custom packaging good for large businesses or suitable for small businesses and new ventures?

Let’s have some insights into how customization can benefit your business. And clear some orthodox concepts.

Is customization going to add a financial burden to your budget?

If it’s so, you should not opt for custom packaging. But first, let’s check the pros and cons.

It’s an old norm that you must pay the additional cost when placing a first order for cutting dies and printing plates. These tools are used to print and cut the unique design of your packaging and are referred to as “tooling“.

Luckily you do not have to pay any extra amount, which is suitable for small businesses and new ventures.

Now modern technology has made it easy you do not need to hassle any more for your unique design. Choose die-cut, window-cut, gable boxes, pillow boxes, kraft or mailer boxes, whatever you find best for your product.

With it, if you are customizing your packaging and designing, you are paying attention to the needs and requirements of your product and clients. 

Check what other benefits it will add to your business.

  • It will stand you out from the rest.
  • Make your brand memorable.
  • Help you to retain your customers.
  • You can grab the attention of your new customers.
  • Your audience will be your unpaid ambassador.
  • It is your free advertising and marketing tool.

When are you getting all these benefits? How will custom packaging be burdensome? It is, instead, a smart budget-friendly choice.

Why is it worth investing in Custom Packaging Boxes?

Why is it worth investing in Custom Packaging Boxes?

“A bad worker quarrels with his tools.” Custom Packaging Boxes are of immense benefit if you use them properly. If you not, then you will ask the same question is it good to invest in custom packaging?

How often happens to us that we go to buy something but do not have any idea of the brand? Naturally, our mind will get attracted towards things that are colourful and packed beautifully. 

And many times, we buy something out of our budget because of its attractive packaging.

If your packaging is helping you to boost your sales, then it’s a good deal. By all means, your professionally designed packaging will stand you out prominently.

It will increase your brand’s appearance and enhance your brand’s recognition. At the same time, it will establish a bond between your clients and the product. It will add the next level to the beauty of your product.

The global Custom Packaging Boxes market is set to reach a valuation of US$ 5.7 Bn in 2022. Demand is projected to increase at a CAGR of 4.7% over the forecast period, reaching US$ 9.0 Bn by 2032.

What is the need for professional design when you can order simple or unprinted boxes?

It’s a tricky question; yes, you can order and buy simple unprinted boxes at a low cost. Then why should you go for a professional design? What value is it going to add to your product?

Do you want your product to stand out? Do you want to avoid grabbing the attention of your customers? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want your product to be set at the end corner of the shelf in a store waiting to expire? 

If your answer is NO, pay attention to your packaging design. It is your design that, when used with the art of technology, can make your brand memorable. You have plenty of options available in the market, including copper/silver/gold foiling, embossing, debossing, lamination, and what’s not.

You can create a design using free tools, but are you sure your design will cope with the challenging market? Where every company is introducing something different from another.

Last time, I visited a store where a butter container grabbed my attention; its lid was designed like a knife. The material was sturdy. It was meeting the need of the client and making the product different in a new dimension.

I was amused and admired the creativity of the designer. I was still determining the taste and company, but the design was terrific.

You can customize your design the same way, but please don’t stick to this example but see it as an opportunity. 

There are many ways to twist your product design. The more creativity you can bring to your design, the different you will be in the market.

Do you find custom packaging a fit for your social presence?

Do you find custom packaging a fit for your social presence?

Social presence in this era is vital for every business. It can kill or give life to your business. In an online business, you need the option to showcase your products. You have to be dependent on the Reviews of your clients.

Will they leave positive feedback if they receive a broken or damaged product?

Can it excite them if they find a black, white, or brown paper-wrapped product?

Obviously No

Then please pay attention to the Public Reputation of your product. Give your product and customer the worth they deserve.

Lead your targeted audience to reach you on your website and social account. Further, change what you find suitable for your brand and audience.

Adding a bar code or QR code on your product is another wise option for the growth and promotion of your brand.

In every way, you will admire the benefits of customization of your product packaging.

Personal touch:

Giving a personal touch to your Custom Packaging Boxes. It will help you to build strong relationships with your customers. You can add a thank you note. 

Adding value-added items like a pen, tissue paper, or a small notepad will make your customers part of your brand.

Remember, standard packaging does not have the same punch as custom packaging.

Let’s sum it up:

Undoubtedly, custom packaging enables you to come closer to understanding your product and customers. Packaging design has a tringle relationship which depends on Customers, Products and Brands.

If you are following the rules of printing and packaging and getting services from a team of professionals like viveprinting, you won’t repent. 

These factors will determine the success or failure of your product.

Remember that your client is the one who has the right to give priority to your brand over your competitor.

  • Understand to whom you are designing your packaging? Learn about their thoughts, fear and desires.
  • What are you selling?
  • What makes you different from your competitor?

Do your best and let your Packaging design do the rest for you. Eventually it will lead you to positive ROI by attracting more leads. 😊

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