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Luxury and Robust Stocks for Drawer Box Packaging

Luxury and Robust Stocks for Drawer Box Packaging


The size of the packaging market is projected to be USD 1.14 trillion in 2024, with a forecasted growth to USD 1.38 trillion by 2029 at a CAGR of 3.89%. 

Every brand wishes to have luxurious packaging that is where personalised drawer box packaging comes in. It is also known by the name of pull-out boxes. It is considered as one of the most demanding packaging boxes for gift packaging to give a special feel to your loved ones. It gives customers an amazing unboxing experience, it can hold the products very nicely in a presentable manner. With a unique front slider option of the box you can entice the customers. It is easy to open with a smooth pull. It is the perfect choice for several products. 

Inspire your customers with remarkable drawer box packaging: 

The opportunities for how to utilise the extravagance drawer packaging box are unlimited. We know that these packaging boxes are utilised in a wide range of businesses. The box can be totally tweaked however you would prefer and can be impeccably similar to your item. It can be used to wrap luxury products; and jewellery. You can add inserts inside so that the product inside will be comfortable in its specific area. 

Furthermore, it is perfect for cosmetics; lipsticks and many more to present in a luxury manner. It is also suitable for beverages as it can hold a bottle in an eye-catching manner. This box is of great worth as once you have used your products you can reuse the box for storing other items and can be used as a gift packaging box.

Luxury and Robust Stocks for Drawer Box Packaging

Your brand’s items that have to be secured inside the drawer custom corrugated box and also the box’s dimensions influence the material selection. The hefty and huge the box, the higher the grammage of the cardboard, which is adjusted accordingly. 

For a jewellery box, for instance, 800 grams of cardboard will do; however, 400 grams of cardboard is better suited for a large box containing a wine bottle. Paper is applied to the inside and outside of the cardboard to make it more strong. 

You can pick recycled paper for your drawer packaging box. You can demonstrate your awareness of the environment and your efforts to minimise your impact on it in this way. Another option for covering the box is to use 100% sustainable paper. You have the option of providing the embossed paper that is used to paste the box. Embossed paper gives your opulent drawer box a distinctive appearance by pressing a unique pattern into the paper using a roller.

We can provide the boxes with a lamination in addition to the option of printing on sustainable paper. You can use a gloss matte or metallic lamination for this. This shields your box from water splashes and gives it an extra opulent appearance. 

After that, cleaning the box is simple, and damage occurs more slowly. Another option is to choose the velvet touch lamination, which is a luxury option. Your product has a unique appearance thanks to this finish, but it also has a distinctive feel. The box has an opulent, velvety feel. So boost your brand worth with amazing material choices. 

Some Printing Methods for Drawer Packaging Box

You can go with your preferences with printing methods; digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, flexography, and many more. With high-resolution prints and vibrant colours, drawers box packaging can be customised with all branding elements. Logo designs, brand images, taglines and many more options are easy to imprint on the drawer packaging with a dense background. 

Designers know the strategies to play with when adding marketing tactics in your packaging. They make sure that every time they create innovative and creative masterpieces. If you want to make it more enticing you can go with additional printing details; inside box printing ways that can be any creative line or a personalised message for your loved ones. 

These packaging boxes are considered one of the most elite-class packaging and thus require luxury finishing options. You can go with hot stamping in which a shiny gloss look with an amazing colour scheme is applied to the box. You can go with metallic choices gold, copper, silver, or rose gold options. With such mesmerising choices, you can portray your logo to stand uniquely in the market. Embossing or debossing the logo on it gives the perfect elegance. 

Inserts to Make a Comfortable Placement

Providing something extra with custom choices is always a plus. Adding inserts in custom drawer box packaging will increase the worth of your products. It includes a pillow, partitions, velvet layer, cushions and many more to provide a comfort zone to every product. It is made of amazing materials that can hold your product nicely. 

Also you can present more than one product in it just to amaze customers. It restricts the product from moving while shipping and ensures security features. Make the right decision while picking packaging boxes for your expensive products as there are many customisation choices for every industry. 

Summing Up:

With a broad range of luxury drawer box packaging you can stand apart in the market. No need to worry, just pick what your products require and keep your target audience in mind. Make every step easy for a productive solution.

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