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The Psychology of Custom Packaging Guide – 2024

Custom Packaging Guide - 2024


Before understanding the psychology of custom packaging, it is vital to understand the background of packaging. 

It is assessed that glass and wood packaging have been used for something like 5000 years. In 1823, the very first British bloke, Peter Durand, got the patent for metal packaging produced using sheet metal “canister”. Twofold sewed three harmonies that started to be used in 1900.

In 2024, the worldwide packaging market is estimated at more than $1 trillion and is supposed to continue to develop. In the UK alone, packaging costs around £47 billion. There’s been a major spotlight on supportability, and cost decreases across the business, however, as it creates a great deal of waste.

Stay tuned as we help you to have a great influence on your customers with custom packaging. We hope that it will help your brand to build a strong impact in the audience and to enjoy memorable advantages.                                                                                                                                                               

Better Understanding of Custom Packaging Psychology

Packaging has been used over the years just to protect the goods and make the transit smooth. But in today’s fast-paced world, it is used as a great marketing tool. It has a strong influence on your customers and makes them decide to buy the product immediately. 

The retail packaging boxes that are designed by experts for sure grab the attention when on store shelves. Attractive colours and prints catch your heart vibes easily. It is in the brand’s hands to make appealing packaging to allure every viewer. 

Effects of Packaging on Custom Behaviour

Every brand’s concern is to attract more and more customers with their products and services. However, if these two things are not presented well, customers will never like your brands. So, it is important to focus on a few packaging elements that influence custom behaviour when making buying decisions. Packaging colours, printed images and writing are the key things that every brand should focus on. 

  • Build a Strong Brand Recognition

If your product’s packaging is distinctive and unique from others, your products will attract more viewers and have the heart of every viewer who will shortly become your customers. With such amazing and beguiling custom packaging boxes, you can easily build a strong recognition of your brand. Just imagine if you buy a product with ordinary packaging that is not even exciting and has a flop opening. You will be angry and feel bad about buying such a brand. Keep in mind about the brands you love to buy and think about the packaging they are serving their products in.  

  • Stability in Packaging

Assuming you change your packaging ideas again and again, you could distance your customers. They can never again monitor your image and remember it when they next come to buy from you. 

  • Premium Quality Custom Packaging

The nature of your packaging will influence your customer’s belief about the item once they open it. If you somehow manage to open a premium box with an embossed logo and product image with labels you surely will get the quality product inside. But if you open a reused ordinary box you will definitely get a low-quality product. 

  • Customer’s Loyalty

A few clients might partake in the visual stylishness of the item, making a close-to-home connection which will impact their buying choices. They will more probably pardon any item deserts, assuming they genuinely connect to your image and its symbolism. This is what item packaging configuration means for the client’s loyalty.

Incorporating Psychology into Custom Packaging Designs

Once you have decided to incorporate psychological factors in packaging, your brand will surely reach heights. There are some key elements that play a significant role, so we must consider them when designing packaging: Colours, Images, and Typography. Let’s discuss it in detail: 

Custom Packaging Designs


We have done deep research on fascinating colours for your packaging needs that will help your brand to finalise the best choices to add. Every colour is unique and has its own amazing meaning. 


Symbolism: White represents purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. It exudes a sense of minimalism and sophistication.

Ideal Context: Authoritative brands, healthcare institutions, and luxury products often opt for white. Think of high-end skincare lines, premium appliances, or minimalist fashion labels.

Packaging: Clean, white packaging with minimalistic design elements can convey elegance and purity.


Symbolism: Black exudes elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity. It’s a powerful colour associated with luxury and timeless style.

Ideal Context: Luxury brands, high-end fashion, and premium electronics often use black. Think of luxury watches, designer handbags, or sleek smartphones.

Packaging: Matte black packaging with subtle embossing or metallic accents can create a sense of opulence.


Symbolism: Grey reflects authority, maturity, and practicality. It’s neutral and versatile.

Ideal Context: Functional products, automotive accessories, and professional services often use grey. Think of power tools, business software, or consulting firms.

Packaging: Sleek, metallic grey packaging can convey reliability and seriousness.


Symbolism: Red is intense and passionate. It evokes strong emotions like love, excitement, and urgency.

Ideal Context: Food products, especially those meant to trigger appetite, benefit from red. Fast-food chains, candy brands, and energy drinks often incorporate red.

Packaging: Bold red custom mailer boxes can catch attention on supermarket shelves and encourage impulse purchases.


Symbolism: Pink symbolises beauty, femininity, and romance. It’s gentle and inviting.

Ideal Context: Cosmetics, skincare, and fashion brands targeting women often incorporate pink. Think of lipsticks, floral fragrances, or lingerie.

Packaging: Soft pink packaging with elegant typography can enhance the brand’s appeal.


Symbolism: Green is synonymous with nature, growth, and freshness. It evokes feelings of vitality, health, and eco-friendliness.

Ideal Context: Brands that emphasise sustainability, organic products, or environmental consciousness can benefit from green. Think of organic food brands, eco-friendly cleaning products, or outdoor gear companies.

Packaging: Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials, recycled paper, or biodegradable containers to reinforce the green message.


Symbolism: Blue signifies calmness, trust, and reliability. It’s associated with stability and professionalism.

Ideal Context: Medicinal brands, financial institutions, and tech companies often choose blue. Think of pharmaceuticals, banks, or software providers.

Packaging: Light blue or navy packaging can convey a sense of trustworthiness and competence.


Symbolism: Yellow radiates optimism, warmth, and energy. It’s like a burst of sunshine.

Ideal Context: Seasonal products, summer collections, and cheerful brands benefit from yellow. Think of beachwear, lemonade, or sunblock.

Packaging: Bright yellow packaging can evoke feelings of happiness and playfulness.

Remember that colour perception can vary across cultures and individual preferences. Brands should carefully consider their target audience, industry norms, and the emotions they want to evoke when choosing their brand colours. Ultimately, the right colour palette can leave a lasting impression and contribute to a brand’s success.


Images are essential to add on packaging boxes as it displays everything about the brand. Brand logos add a recognition element for customers to differentiate your products from others. Also you can add product related images on it to portray a unique feature. Try to connect with your audience with this marketing tool. 


It is one of the most important things that you have ever considered. Fonts allow your brands to display writings in decent and more visible manners. Use quirky fonts to add fun elements, but don’t make it so that viewers get distracted, and the purpose of writing is of no use. 

Choose decent and standard font styles and sizes to display your brand’s worth. Its placement on custom packaging boxes is also vital so that it will be reading-friendly.

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