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Tips for Creating Affordable Luxury Packaging


Imagine a luxury product without proper packaging! Will you buy the product or not? The answer is never! As people are truly conscious of the package aesthetics, it makes luxury brands a highly profitable niche market for companies. 

According to statistics, the largest part of luxury products’ revenue comes from the fashion industry, making a market volume of US$7.04bn in 2023.

Packaging plays an important role in the brand’s marketing. Usually, people don’t consider it, but this doesn’t seem right. It not only assists in generating revenue, it also adds up to the brand’s marketing. 

If your branding is strong enough, you don’t need any promotional tools for your brand. Here we’ll cover an in-depth analysis of luxury packaging and how you can make this packaging affordable.

What is Luxury Packaging?

Luxury product packaging is a broad industry covering various packaging products. Under this specific packaging category, designing and manufacturing for luxury brands is discussed and reflects the brand’s image. 

Some business owners are willing to spend extra money on the products if the package is aesthetic and elegant and adds to the brand’s marketing value. If the product package gives the consumers a luxury vibe, there’s a great chance of increased product revenue. 

As there is a variety of customization in the packaging products, this increases the product’s worth. Custom luxury packaging is growing rapidly all around the globe.

In the luxury goods market, 30.1% of total revenue will be generated with the help of online sales by 2023.

What things should you consider for luxury packaging?

Giving the same attention to the product package and other branding activities is no longer required now! The reason is the brand’s packaging can overturn the whole advertising game. Simply, if you are thinking of going with luxury product packaging for your products, you must consider the following things:

  • Sound
  • Color scheme
  • Weight
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Easy to open


Feeling confused about why sound should be considered for luxury packaging! The reason is it plays an important role in a customer’s shopping experience. If your brand package has a distinct sound, it will stand out from all other brands. 

Now the question is, what exactly means by the packaging sound? Simply, any kind of sound your product package makes is included in it. This may be the click or zipper’s opening sound. These sounds entirely depend on the material you use in your packaging. Low-pitched, heavy sounds are the best choice for any luxury brand.

French start-up Hipli Solution launched a shipping package in 2019 for their luxury products. The package was made with non-woven PP with zipper closures. This adds revenue to their online sale resulting in a wholesome profit for the brand. 

color schem

Color Scheme

Color schemes also matter in luxury packaging. So you should choose the colors carefully. That’s why you should be conscious while selecting the color schemes. Bright colors are too loud, which makes the luxury package design odd. 

There is no hard and fast rule about the darker shades, but usually, darker shades make up a great collaboration with lighter colors. So considering the brand’s color scheme should be your first priority.


Packaging weight depends on the product’s weight itself. While manufacturing the product package, keep the product in mind. If the product is light in weight, choose lightweight packaging. In case you are selling heavy-weight products, go with the packaging that weighs more. 

This means heavier products require strong packaging that can handle the product easily. But there are brands in the industry that serve their clients with heavier packaging, even for lightweight products. This is because packaging material provides padding and a cushioning effect to the product while giving the products a fancy appeal.

Embossing or Debossing

Just the visuals are not important for the product package. Other things must be considered for custom luxury packaging. You can even add dimensions to your packaging. 

Brands can go with embossing or debossing that will target the vision and provide an enthusiastic feel and touch for the product. In case you add small details to the package, it will be noticed easily! 

Easy to open

If the product isn’t easy to open, the packaging isn’t worth it. When working for a luxury brand, there is a thin line between safe and easy-to-open packaging. If the consumers feel irritated to open a package, your brand’s image will be ruined soon.

Another thing is, if there are any ribbons on your package, ensure they easily slide. Or if the package opens up with a lid, this should not take much force. Simply, making the consumer’s experience as smooth as possible would be best.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Packaging

Tips for Creating the Perfect Packaging for Luxury Products

Although packaging is a crucial factor for every industry, in the luxury sector, it matters the most. Now the question is how you can make the packaging affordable for people! Imagine you enter a store there, on whatever thing you lay your eyes on will give you a distinctive expression. 

So, it’s important to consider the packaging, as it plays a crucial role in the brand image. You can reuse these luxury packages for other various things. Let’s look at various tips for enjoying the perfect luxury packaging.

Eco-friendly Approach

Considering the environment is the main focus for business owners nowadays. Customers who expect luxury yet affordable packaging also demand the owner’s sustainability. 

According to the European Paper Recycling Union, the paper recycling rate was maintained from 71.7% to 72% in the region in 2018. 

For this, the brands tend to choose recyclable and compostable materials! So the customers can enjoy luxury product packaging with an eco-friendly approach. 


Next comes innovation. In the industry, every day, something new yet innovative is introduced in the market. Make sure to stay in touch with the latest technology and tend to integrate innovative ideas into your products. This will add up to the brand’s value. 

Focus on the packaging 

Before offering the packaging services, ensure to consider what kind of packaging you will choose for the product. People all around the globe enjoy the products with exciting and unique features. For this, you can go with things that give a luxurious feel, like precious wood, extra efficient quality paper, or even glass. 

Don’t underestimate your brand’s value

The product and the packaging should complement each other. This is not about just the shape of the package, but both must add to the brand’s value. Do not overpower any of these. Consider your brand’s identity and commitment while introducing innovation. Or you can lose a lot of potential customers. 


As described earlier, the term luxury is very broad. Every product has specifications, whether it is jewellery, food, fashion, or leather. 

According to the US Beauro of Labor Statistics, a person annually spends $197 on perfumes, cosmetics, and bath prep products. 

Go with the packaging that complements your product while covering all areas. It must be easy to open, protective, aesthetically pleasing, and well-preserved. In short, it must be ergonomic!

minimalistic design packagin

Minimalistic designing

To personalize your luxury packaging, you should be minimalistic. Play with all the elements like texture, colors, text, and even package shape. The product package should be unique enough to instantly grab the consumer’s attention. 

Copying the competitors would not cost you anything. Introduce your creative design with artistic skills. This will boost your sales due to the stand-out packaging. Your brand will be the top priority for consumers to enjoy shopping experiences. 


People normally assume luxury things are too expensive and everyone can’t afford them. You’ll be surprised to know you can enjoy luxury yet at affordable prices. Many brands offer luxury product packaging in an affordable price range. 

Viveprinting offers disassembled rigid luxury boxes for various products. Users only have to spend a little time assembling them, and they’ll have a great packaging box for their product. Consuming a few minutes of your routine while paying less and all you get i2as a well-protected and sturdy packaging box. 

According to Future Market Insights, luxury packaging sales will increase in the upcoming year, resulting in an absolute dollar opportunity of up to $8.1 billion.

Indulge emotions

You know why people prefer to buy from the brands instead of the local markets! The answer is to enjoy those emotions. Emotions provoke anticipation and excitement in consumers’ minds about the products and persuade them to buy them. But this shouldn’t end here. This must continue until the customer opens the package and gets back to you to buy the same or something else.


Sales come with Return on Investment (ROI). Once your brand has introduced new luxury packaging boxes in the market, next you must communicate with the potential consumers. Proudly introduce whatever you have designed and use the social media’s power to create a hype of excitement about the product among your consumers. 

Final words 

To wrap up, luxury brands have come up a long way in packaging as they impact the environment on a considerable level. But at the end of the day, every luxury brand has its own unique challenges for offering users the highest quality luxury packaging with appealing aesthetics and protection values. 

It is not easy to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable luxury product packaging, but brands are now striving for solutions to offer affordable luxury packaging boxes for their customers.

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