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Tips to Design Custom Box Printing for the Apparel Industry

Tips to Design Custom Box Printing for the Apparel Industry


In the UK’s apparel market, there is much competition as there are versatile apparel products. The charm of custom box printing for the apparel industry has turned the tables for several apparel brands. It is not just to provide security and carry it for their end-users but to help the apparel industry present their products in creative manners with quality printing. Approximately 85% of apparel buyers are focused just because of its packaging designs and creativity. It attracts them towards your products. Also, it improves brand worth and highlights the product in the market with an aesthetic look. 

2024 is a better year with more challenges for every apparel brand, but no worries, with custom packaging UK, your products will look stunning in the market. Apparel brands are hugely investing in marketing their products to enhance their brand visibility globally. This is possible too by spending less on personalised packaging that portrays your brand value efficiently and has innovative features to display. You can make or break your products’ identity in an intelligent way. 

Tips to Design Custom Box Printing

An expert can understand what you need to design when we talk about product boxes and their prints. They are well aware of the measurements, designs, prints, colours, finishing, styles, fonts, labels, branding elements and so on. There are several strategies that you can follow to design apparel packaging, but a few are the foremost ones that will instantly enhance the worth of your products. So have a look at the following: 

Keep in Mind About the Product Requirements

Always keep in mind the product requirements whenever you are planning to start designing and printing packaging boxes. If you are a newbie or just a small business, you must plan to start with easy ways of marketing to introduce yourself in the market. Product packaging is the most important part of building a brand, implementing marketing plans, shipping goods, and providing life to products when they are in the market. 

Each brand works differently; thus, they have their own rules that work on their target markets when designing packaging. Some work practically by paying attention to secure packaging and innovative prints, and in others, their concern is different. Just like e-commerce businesses, they are concerned with shipment requirements. Their main concerns are the product weight, how long the product has to be delivered, and so on. Aesthetics and design are the less attentive features in such a type of business, and safety is the top priority. 

Never Forget the Packaging Needs

The product line explains the need for packaging designs that you must get onto your boxes. Your main concern will be to tailor packaging with a creative design that holds the product appropriately and never gets torn during shipment. You can make your customer’s unboxing experience miserable or memorable with your packaging boxes. There are some unique packaging styles to uphold your products astonishingly. 

If you are selling heavy products, you must use sturdy packaging as your products require special care during shipment. For such items, there are different types of packaging boxes like rigid boxes, corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes. Such box types are reasonable and provide complete security to your products. The material of the product is selected according to the nature of the product. Whether it is lightweight or heavy, the packaging is designed accordingly. 

Cost-effective Packaging Solution

It is one of the competitive advantages any brand can enjoy and helps you to stand apart from your competitors. For this reason, you must plan the pricing of your product packaging, as it is the primary part of your marketing strategy. It is planned with respect to the target audience, what they like, and what they feel happy and comfortable with. 

The cream of the crop of society pays for premium packaging, but in exchange, they desire to enjoy luxurious packaging boxes that complement their products and their styles. The mediocre of society look for packaging deals that value their amount and have their main attention on packaging functionality.

Essential Details About Brand and Product

People are more excited about their products to see in which packaging boxes they are getting them. They choose products that are packed in intelligent packaging. Essential product details help buyers to know what they are getting and which quality they have. There are some key elements that explain what you should add to apparel packaging boxes. Size of apparel product, stuff of the product, design details and colour patterns. Also, it must hold branding elements like the brand logo and product image and precautions for washing or keeping it safe from external factors.  

The logo is the primary concern, which explicitly portrays the details about which product is inside, what the target audience is, and the location where it has to be distributed. It is one of the key elements in any packaging box. There are certain layers that are obvious in any product; the closest ones are the primary, secondary, and outer layers. Some products that are sensitive require more layers than other products. 

Online selling items are packed in the most secure manner that gives surety to brands that they are protected nicely with cushioning (bubble wrap, foams, papers), inserts and some decorative material. Inner wrapping provides the comfortable placement of the products. The outermost layer supports the product and saves it from external environmental factors with amazing branding elements on it.

The brand’s main concern is to provide packaging with alluring design techniques that are compatible and can help you to be in competition with a strong impression. Sit calmly and take out a notepad where you can write each detail you want in your packaging boxes: What do you want in your product boxes, and what should they convey about your brand and products? Clear your mind by making a rough plan. With a detailed guideline made by you, you can clear your goals and have a list to follow. No matter what creativity you add to your packaging box, the main concern is to design it in a functional manner.  

Innovation and Creativity in Packaging Design

With plenty of innovative and creative ideas, you can take the challenge of serving unusual and premium-quality packaging designs. With this, you can dare the market and stand strongly with ingenious products. Products that need to be sold online are wrapped in packaging that is made with sturdy and sustainable materials to stay consistent. There are no limitations when we talk about creativity, and brands who choose innovative boxes are appreciated by their audience as a result of high sales and higher earnings. You can have ideas of creativity by surveying the market and doing research on the internet. 

Summing Up:

Brands must have knowledge about their target audience to pursue marketing strategies so you can understand their preferences. With those custom box printing designs, you can smoothly retain customers and attract new customers towards your business. Brands that work on custom-oriented strategies become successful in less time. 

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