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Top 7 Custom Bookmark Printing and Designing Ideas 2024

Custom Bookmark Printing


Surprisingly, when you check the data from Kantar Media, you will know that around 53% of adult Brits read at least one book in 2020. Kantar’s Worldpanel Division shows that the average book buyer in Great Britain spent £64.83 on books in the same year. 40% of adults have purchased a book in 2020. Also, according to Statista, in 2023, 28% of young people ages 8 to 18 years old in the UK read books daily. People who read books need bookmarks to keep track of their reading progress and to find the page where their last reading session ended. Today, it is not just an item that helps you save the current page while reading; it can also serve a branding purpose. Custom Bookmark Printing is what you must consider when designing your bookmarks to market your brand.

Using it as your marketing and branding material is the right decision. For this purpose, creative designing is a must that you have to think about. The possibilities to design it are endless, but picking the right one is a challenging target to achieve.

Custom Bookmark Printing and Designing Tips

Let’s dive into creating custom bookmarks and learn what makes them special – nice aesthetics, print quality, promotion, and personality!

1. Choose High-Quality Materials

The material used for this purpose must be very strong and difficult to damage. Choose such durable materials as heavy cards or even laminated papers. They are ideal for better results and longevity of the products. High-quality materials ensure that the bookmark is strong. Also, they will give it a more professional look.

First, think of whether or not you know what exactly you want the bookmark on. If you are talking about promoting something, use the best matching materials for your brand’s style. Strong materials make the readership better, which is an added advantage.

Always ensure that selected materials are suitable for your designs and marketing plan. By using this technique, it will both be pretty and functional. 

2. Thoughtful Design Matters

Think about their looks and design at first when producing them. Ensure that they complement your brand and the products that represent it. Include details such as your logo, a picture they enjoy, or a nice colour in your bookmarks, brochures and flyers to attract people. 

However, remember, the two also have got to do good together. People should be able to see the words, and the design must relate to what is advertised on the website or the product it promotes. A good design also makes it look nice but works perfectly in promoting something or getting people to take it away with them to an event. 

Get creative, but keep sight of your brand. People will likely remember your brand if all your marketing stuff looks alike. Therefore, your bookmark stays in people’s memories and is more effective.

Custom Bookmark Printing

3. Ensure Accessibility and Functionality

Remember that a good and affordable bookmark printing in UK needs to be pretty and workable. Ensure that it’s a fitting dimension that is easy to operate.

You must think about its size, depending on its material. The commonly used sizes are 2” W x 6” L and 2” W x 8” L. It should not intertwine with the pages of a book and should not damage it upon opening the book. Include such features as rounded edges and no sharp parts to protect the paper.

Make sure it is usable but not visually clunky. People will be using it more often when you make it friendly for them to use, thus increasing traffic through their eyeballs on your brand. However, finding this right balance ensures they look great while effectively doing their job.

4. Personalisation Adds a Unique Touch

A personal touch may turn it into a present that will be remembered. A personal touch to the design layout shows that it is customised for the individual receiving them.

Consider incorporating info such as peoples’ names, quotes, or special words. This way, everyone is assured they are getting something unique and special. It is ideal for advertising promotions, corporate presents, or special occasions.

You can use a low-cost printing technology called variable data printing (VDP). It would help if you use it to create a custom bunch of bookmarks! It allows one to create many different bookmarks at affordable prices. Moreover, they are eye-catching and have an extremely lasting effect on those who receive them. 

5. Consider the Latest Marketing Strategies

Custom Bookmark Printing can be used to advertise your products, too. Consider using them in your promotion as you design and give it out.

If putting things on it, use your contact info or what you want people to do. It would involve visiting your website or simply checking out cool stuff off the shelf. Give them away at events, in bookstores, and as promotional materials so that more people can see them.

Custom Bookmark PrintingCustom Bookmark PrintingCustom Bookmark Printing

Join hands with people who are in trend and groups that advertise your customised bookmarks. You will need to package these to capture more of the right audience for general promotional efforts. 

6. Focus on Quality Printing

Good quality printing will help craft a fully customised bookmark. Ensure that the method you use for Customised Poster Printing will correspond to its complexity as a design and the desired looks you hope to achieve. As per the expert designers of Viveprinting UK, designing your bookmarks and posters to appear as catchy as possible is significant for brand identity.

In this regard, choosing high-quality and bright colour designs is essential. They include digital printing, offset printing, and more. A good print increases its durability, thus enhancing its aesthetic value.

By collaborating with a well-known printing service, ensure they are done right. High-quality printing means they have a catchy appearance.

7. Utilise Foil Stamping for Sophistication

Consider foil stamping, as it will help you make the custom bookmarks fancier. In this method, metallic foil is pressed onto shiny paper, giving it a pleasant appearance. It makes it look better and gives it a quality feel.

Foil stamping is perfect for highlighting useful elements, such as logos and text. It enhances the whole bookmarking when you know how to use it well. It is advisable to use foil stamping on your design so that it becomes impressively unforgettable. You may also change how the foils are coloured or the position of the same for the appearance you would like to achieve.

The Takeaway:

Remember, as we end our discussion about creating unique bookmarks, it’s all about the details. How you dress them is not only about where you last left off in that book; it can also communicate your taste or brand image. In addition, if you print well, share wisely, and make it slightly personal, they can be much more useful. Therefore, when creating them just for enjoyment or to inform people of something interesting, allow your imagination to flow freely.

Observe how tiny details may turn out to be favourite objects among bibliophiles or useful instruments of commerce. Have fun with your custom bookmark printing!

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