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Use Custom Boxes and Packaging to Tell Your Brand Story

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In the modern competitive business world, storytelling via custom boxes and packaging has become a powerful tool. It helps brands reach out directly. They use it to build an even more personal relationship with their clientele at the same time. Packaging has, thus, moved beyond simply having a product wrapped up as a canvas exhibiting narratives. Nowadays, brands are thinking about it. Therefore, the size of the global custom packaging market is considerable and is increasing at a rapid pace. 

The intentionality with which design elements like colours, illustrations, and materials are chosen—rises above the pragmatic encompassing of a tale. It is relatable to consumers emotionally. Research supports the critical influence of box design that can lead to a 30% rise in engagement when brands use storytelling features correctly. This makes packaging a strategic weapon for grabbing attention. Besides, it creates customer loyalty.

Craft a Narrative by Storytelling Custom Boxes and Packaging

Get to know the exclusive way to create a narrative by using these boxes.

1. Unveil Your Brand Story

Custom packaging can be seen as a means by which brands express their unique stories. It is used to transform products into compelling tales. Personal history and anecdotes can be added to the box design.

They make the consumer’s experience better. This storytelling forges a deep emotional connection between the audience and your brand. Hence, it builds an increase of 20% in brand loyalty. This packaging attracts not only customers who buy the product but also those who are part of this brand story. This method highlights the strength of storytelling in establishing long-lasting connotations and lasting relationships between consumers and brands.

2. Utilise Engaging Visual Elements

It would help if you tell stories. For this purpose, the utilisation of visually appealing elements seems imperative. The research shows that almost 2 out of 3 consumers are more likely to remember a brand if it uses visually stimulating images on its packaging. The brand story, supported by the creativity of graphics and colours, adds to a massive 25% increase in brand recognition. They evolve beyond mere aesthetics to become the brand language and memory anchors.

3. Build Emotional Connections

The emotional connection to consumers is, therefore, the true effect of your storytelling custom boxes and packaging. Research has shown that a clear story can help persuade 75% of users to pay more for a given product if the info is included in the packaging design. Packaging elicits positive emotions among users for your brand. It appeals to personal values and creates genuine loyalty. Brands that are doing well in this regard experience a big 15% increase in customer retention rates.

4. Leverage Transmedia Narratives

Brands have to delve into transmedia narratives. It is the power of storytelling that extends beyond the real world of packaging. Brands link stories across diverse media channels via cross-media storytelling. Also, they convey a close customary experience for the consumer. You have to do so to enjoy the efficacy rates of a 60% increase in consumer engagement. The wholesale custom packaging aids in reinforcing brand messages. Moreover, it is a suitable narrative for you. It speaks to various platforms and gives you much better results.

5. Add Cultural Narratives

The cultural tales embedded in packaging design are an essential element of the brand-consumer relationship. Thus, you need to think about it. For this purpose, you can create a box that appeals to lots of people at the same time. You can do it by recognising and including different cultural aspects. A study which revealed a 30% increase in consumer engagement supports cultural inclusion.

Cultural Narratives viveprinting uk

You must align your packaging with the specific values and tales that consumers can relate to. It transcends a functional form; rather, it becomes an agent of shared memories. This inclusivity creates a sense of being included as users are made to feel represented and honoured. In addition, the 25% rise in brand loyalty proves that brands adopting different cultural stories in their packaging not only attract but also retain a more dedicated customer base.
Understanding and appreciating the diversity in packaging translates into an effective way of connecting with consumers at a deeper level, positively influencing their purchase decisions.

6. Never Ignore Seasonal Storytelling Packaging

Seasonal storytelling in custom boxes and packaging has shown to be a powerful instrument for brands. It can increase sales and improve customer loyalty. 20% increase in sales observed during the festive seasons and special days can be credited. You can do it by the resonance of holiday-packaging themes.
During the process of building narratives that coincide with holidays, brands rely on associations people have with such days. This emotional pull leads to a 15% increase in retention rate. It shows that seasonal storytelling has an everlasting impact. These stories are holiday-centred. So, they can create a festive feeling.

By using this technique, you can persuade your consumers to purchase impulsively. This not only boosts brand loyalty in the case of specific seasons but also fosters long-term customer attention. Seasonal storytelling in custom product packaging is thus a living tactic. It goes beyond only short-term selling. It shows timeless affinities between brands and consumers.

7. Create Sensory Engagement with Multisensory Packaging

Packaging design involving multiple senses is a forward-thinking tactic. It exceeds the limits of visuals. The goal of multisensory packaging is to create a complete sensorial brand experience. It can combine touch and smell, sometimes coupled with auditory elements as well. Findings show that this enhances brand preferences by 15%.

By spending on multisensory packaging, brands are not only able to gain attention but also align with users. It leads to a total of 20% increase in consumer satisfaction. The sensory stimulation is not just visual and constitutes a deeper brand experience for the consumer. Thus, you can use your boxes to achieve this goal. And you have to order your packaging supplies accordingly.

Core Considerations

1. Unveiling the Brand Story:  Your packaging must create your brand narratives. They sell your products the way you like. It makes room for personal anecdotes and company history. So, it results in 20% growth in brand loyalty. This strategy shows an emotional tie.
2. Engaging Visual Elements:  The visual appeal must be decisive. This is because research indicates that there are 65% better chances of brand recognition through compelling images. The use of catchy images and the colours appropriate to the brand story results in a stunning increase of 25% in recognition.
3. Building Emotional Connections:  This packaging can boost impulse, and 75% of people like to pay more for it. It improves loyalty and a high rate of retention by up to 15%. Positive emotions evoked by this packaging appeal to personal values. It thereby forms long-lasting relationships with consumers.
4. Leveraging Transmedia Narratives:  Multichannel continuation of stories leads to an increase in consumer engagement by 40%. Also, it enhances the brand loyalty by 20%. Brand-customer relations can be enriched via it.
5. Cultural Narratives:  Diversity in Packaging: It increases consumer engagement by 30%. It makes them feel like they belong. So, it leads to a brand loyalty increase of 25%. So, you have to observe the cultural values and events while designing your boxes. 
6. Seasonal Storytelling: Holiday Packaging:  Seasonal storytelling results in a 20% growth in sales. This can increase client retention by 15%. The emotional response generated by the holiday-themed packaging encourages emotionally integrated purchases that sustain continuous customer engagement.
7. Sensory Engagement:  Multisensory Packaging: By using multisensory packaging, there is a 15% increase in brand preference and as well increases consumer satisfaction by up to 20% points. You can apply it by including touch, smell and auditory aspects.


Showing your narrative via custom packaging is the demand of the day. Companies these days are using this technique to glorify their products and grab instant attention. It serves you well to make the observers an impulse buy. These tips are beneficial to make your custom boxes and packaging speak what you want to tell. Therefore, it can serve the purpose of making your items stand out from the crowd.


1. How much can a custom box cost?

If you choose an unusual custom box, it can cost you 0.79 GBP or less per unit. Alternatively, opting for cardboard boxes may cost you more. You can expect it anywhere between 1.58 GBP to 2.37 GBP or even more per unit. Here is another choice of the double-corrugated boxes. They are made of rigid cardboard. They often cost between 3.15 GBP and 3.94 GBP for each unit.

2. How does simple packaging differ from custom packaging?

Packaging refers to ready-made or standard boxes. Yet, custom boxes and packaging are bespoke. So, it is created originally for the unique needs of a brand. This process involves changes to the material, dimensions, form confection colours, design, surface finish and other details. It is not in stock or off-the-shelf packaging. You have to order it as per your special needs.

3. Why Should I invest in custom boxes?

They may come with a higher upfront cost as compared to the standard boxes. But the advantages are many- make it a good long-term investment. Some of these benefits include:

Higher sales.
Improved brand identity.
Customer loyalty.

4. How much does it cost, on average, for a product packaging?

Although there are no set limits on packaging prices, it is advised that companies allocate 10-40% of the total price to cover costs related to packaging. It makes sure the packaging is good and is treated as a part of the total product cost.

5. What are the available choices to print my boxes?

There are many ways to print your boxes. They include digital, offset, and screen printing. The selection of the printing technique depends on particular business demands.

6. How does it work?

It means designing boxes that are fitting for a company’s products. It is a great fitment for the product, unmatched by that provided by generic packaging. The aim is to improve the overall appearance and handling of the product for which it is designed.

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