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Why Viveprinting Custom mailer boxes are better than anyone in whole UK


Custom mailer boxes UK are known for their quality of strength. These wholesale mailer boxes are used by different industries to keep their products safe during the shipment process. The addition of mailer cardboard boxes in Birmingham market helps its companies to regain the positive impression of their brands in the eCommerce industry that get hurt due to damaged product delivery because of extreme conditions of the shipment process. The unique design and material of these boxes help companies to keep their product safe and present it elegantly in front of their customers.

Viveprinting uk deals in all kinds of custom mailer boxes UK. We have all the facilities that are required for the manufacturing of these wholesale mailer boxes for our clients. We are the one that are giving the most reasonable prices on these boxes. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to meet all the requirements associated with these boxes from our clients.

What we Bring to the table?

The advancement of technology helps many companies to explore new markets for their products without setting their manufacturing unit over there. Now you can buy and sell things from anywhere in the world. The advancement in technology brings new challenges as well.

As this era of ECommerce starts and companies start selling their products online to B2B &B2C markets. They start facing the challenge of product damage during the shipment process. Now they have to make the decision either set up a manufacturing unit in these countries or came up with an economical solution. So in that case custom mailer boxes UK help them to deliver their products safely to their clients.

Viveprinting UK  is working for years in this industry and we have all the expertise that you required for the production of plain mailer boxes and kraft mailer boxes. We have all the expertise regarding the manufacturing of different kinds of packaging. That will help us to manufacture these boxes quite easily according to your requirements.

These Cardboard Boxes in Birmingham are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and designs according to the requirement of the client. Because the main purpose of these boxes is to provide safety to the products packed inside it that’s why its material selection is a very important phase.

Custom mailer boxes UK at a single stop

Being the top producers of packaging in custom mailer boxes UK market MyCustomPackaging act as the sole one stop shop packaging platform for you guys. It will help our clients to get all kinds of services related to the manufacturing ab delivery of plain mailer boxes and all other types of mailer boxes under one roof.

The technology helps us to reduce the hustle of their clients in getting quality wholesale mailer boxes for the packaging of their product. Along with that, it will provide us full control over the quality and pricing of these corrugates mailer boxes and kraft mailer boxes. We have all kinds of services related to the manufacturing of these boxes some of which are mentioned below.

custom mailer boxes Uk

Most versatile Quality materials

The selection of material for custom mailer boxes UK is one of the most important and difficult tasks. This is just due to the implication of such materials that plain mailer boxes and all other types of mailer boxes determined to cut down the cost of manufacturing and shipping in whole process.

It is very important to keep in mind that how much these materials can effect your branding and your product. So, make sure you choose the right material that compliments your product. That’s why the selection of material is mostly focused on the basis of the strength of the material and the requirement of the product according to its fragile nature.

We at viveprinting always guide our clients to the best possible option. We make sure that the material you choose for packaging is the right one. They will go through the whole situation and requirements of the product and then suggest the material type that is required for the packaging of that particular product. Some of the material types are mentioned below.

  • Corrugated Material
  • Cardboard Material
  • Kraft Material

Cardboard Boxes in Birmingham

We design what your customer desires

The designing of custom mailer boxes UK plays a very vital role in product safety and product display in the market. The well-measured designs of these wholesale mailer boxes provide the required grip to the product that will keep it safe during the shipping process. On the other side, the elegant graphic design of these kraft mailer boxes helps companies to attract more customers to the product.

We at viveprinting have a team of expert graphic designers who have all the latest tools and techniques that are required for the designing of product packaging boxes. They will help our clients in designing the best kraft mailer boxes for our clients. We also have an online design library on our website from where you can get inspiration for your corrugates mailer boxes design or you can choose a whole custom design for your product packaging if it suits your product.

Best Printing Quality of cardboard boxes in Birmingham

The printing quality of custom mailer boxes UK  complements its design. A strong design of any cardboard boxes in Birmingham is of no use without high-quality printing. The quality of corrugates mailer boxes developed a perception of the product in the mind of its clients. So if your kraft mailer boxes have excellent printing quality with a good finish. It will create a positive impression about your product in the mind of customers and if it is not then your customer will move to your competitors. That’s why the quality of printing in kraft mailer boxes plays a very vital role.

viveprinting uses the latest printing and packaging machines. The latest technology of printing and packaging help us to do so. That will provide us with the best finished printed cardboard boxes in Birmingham.

Eco-Friendly Material & manufacturing process that has never seen before

viveprinting manufacturing process for custom mailer boxes UK is totally eco-friendly and did not harm the environment of our planet. We use the latest technology that makes sure that the amount of pollution that is generated during the manufacturing process gets reduced significantly. We also recommend eco-friendly materials to our clients for the manufacturing of product packaging boxes. There is a range of eco-friendly materials for plain mailer boxes at reasonable rates at viveprinting UK. Choose these materials for the manufacturing of these boxes and save this planet for future generations.

Different approaches to Customization of mailer boxes

We all know that customized packaging is the best kind of packaging. The customization of corrugated mailer boxes helps many companies to stand out their product in a crowded market. There is a number of companies who are manufacturing the same product as yours with the same features. That will be placed along with your product in the market our custom mailer boxes UK help your product to differentiate itself from your competitors and help your customer to make its decision easily. The customization of your box enhances the look of the product packed inside it. We at viveprinting have all kinds of customization facilities for our clients related to mailer boxes. We make sure that our client products stand out in the market with the customization o its box design.

wholesale mailer boxes

We go easy on your pocket

Everyone wants to cut down the cost as much as they can. Viveprinting give their clients custom mailer boxes UK at reasonable prices all over the globe. The latest technology we have cut down the cost of packaging that will allow us to give reasonable rates to clients for  custom mailer boxes UK. These machines reduce the amount of material wastage when manufacturing and printing these custom mailer boxes UK. That will help our client in saving costs in manufacturing these boxes than its competitors.

24/7 Customer support to satisfy you

As one of the best manufacturers of custom mailer boxes UK market we know the importance of a satisfied client in this industry. Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. So they will get the best custom mailer boxes UK from us. Our team will make sure that they will provide all facilities to our clients that he required to manufacture the required packaging from us at reasonable rates. We have experts in every department of our company who always keep our clients updated about their projects and resolve their queries on the spot. We know the importance of positive word of mouth in the printing and packaging industry. A satisfied customer will bring you more business than any other marketing tool in the printing and packaging industry.

So, look no further for the assistance we are here for you. If you have any question custom mailer boxes UK, we are always here to help you.

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