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Business Essentials with Unusual Printing Services

At Viveprinting, we provide one of the best Business Essentials printing and packaging services your business needs. We work with innovation and add superior features to your business essentials. Being one of the leading Business Essentials manufacturers, we recognise that it is more than an ordinary product. That is why our dedicated team work together to produce superb outcomes for our beloved clients.

Our company’s journey is based on quality and customer satisfaction. We are established with a vision to reinvent the standard and constantly evolve in line with changing market trends. We love offering what is more than usual.

Printing Services:

We help you to stand out on the shelf through our quality printing services like wholesale business notepads printing in the UK. We add exceptional printing designs with alluring colour schemes. Also, you can share your thoughts to add to your business essentials. Otherwise, our talented team will lead you to greater heights.

Custom Packaging:

We offer customised packaging for your business essentials that speak for your brand. We portray your dreams in unique manners from a shape perspective to a colour perspective.

Eco-Friendly Options:

Join us in promoting sustainability in your business essentials. We use only eco-friendly materials to make it. We ensure to meet high-quality standards with our environmentally friendly choices.


Visualise your business’s essential packaging before production. We also provide prototyping services that will enable you to test and be sure you are content with the design before producing in bulk.

Business Essentials Packaging and Printing Products Range

We have covered you to serve all types of business essentials that add more value to your current business activities. We designed it beautifully with additional features and visual effects to attract every person when they saw it. Our printing professionals use the latest methodology to follow each trend before it’s too late. We not only manufacture it but add finishing tactics to keep its quality inside and store it for the long run. Our generated products are guaranteed by our QA team and will never fade. We have a broad range of options for every brand mentioned below:

  • Custom Printed Envelopes
  • Full-Colour Envelopes
  • Standard Business Cards
  • Embossed Business Card
  • Die Cut Business Card
  • Custom Notepad Printing
  • Custom Letterheads Printing
  • Standard letterheads Printing
  • Custom Catalogue Printing
  • Standard Catalogue Printing


No matter what business you are in, you can share your business details with our customer care representatives. They will design each product according to your requirements. We aim to satisfy every client with unique styles of fonts, sizes, shapes, placement ways, brand images, and much more.

Standard Business Cards for Smooth Business Work

We help every business to do great things during initial meetings and first introductions by serving standard business cards. You can present the best foot forward using our printed essentials for your clients, customers and partners. We allow you to support your business through smooth business activities with promotional materials.

We offer unique patterns for a larger or smaller design that stretches the entire width of the traditional business card size, or you could be creative and opt for a square (3″ x 3″). The other option that you have is being distinct with circles, ovals, folds, or any kind of die-cut shapes that can be included for the first time. Our team serves you with premium printing in silk, velvet, metallic, and gloss. Some of our business cards are shown below, so have a look:

Foiled Business Cards: With our foiled business cards, you undoubtedly make a statement of style and class. The touch of metallic elegance sets you apart. It will leave a memorable mark on every introduction.

Embossed Business Cards: The sophisticated experience comes about with each touch on our Embossed Business Cards. Your business details will stand out with them. They will create a tactile and visually striking impression.

Die Cut Business Card: You can uniquely shape your brand and take it to the next level with our Die Cut Business Cards. Stand out from the crowd with our custom-cut designs that reflect your business identity.

Pick from our range by keeping your desire in mind and share your valuable thoughts with our team. They will add each feature accordingly and serve you with exceptional features.

Customised Business Printing Products to Order Today

We provide customised business printing essentials from which you can promote your brand. With our embossed business card printing, shipping and address labels, carbonless forms, and corporate envelopes, you can improve your business worth. By using them, each of your items proves that you have the ability or capability of running and maintaining your products/services in a professional manner.

Custom Printed Envelopes: Get our printed envelopes wrapped in a professional manner. Our Custom Printed Envelopes add a touch of surprising features to your mail, leaving a lasting impression.

Custom Letterheads Printing: Make your business correspondents official and memorable with our custom letterhead printing solutions. We design Custom Letterheads Printing for you and add an elegant touch to your written communication.

Custom Notepad Printing: Order our custom notepads and make every list look gorgeous. Our Custom Notepad Printing adds a branded touch to your notes. It makes every scribble a representation of your business.

We create envelopes and notepads in a unique way that has a beguiling look. They help increase a brand’s prominence when receiving them. These products are ideal for office business essentials such as custom letterheads printing and many others.

Die Cut Folders with Versatile Choices to Pick

Pick our Die Cut Folders to organise your promotional materials for different purposes. We print it professionally just to make a lasting impression on your brand. We have versatile options that you can pick, so have a look:

  • Capacity Folder: The capacity folders we provide are spacious and durable. They are suitable for large document storage. Use them to organise everything you need.
  • Legal Folder: We provide these folders to offer customised solutions as per your professional needs. Our talented staff designed it to organise and present your legal documents with precision and professionalism.
  • Mini Folders: These are the compact and versatile folders that we design for concise document storage and easy portability when you are in need.
  • Pocket Folders: These are our folders that are practical and stylish. You can use them easily for seamless document organisation on the go.
  • Presentations Folders: We craft them creatively so you can use them for impactful presentations. You can employ them for a polished and professional look.
  • Real Estate Folders: We design these specialised folders catering to the unique needs of the real estate industry. Enjoy your document management for property transactions.
  • Reinforced Folders: These are durable and robust folders we design for long-term usage. They feature reinforced construction, ensuring longevity and protection for your important documents.
  • Tri Panel Folders: Give flair to your presentations using our Tri Panel Folders. We offer various excellent printing services that are right for your business.


Customisation Options for Business Essential Products

Viveprinting personalised business essentials gives you an edge in making your advertisement stand out. With our remarkable custom options, you can enhance your company’s image when working with branded office supplies. Here are the different customisations you can pick from:


We have a broad range of material facilities; pick the one you want for your products. Our team takes care of your concerns depending on your needs and desires. We have a wide option of business essentials, including posters and stickers that are weather-resistant, and you can use them confidently outdoors.

Size: We offer a variety of sizes for our printed products, but we go with the one you want. The size allows us to know what printing patterns we have to pick and how to place your details on it. Our representative is always here to guide you with standard choices. The dimensional aspect of your custom labels depends on where you intend to place them.

Coatings: We believe your project is incomplete if you did not go with coating choices. Our proficient team provides a soft touch, satin finish, gloss, matte, metallic or high-quality UV coatings. Select a layer that suits your design or material. In some cases, gloss also adds more richness to the colours of the print and gives it a mirror-like finish. However, matte could appear low-key or subtle. Nevertheless, it creates a classy yet minimalistic feeling. It explains its popularity with luxury products. Gloss with extra UV protection and sheen that resists fades. It all depends on your products’ colours and designs.

Design: We know that the design is vital in allowing you to customise your print product. We encourage you to go with your brand colours, logo, slogan, fonts, and more in your business essentials. It will turn these products automatically into visual marketing tools. We will enable you to upload your artwork to our platform. Also, you can create a unique design using our user-friendly 3D tool.

Get a whole new level of business essentials experience from us. Contact our specialists to get individual help.

Viveprinting is not just a packaging and printing firm. It is about serving outstanding solutions with a long-term effect on your business. Hire us for custom folders printing services in the UK and other business essentials services. Let us go together towards innovation, quality, and excellence.


What types of business essential products do you offer?

Viveprinting offers plenty of business essential products: Custom Printed Envelopes, Colour Envelopes, Standard Business Cards, Embossed Business Card, Die Cut Business Card, Custom Notepad Printing, Custom Letterheads Printing, Standard letterheads Printing, Custom Catalogue Printing, and Standard Catalogue Printing.

We have 10 to 12 business days to serve any project. It does not include weekends and any public holidays.

We do not provide free samples, you have to decide the designing file before finalising the sample.

Yes, it is possible. What you have to do is to go to “On the product page.” After that, you need to click the “Start With a Free Proof” option. You can find it on the order calculator. Now, you get the freedom of uploading your design file. Select “Add to Cart” and “Review” the details of your order. You will get the click “Order Free Proof” now. We will email you a PDF file for approval.