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Industrial Label Printing to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Viveprinting is a provider of custom label printing options available at a reasonable price. It addresses the varied needs of various firms and end-user purposes. We have a wide selection of materials that are suitable for different uses.

They include weatherproof labels specifically made to be used outdoors and eco-friendly options helpful in keeping with the green brand’s trend. It is no longer an option but rather a must, as well as leave-no-trace ones that are perfect for lasting label material. We offer barcode and RFID label printing as well.

They possess immense potential to transform the once-segregated worlds of physical and digital experiences by providing users with direct access to relevant content when they need it the most. We know how to generate the right type of labels. You can trust us if you need the informational variety required by product labels. You can order promotional labels at the same time that encourage people’s attention.

Regardless of your industry—we can serve you the way you like. Hire us whether you belong to the food and beverages arena, health and beauty, or whatever. Our industrial label printing enables you to produce labels that match your brand communication as well as product demand perfectly. We understand that if different businesses have their own identity, it should also be reflected in the choice of brands that they adopt. So, we work accordingly and give you results that match your business type needs.

Purchase Stylish Product Label Printing to Add Valuable Info

We deliver a variation from custom label printing by providing aesthetic finishes. They will turn labels into brand assets. Transcend the experience of customer products using product label printing techniques we offer. They include embossing, foil stamping, and matte or gloss varnishes. They can give a premium feel and a twist of personality to your label project. It gives an impression of elegance to the refined customer. Here, we offer you an array of label sizes. Some of the famous ones are:

Types of Labels                                                       



19 x 40 mm, 32 x 63 mm, and 20 x 50 mm, 30 x 60mm and more.


40 mm and more.

Shipping and Parcel

85 x 55 mm and more.


12.7 mm to 127 mm and even more.

Order Catchy Packaging Label Printing to Lure Customers

Our creative team is more than willing to work with you in the quest for unique label shapes. They give fascinating results, both in addition to attention and as a source of product enhancement with regard to appearance. Make your packaging stand out from the rest by not only providing useful info but also adding labels on packaging as a key feature of the brand’s visual signature.

Hire Quality and Cost-Effective Custom Label Printing Services

If you are seeking lavish custom label printing services, we are your right choice. Select us to get labels as per your unique demands. They not only contain details but also improve perceived brand quality. The ability of our design team to use codes in medical and healthcare label printing without disrupting the overall harmony is another benefit that you can get from us.  

Add Unique Finishes for Better Branding

Our capabilities on speciality finishes are not just decorations but strategic elements. They play a critical role in building brand differentiation and premium positioning. If you are into launching a product line and wish to use labels for it, we can serve you. Our shipping and logistics label printing services give that finishing touch which helps your labels stand apart in how they land on the shelf.

Order Personalised Label Stickers Exclusively for You

Besides the simple labels, we offer a whole lot of alternatives to give personalised label stickers. They help you create diverse displays that indeed draw out your products from others, as it were. Your imagination shows whether you feel a round label brings out that modern touch, die-cut labels follow in the lines of your logo or custom shapes easily reflect the true nature of your brand. No matter which kind of labels you want, our custom label printing services are useful for you.


What finishes are available for custom labels?

There are several finishes that we provide, such as gloss, matte and high gloss UV coating. Every gloss amplifies the aesthetic value of your labels and gives you higher safeness.

Is it possible to create labels that have a particular outline, such as curved edges or cutout shapes?

We provide custom shapes and die-cutting for the purpose of making your design appear original. Our service allows customers to obtain gorgeous labels at affordable prices.

What is the best method of washing or maintenance after fixing labels?

You should use a moist cloth to carefully wipe labels off so as to achieve the best outcome. A strong chemical should not be used, as it may lead to the destruction of print or material. Take care of the label following our suggestions to ensure its long lifespan.

Which types of files do you require?

You can submit any standard file type. The most common ones are:

  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • AI
  • EPS
  • JPG
  • PSD
  • GIF

Can you give me a digital proof?

Yes, we provide you with digital proof so that you will know how your artwork will look in the label form.