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Hire Top-Quality and Low-Cost Notepad Printing Services

We at Viveprinting assure clients that they will get high-end notepad printing services that exceed market standards. Quality is central in every aspect of our printing process. We use modern printing technology and quality materials. They allow us to create notepads of the highest level. From superior colour production to sturdy yet brilliant paper, we focus on perfection in every aspect. With us, you select a level of quality like no other. It will say so much about your brand or message.

Everything, from pre-press preparations to final printing runs, is carefully monitored by our expert team. We know that your luxury Kraft paper notepads must reflect your brand. Also, you wish to use them to tell your brand story. Thus, we strive to provide an end product that conveys the excellent levels of quality and professionalism you are looking for. So, hiring us will be helpful for you to spread your branding.

With advanced printing technology, we achieve high standards of precision and quality in all our notepads. We always use the latest printers. It makes it possible to get crisp details, vibrant colours and stable quality. We use a range of processes that make your notepads shine, from digital printing to offsetting. So, you can buy custom notepad printing from us with full confidence.

Our desire to remain at the cutting edge of printing technologies reflects our commitment towards delivering top products for clients. You can rely on us as we are dedicated to providing you with results from the latest innovations in standard notepad printing in UK. We do it so that your notepads are always up-to-date and amaze everyone. By doing so, we will give you an edge over competitors when conveying a message or brand. Our mission is to give you results that no one can offer, thus making your notepads pleasing to the eye and useful at the same time.

Custom Promotional Notepads that Suit Your Unique Needs

We understand that your requirements are different from others. This is the main reason that our custom promotional notepads mirror these differences. We provide various customisation options to fit your needs to accomplish this target. Whatever your need for different sizes, paper types or finishing options, our experts are here to accommodate your every demand. Our design team has the expertise to help you develop a notepad that fits well within your branding and messaging goals. They can offer you the sizes you want, yet some of the common sizes they offer are:


Width × Height (mm)

Width × Height (in)


88 × 125

3.5 × 4.9

Card book Notebook

55 × 90

2.2 × 3.5


176 × 250

6.9 × 9.8


105 × 148

4.1 × 5.8


125 × 176

4.9 × 6.9

Pocket Notebook

90 × 140

3.5 × 5.5


148 × 210

5.8 × 8.3


210 × 297

8.3 × 11.7

Our customisation ranges from corporate notepads to creative and bright designs. We craft them in an inventive manner to draw people’s attention. We believe that your notepads should be as unique as you and your customers. Thus, we pay attention to detail and always go for unique and catchy solutions. Let us make your dreams come true by providing our versatile customisation services.

Order Personalised Notepads to Make Everyone Remember You

We know that you need notepads to ensure that people will remember you. Therefore, when preparing your personalised notepads for sale, we realise that the designing process has to be completely smooth. For us, every client deserves to have a smooth and enjoyable experience with personalisation based on our design team’s commitment. If you have a preconceived vision or require some output in designing, our experts are here to help you. Together, we can make a design that will reflect your brand image.

We try our level best to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible printing. It is the major reason we always use innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Also, we always employ green materials or processes in affordable notepad printing services for this purpose. Our paper choices are rooted in recycled options. We select printing methods that minimise waste and energy consumption at the same time.


How do you print my logos on my notepads?

We use lots of modern ways to print your logos elegantly. Some of them are:

  • Embossed
  • Laser Engraving
  • Colour Print
  • UV Digital
  • Screen Printing
  • Hot Stamping

Can you help me to design my cover?

Yes! We are happy to do so. The experts in our R&D centre are eager to help you craft your cover design.

Will you show me the proof before printing my notepads?

Yes, prior to setting up the full print run, we offer digital proof for your approval. This enables you to peruse the art, style, arrangement and overall look of your notepads. Upon your approval of the proof, we will proceed with production so that you get a product that satisfies the content and conditions.

Do you have perforation for tear-off sheets on notepads?

Indeed, we support perforation for notepads, and tear-off sheets can be added if required. At the point of customisation, you can indicate where and how to perforate for better functionality.

Am I able to buy notepads for personal purposes, or is Viveprinting available only to businesses?

We serve both businesses and private individuals. No matter if you require notepads for business, private use, conferences, or promotions, we have the printing solution ready to suit your needs. Our services are very flexible to meet different needs.