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Static Cling Printing

Viveprinting is a leading printing and packaging services provider. We create custom static cling printing for your brand. We have remarkable printing techniques with modern designs and the latest trends. We aim to produce striking outcomes to boost your brand value. We have a dedicated team who work with stylish designs and amazing cutouts. With our cost-efficient strategy, you can get more products and can enjoy discounts by getting static cling printing deals for your brands.

We serve static cling printing with two custom choices Full-colour window Clings and Window Clings Solid Colours. Our dedicated workers produce masterpieces that will wow your customers. We have stunning designs and prints with attractive colour schemes. We provide multiple sizes and shapes that will never disappoint you. Our created piece of art adds more worth to your products when you paste static clings on it.

Custom Designs for Static Clings with Premium Quality

Viveprinting has been working to produce premium quality and custom designed static clings. This product is necessary to add to your packaging boxes or other manufactured products like cars and many more. With this, you can add more beauty to your goods. We create it with stunning designs and quality inks. We have a broad range of colour schemes that our creative department picks for amazing presentations. We aim to satisfy our clients with exceptional printing services. Our static clings are easy to display and are eco-friendly for every brand.

We have proficient designers who look after each detail of the design and print and serve tremendous customisation choices. With our innovative design patterns for static clings, you can stay unique in the market and can attract many viewers.

Window Clings Printing with Accurate Shapes & Sizes

Our static window cling is the sticker that you can paste on the front side of the product. With our created products we ensure a mesmerising presentation. You can paste it on doors, morros, car windows and many more spaces. Creating it in any shape and size is not a problem for us. We make sure to have enough stock to design your desired static clings.

Our talented team makes it in any shape; square, rectangular, oval, zig-zag cuts, circle, star cuts, hexagonal and many more choices. Also, we offer it in the following size choices.

  • 2 inches (100 feet)
  • 4 inches (200 feet)
  • 5 inches (250 feet)
  • 6 inches (300 feet)
  • 8 inches (400 feet)
  • 9 inches (450 feet)
  • 10 inches (500 feet)
  • 12 inches (600 feet) and more.

Our team is talented and produces amazing results, you can share your concerns as we can customise it in any shape and size. So don’t hesitate and contact our customer care representative.

Static Cling Stickers Wholesale for Saving More

Wholesale static cling printing is the best option to save you money and time. As you can have it in your stock and you can easily provide it to your customers. With this option, you ensure availability and will never disappoint your customers. Save your money and time by getting it in bulk. We create it with sustainable materials that have no effects on the environment and can boost your brand identity if you get your brand logo on it.


Are static cling stickers reusable?

Yes, we design static cling stickers in a manner that you can reuse.

How to use static cling stickers?

You can paste it on any surface you want, it does not need any glue or sticky thing to get pasted. Simply apply them to a flat surface after peeling them off.

How long does static cling last?

It totally depends on the quality of static cling stickers, if you get it from Viveprinting you can enjoy its long stay of up to 6 months or more.

Do you have custom choices for static cling stickers?

Yes, here we design it in any shape, size, colour, print, finishing and many more. Also if you have your preferences regarding static cling choices you can share it with our customer support team, and they will guide you in detail.

Why to get wholesale static cling?

It is not compulsory to get wholesale static clings, but if you want to save more money and time then it is the best option for you.